Tori RJ Jayasri Telukuntla Coming To India Along With Ivanka Trump

Tori RJ Jayasri Telukuntla Coming To India Along With Ivanka Trump


Tori RJ Jayasri Telukuntla has been chosen on behalf of non-resident Indians for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. She will be arriving in India alongside Ivanka Trump team November 28th. So, we on behalf of the Tori family congratulate Jayasri gaaru for the prodigious accomplishment.

Here is complete profile of Jayasri gaaru:

Jayasri Telukuntla, an Indian-American wears many hats with élan. A linguist, RJ, writer and a social reformer, Jayasri’s tryst with Telugu literature started from a very young age. With her deeper understanding in Indian culture, languages and history she penned down various short stories, skits for many Telugu organizations in India and in the US.

Jayasri was born into a middle-class Telugu family in the undivided Andhra Pradesh. Even from school days, she developed keen interest in Telugu language and has been an active student in various cultural activities.

She moved to US post her marriage and has been striving to popularize the language among the Indian Telugu community. Jayasri in 2008 started teaching Telugu children in US and in no time it garnered popularity, earning her many students.

Jayasri’s literary works are very popular with various Telugu cultural organizations in the US including TWACT, MHATA, NATA, NATS etc. “My idea is to introduce long-forgotten ancient art forms like Burrakatha, Sodi, Kolatam and other folk arts to the youngsters here,” says she.

Deeply saddened by the plight of Indian women facing domestic abuse in the US, Jayasri has been closely working with family counsellors, attorneys and local leaders in combating various family issues and providing legal and medical help.

Known for her outspoken nature laced with wit, Jayasri started her career as an RJ in 2011 with Radio Adhurs.  She is currently hosting programs on TORI. Her shows discuss a wide range of topics like atrocities against women, medical and legal advice, literature and a lot more.

Back home in India, Jayasri recently launched ‘Sankalpam’ with an aim to usher a new hope into the lives of weavers. She is instrumental in encouraging weavers to design new concepts that would be a hit with the young lot.

Her efforts to the society earned her many awards and accolades. Jayasri was felicitated by Silicon Andhra’s Mana Badi from 2008 to 2013, felicitated by various associations like TAWCT, NATS, MHATA to name a few. She was presented with a plaque during Padutha Teeyaga program held in New Jersey in 2014 in recognition to her services.

Jayasri Telukuntla, lives in New York with her husband Narasimha Telukuntla, son Manideep and daughter Vaishnavi.

Her Famous Radio Shows:

1. Sri Upendra Chivukula - Assemblyman & Deputy Speaker :New Jersey
2. Dr. Venkat Kanumalla  - Founder President of Sri Ranganatha Temple Pomona, NY (He is a walking vedic dictionary and a extremely talented motivator)
3. Sri Hari Eppanapally - President, Lead India 2020 (US Chapter) and Contestant for Assemblyman from Republican party from New Jersey
4. Rupa Raghunath Das is an Italian who came to Visit India and when he saw all these poor and unfortunate children with no cloths on and begging for food, he immediately decided that this is the place he wanted to stay and serve humanity.

In USA and India:
Sri Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar garu - Is a Jeeyar (Lion) in the Vaishnava Tradition
K Vishwanath - Movie producer, director for many blockbusters like Sankarabharanam, Swathi Muthyam, Sagara Sangamam, Sruthi Layalu and many more Tammareddy Bharadhwaja - Famous movie producer and director
Yogini - Who visited Manasa Sarovar 16 times and lived there
Madavapeddi Suresh - Music Director.
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