Show the World A Beautiful You   To look pretty, there's not much you need to do. All you need is the knowledge of the things that can bring your hidden beauty out. Today, let us try and understand some such tips that will always show your beauty to the world. Sometimes, you may accidentally smudge the mascara while applying it on your lower eyeline. If the amount of mascara is not too much, don't worry! You can simply hide it with a tad bit of concealer. However, if it is too much, you will have to use the make up romover. We have all wanted the perfect cat eye look, but only few of us could master the trick of getting it right. Now, all of us can get it. For the perfect cat eye look, you need to take a few short pieces of scotch tape and align it with the angle of your eyebrow. Follow this with placing them at the outer corners of your eyes and use as stencils. Peel them off once you're done. This will give you the look that you have always wanted.     A moisturizer is a must for the perfect look. You must also know the right way to  apply it, to look your best. Experts say that applying it with a brush is more beneficial, in terms of even spreading and greater absorption than your fingers, although you may consider the later more economical. Another important aspect of getting the perfect look is to understand the fact that a foundation illuminator should always be applied before the foundation and not after it. Follow these simple tricks and you will take the world by surprise with your beauty. ....Kruti Beesam

  Style Your Hair Differently This Navaratri!   To match the energy, fun and enthusiasm of the Navaratri season, you would not only want interesting cloths to wear but also a head turning hairstyles that will make you the attraction of the Dhandiya nights. Now that is very easy to have. Explore the simplicity of getting 9 good hairstyles for the 9 nights. If you want to go semi traditional, try a messy bun with an invisible maang tika. It is easy to get it and nothing much for you to take care of. Anyone can carry it of easily and gracefully. So, try it out and see what a difference it makes to your  appearance.     Another option you have for such an occasion is a pulled back bouffant. This kind of a hairstyle will allow you to steal the show even in a sari. Let soft curls lie on your shoulder to add grace to your look. It will keep wondering what you do to look so beautiful. Carry it off elegantly with the beautiful smile. Coming back to the idea of having a bun, it does not always have to be a messy bun or the one worn by older women. You can simply have a nicely placed side bun and accessorize it with a gorgeous flower.   Girls with longer hair can also go in for a braid or a side swept hair do. Styling your hair in this manner, will give you a wider scope for accessorizing it. If this is one of your choices, don’t forget to get a bouffant which is held together with a clip that sits beautifully on your hair. This Navaratri surprise the people with a different hairstyle everyday. .......... Kruti Beesam  

A Little Effort To Become Beautiful! With the world defining the world beauty on its own terms, it has become important for every woman to match up to it at every point of her life. Now, she can do that effortlessly while setting her own trends for the world to follow. Let us first start with the most common and the most painful problem that women face, acne! So when your skin experiences frequent occurrences of acne, it becomes important for you to choose the right products for your skin. Remember to use a product that is non-comdogenic. Such products help in preventing blocked pores on your skin. Using hair color for the first time can give you a verity of surprises which range from pleasant to unpleasant. To make sure that you always experience pleasant results, do a patch test for 24 hours before applying the color all over. Try it hidden areas of your body like the skin behind your ear or the inside fold of your elbow. If you don’t develop an allergy after a day, the product is safe for you to use. Removing long lasting lipstick can be quiet a hassle. But not if you employ the following trick! Dip a cotton ball in sweet almond oil and gently rub it over your lips. It will work like magic in removing your lipstick that lasted for a very long time. Your look cannot be called complete without beautiful hair. But is it easy to get the natural looking beautiful hair? Yes, now it is very easy. All you need to do is massage your hair with coconut oil 10 minutes before shampooing. This will give it the glossy look, making you ready for any occasion. Looking after the needs of your feet is also a part of the process of looking pretty. Give your feet the nourishment of green tea by soaking them in a tub of cold water with green tea bags in it. This will make you realize that beautiful feet are not in the movies alone. Use these tricks and transform yourself. Kruti Beesam

