American Congressmen celebrated Diwali

Tuesday, 29 Oct 13 is a memorable day for many Congressmen from US Government in Washington DC , as ‘Happy Diwali’ words reverberated in Rayburn House ( one building in Capital Hill complex – USA Parliament house) in a Diwali celebrations eve conducted from 6pm to 10pm.

Around 40 members (32 Congressmen and 8 other prominent dignitaries from Obama Govt ) attended the Diwali event along with several leading NRI leaders were present  and celebrated India festival Diwali in a very traditional manner. All the Dignitaries were received with a Indian traditional welcome presenting sindhur on the forehead and a jasmine made garland.  Main priest from Shiva Vishnu temple chanted slokas and each Congressman was presented with shawl.

All the  Congressmen spoke one after one in brief manner appreciating Indian traditions & festivals and also the important role being played by NRI community in USA. They all greeted the audience with Happy Diwali. They also said that Gove would examine giving holiday for Diwali in USA.

Mrs Nirupama Rao, Indian Ambassador to USA spoke about the friend relations both the countries have and the appreciated and thanked all the congressmen who attended the Diwali.

Several  NRI leaders representing Gujarathi, Punjabhi, and other Indian American aAssociations attended the event. From Telugu community, Mr Satsh Vemana, Secretary, TANA, Ms Sailaja Adluru, Chairman, AP NRI Forum, Mr Ponnam Mantena, President, AP NRI Forum, Mr Jagadish Prabhala, TANA Chair attended the event. Mr Subba Row V Chennuri, Editor & Publisher Telugu Times also attended this event.

Dinner was served with Indian dishes like Dhokla, Samosa and several Indian sweets.  The list is included

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