Dear DFW Telanganite: 


Our dream to form the Telangana State has come true because of Telangana Martyrs, dedicated leaders and each and every Telanganite. Congratulations to you on your fruitful efforts and salutes to Telangana martyrs.

Several long standing community leaders and DFW residents have successfully organized activities and events for the past several years, which are of interest to DFW Telugu Community from Telangana region. With a common understanding that fast growing DFW Telugu Community from Telangana region needs a structured organization with a set vision, came forward and met as a group and gained common consensus to form a structured organization.

You are invited to a dinner meeting at Mayuri Indian Restaurant to celebrate the occasion, provide valuable input and support to develop the structured organization with a set vision to serve the interests of our DFW Telangana community.


Mayuri Indian Restaurant

1102 WEST I-635, IRVING, TX 75063


Friday; February 21st, 2014 at 7.00PM   


Preserve culturally rich Telangana identity. Preserve and promote classic and ancient Telugu language to next generations. Celebrate Telangana festivals in an integrated & inclusive manner. Preserve & promote rich heritage and family values to next generations. Support charity in the country of residence (United States) and in the State of Telangana in India.  Facilitate business and professional networking.

Thank you,

Ajay Reddy: Rao Kalvala: Janakiram Mandadi: Upender Telugu: Satish Punnam: Raghuveer Bandaru: Pavan Gangadhara: Praveen Arkala: Mahender Kamireddy: Kiran Gontuka: Chandra  Bandar: Ashok Kondala: Vijay Pitta: Raj Gondhi: Satya Perkari: Venu Dammanna: Krishna Dammanna: Rajender Reddy: Srinu Gangadhara: Venkat Tirumani: Rajanikanth Erraballi

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