Community Protests Against CNN



Community Protests Against CNN



 Our protests are against CNN to counter such narrative that impedes cultural and communal harmony and hence demand an apology and retraction of Believer episode against Hindus and India.


·  CNN's Show, “Believer” (herein referred to as the Show), hosted by Reza Aslan which aired last Sunday, March 4th. 2017. The Show is heinous, lopsided and shows little sense and even less sensibility to the one billion Hindus who consider themselves as non-violent, and tolerant.

·  The Show portrays Hindu Religion, (which is more than 5000 years old and with one billion followers) as adisgusting, filthy religion consisting of ascetics who eat human flesh, drink urine and even behead animals.

·  The Show pictured Varanasi as a giant cesspool, one of the most sacred and ancient city of the Hindus, where the first university in the world was established and also the first library, which was comparable to Alexandria in Egypt, and beyond.

·  The Show graphics propagate stereotypes by showing extreme behavior of few hundred people and; alluding that this is the religion practice of 1 billion people. This is akin to showing the drug and crime infested part of Chicago or any other city in the USA and imply that this is condition of the United States.

·  This was showed aired  in spite of recent racial attacks and death of one person in Kansas.

·  Airing of this has contributed to increased attacks against Indian and Hindu Americans.

·  CNN is considered as a reputable and trust worthy entity hence this depiction is all the more egregious because history teachers in school are using this Show to teach religion.

·  Impressionable children of other faith will be influenced to ridicule and to bully or to harass Hindu children.

·  Our children are being bullied and harassed based on these stereotypes which are repeated numerous times on television.

·  Who will take the responsibility if children take drastic actions such as suicides or discard their religion due to peer pressure that has no basis?

·  If you are really interested in showing the truth about religion you should consult reputable religious experts, like National Geographic did in their recent show with Morgan Freeman.

·  Consider this: Americans still ask Hindu Americans whether Hindus eat monkey brains (even though 90% of Hindus are vegetarians).

·  It is deplorable that in the pursuit of profit and sensationalism, TRP, truth, fairness and societal responsibility has been ignored.

·  Racist, bigoted Show was aired during prime time before millions of viewers. Some repercussion may be irreversible as a result of this powerful imagery portrayal of this stereotype.

·  There will be rallies in the United States, India and all parts of the world with calls to close down CNNand to expose their racist, bigoted, myopic view of the Hindu religion.

·  Credibility of CNN continues to erode with is Show. Fake news from CNNhas extended now beyond politics, into religion.

·  Sanatan Dharma/Eternal Way of Life/Hinduism is a peaceful and pluralistic religion and many of its followers, saints, sages, seekers quest is a product of this deep rooted conviction. Hindus connect with the universe, mother earth, nature, and finally with themselves.

·  This also influenced Martin Luther King’s fight for equality. Hinduism is constantly evolving and in today's world to address the challenges of our times and circumstance. We can all learn something from it if we wish to.

·  There is much ignorance about the religion and we all would benefit from an objective analysis and study of it .It does not need lectures on caste system, or a showing of this type of persuasion followed by a handful of people.

·  We should use our energies to address challenges like drugs abuse,racism, single parenthood and many other issues that are plaguing our society.

·  If CNN is interested in displacing the ignorance that exist about Hinduism it can have a meaningful debate on Hindu religion with true religious leaders and not the so called leftist and perverted leaders who are today masquerading as experts on religions.



Peaceful marches, protests are going on all over the world. Many media organizations like TV Asia, TV5, TV9, ITV and other leading publications will be covering our events to counter such misleading narratives. Many leading publications like Huffington Post, Washington Post and others have already carried articles against the lopsided show.


Notable Lawmakers of US like Tulsi Gabbard, RoKhanna, Raja Krishnamurthy while several others have openly condemned this act of intolerance, portray this denigrating show, of CNN that will have long term reproductions.




Many Hindu organizations have joined hands and are actively participating in peaceful marches and protests, to name a few: US Hindu Alliance, Hindu Students Council, Sewa International,VHP, HSS, Bharat Sewashram Sangha, Samskrit Bharati, Hindu American Seva Communities (HASC) ,HMEC, OFBJP, OVBI, Om Kriya Yog , Sri sanatan Mandir , Om Kriya Yoga Spiritual Center of Bharphani Dham (Sri Ramanadcharya Sampraday) , Gayatri Gnyan Mandir of Itasca, IL, Gayatri Chetna Center of NJ, Hindu Community Center of Kearny and Garfield, NJ, Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, NY Temple, GHHF, Global Indians for Bharat Vikas, Infinity Foundation


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