People For Lok Satta Support Aam Aadmi Party for Delhi Elections




People For Lok Satta (PFL), organization of NRI supporters of Lok Satta Party (LSP), is supporting Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders in the upcoming assembly elections in Delhi. Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, national president of LSP, recently extended unconditional support to AAP in Delhi elections. Several members of PFL, as response to his call, are campaigning and participating in phone campaigns, group discussions and helping financially through one day salary contribution.

People for Lok Satta Recalls the long association and co-operation between India Against Corruption(IAC) and PFL during ‘Dandi March II’, a 240 mile walk from San Diego to San Francisco in US in support of Lokpal bill. PFL has also been organizing anti-corruption events such as solidarity fasting along with Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare, ‘Kill Corruption’ campaign, worldwide campaign to cancel 2G spectrum licenses, etc. He expresses happiness over the ideals and goals of Lok Satta  being owned and pursued by many like-minded groups, movements and parties and are becoming known all over the country.

Krishna Burugapalli, 26 Year old vice president of Memberships, says that both AAP and LSP, despite few policy differences between them, are working to provide a real alternative to traditional parties in India and youth support is there for the fullest extent for the both parties. He emphasized that coalition of progressive and accountable politics for the new generation of Indians is the need of the hour. He says that PFL is wishing that foundation for new generation politics will be laid and a liked minded capable competitor to traditional parties will emerge in Delhi, a cosmopolitan city with educated and socially aware citizens, and where vote-buying and vote-bank politics is less common,

People For Lok Satta (PFL)

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