Subba Rao Kolla, NRI Appointed to Board of Equalization in Loudoun County, Virginia, USA



Loudoun County, Virginia Chairman, Scott York, appointed Subba Rao Kolla, prominent and successful Indian Realtor in Virginia, to the Board of Equalization committee for the period of 3 years. Mr. Kolla was selected in a competitive process, in which only three were chosen to serve. The Board of Equalization is a unit of people who hear appeals from current year property assessments in the county and deal with any issues. He is a first NRI to serve in Loudoun County on any committee. Subba Rao Kolla has been working in Real Estate for the last 10 years and is a native of Prakasam district, Andhra Pradesh, India and has been in the United States of America for the last 17 years. Recently, Mr. Kolla received an appreciation letter from the Virginia state Governor for the community service performed in Virginia. He studied M.Tech from IIT, Kharagpur, owns a real estate firm, Advin Realty, and he is very active in several National and local Indian associations.


Dulles district Supervisor, Matt Letourneau, and Virginia 87th district Delegate, David Ramadan, congratulated Subba Rao and hoped his inclusion will bring fairness and transparency to Board of Equalization.  TANA President, Mohan Nannapaneni, and other Telugu organizations congratulated Subba Rao and hoped he will bring good relations between the Governmental bodies to help our community. As a result of his inclusion into the Board of Equalization, Subba Rao Kolla once again epitomizes the concept of the growing importance of our Indian community in Virginia.

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