" Alluri Seetha Rama Raju Replica house will be back in Mogallu"




The noted Ghazal Maestro Dr Ghazal Srinivas is not only a triple Guinness record but he is also a man who brings a lot of difference to the society through his initiatives.

Ghazal Srinivas is now embarked on a new mission and this has to do with the great freedom fighter Alluri Seetamara Raju.

Recently Ghazal Srinivas went to Mogallu village near Bhimavaram and was shocked to see the dilapidated state of the Seetha Rama Raju's house which is in native place of Alluri seetha Rama Raju.. As a result, he  approached the family now who owns that property and bought  it from them for a price of Rs 4 lakhs and donated it  to the Alluri Seetha Ramaraju smaraka samstha. The amount was contributed by Datla venkatapathi Raju family from Rajhamundry.

Now he is planning to make replica house of Alluri seetha Rama Raju of the year 1897 with sound and audio effects at the exact place of Raju's house. it will be tourist place with patriotic feeling. Famous film Art Director Srinivasa Raju made the design of replica house of Alluri Seetha Rama Raju.

Replica house's of Alluri Seetham Rama Raju's Sankhustaapana is taking place on 27th of November 2013at 09.09 am.  in the divine hands of Swamy Paripoornanada.  Many VIP's and Tribals from  Rampachodavaram, Addateegala, Krishna devi Peta, Mampa etc will be gracing the great historical ceremony.

Freedom fighters, Peace lovers are appreciating the patriotic efforts of Dr Ghazal Srinivas for the Project of "Mission Alluri Seetha Rama Raju.'

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