Lok Satta NRI supporters Helped a Village with R.O. Plant

NRI supporters of Lok Satta extended their helping hand to a village in Krishna District, by setting up a Reverse Osmosis plant in the village.

Matlam is a small village in Kruthivennu mandal of Krishna District, which has a population of around 6000, consisting of fishermen and daily labor. As the village is located near to the coast, ground water is salinated and non-drinkable.  Despite of repetitive requests to the government to provide clean drinking water, the villagers have been forced to buy drinking water from nearby towns. Due to transportation costs, Matlam villagers were buying water at Rs 15 – 18 per 20 liters. This cost has become a burden to the most poor villagers. Each family has been spending Rs. 600-800 per month on water.


After listening to the sad state of affairs, from the youth of the village, Lok Satta NRI supporters came forward to help the villagers to set up a Reverse Osmosis plant.  Families of Tirumaan Seethaiah & Moka Sriramamurthy, from the village, came forward to donate the land for the plant. NRIs donated Rs. 3,64,500 for setting up the plant with the capacity of 1000 liters per  hour. Plant was successfully constructed and being operational from June 2012. Youth from the village formed a youth club called “Navayuga Youth Foundation” and operating the plant. Water is supplied free for the school and old people & at Rs. 4 per 20 liters for others, in order to cover the plant maintenance. Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, Lok Satta president, dedicated the plant to the villagers on October 19th, 2012. He spoke on the occasion and explained to the people how much government spends on villages, and still there are no basic necessities in the villages like Matlam. Villagers thanked all the donors of the project. Srinivas Ranabothu  from NJ who co-ordinated the efforts  of NRIs in this project  attended the inauguration event in matlam village said that we accomplished this due to the collective effort of sincere and passionate leaders  Lok Satta and NRIs support ,he gave a call to villagers that leave the  liquor NRIs will adopt this village and will develop it more.He gave a call to all NRIs that Lok Satta is the only ray of hope for changing the people’s lives and hence come and join Lok Satta  for better country,as better country is possible with better Politics.

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