  Are You Applying Foundation The Right Way ? All the women in the world want one thing for which they can trade almost everything they have. It is beautiful and flawless skin. Since not every woman is blessed with such skin, a magic potion has been created. It is popularly known as the foundation. Despite the fact that the foundation is an essential part of make up, most women are unaware of the right method of applying it on their face. So, lets try and understand this aspect of make up today. Using primer before applying foundation is the first and the most important step. You must also remember to set your foundation into a translucent loose powder before applying. A foundation should be applied only on a clean face. So, first wash your hands and then was your face with a face wash that is most suitable to your skin type. If the skin on your face is oily, use a face wash that contains tea tree oil, neem leaf extract and salicylic acid. These ingredients will assist in thorough cleaning of your face. Another trick that can give you best results when using foundation, is the usage of a foundation brush while applying it. Avoid applying it directly with your finger as it is adds germs to the skin on your face. Besides, most of the foundation may stick to your finger, leaving parts of your face without foundation. The suggestion to apply primer before applying foundation, that was given earlier in this article has a valid reason behind it. The primer will keep the foundation on your face for a longer time. It also protects your skin from coming in contact with any chemicals directs. It is important that you leave your face untouched for two minutes after applying a moisturiser or a primer before applying foundation on it. This will give it time to sink into your skin to give you a natural look. In this time wipe your face with a wet tissue, if you find it oily. When applying foundation, be sure of its purpose first. It is not meant to create a layer on your face, but to make your skin tone even. So, apply it only where necessary, like on your forehead, cheeks and the tip of your nose. Not all over your face! This way the world can see the prettier you. ......Kruti Beesam

  Tricks For Long And Beautiful Lashes ! Who does not like to have those beautiful long eye lashes that will make the world fall in love with you? So, take a few tips to learn how you can get long lashes with great ease. Beauty experts always advice that curling is necessary if you want to make your lashes look longer. Use a curler that helps you curl your lashes in the upward direction from the lash base. When curling your lashes always remember to do it before applying mascara. This will feel less damaging when you attempt to curl your lashes. If you want to avoid clumping of mascara on your lashes, give a little gap between each layer of mascara that you apply. The time that you give will allow it to stick to your lashes before another layer comes on. This will prevent the gooping up of mascara on your beautiful lashes. To avoid having spider lashes, there is one very important thing you must keep in mind. Do not comb your lashes after applying mascara. Use a metal-toothed lash comb and brush through your lashes, few seconds after applying mascara. Also remember to use the same mascara while applying layers on your lashes.When you apply different mascaras, you cannot expect them to mix well and give you flawless eyes. Most formulae don’t mix well leaving clumps on your lashes. However, there are some products that mix well so choose the right products if you wish to mix. Its not only your hair that needs conditioning, your lashes do to! For a smooth experience when you apply mascara, use a lash conditioner regularly. Along with this, treatments like stimulation of the eyelash growth cycle can work well and soon you will have longer, thicker and darker lashes. It will take about 3-4 months to give you the best results but you will notice improvements in 4 weeks itself. Kruti Beesam

Learn How To Reverse The Effect Of Sun Damage !! Sun can damage your skin at any time of the year so why to we use sun protection methods in summer alone? The harmful ultraviolet rays have the potential to penetrate your skin and cause damage to it in the monsoon season too. So, every women must know how to tackle sun damaged skin. Firstly, bring the sunscreen into your daily routine throughout the year. This will protect your already damaged skin from further damage. Remember to apply it on all parts of the body exposed to the sun and most importantly on the face. Remember to never step out without that. Did you know that diet can help your skin recover from sun damage? Increase the amount of anti oxidant containing food items in your diet to see the improvement. Eating a lot of berries and citrus fruits can be very beneficial. At this point, your skin needs attention in the form of face masks to repair the damage caused by the harsh sun. A face mask with Arbutin and vitamin C will heal your damaged skin with regular use. The added advantage with its use is that it reduces the visibility of wrinkles to a great extent. One more thing you need to remember is, a careful choice of your skin products. Apply a water based moisturizer to sooth your sun damaged skin. Those of you with sensitive skin must look for hypoallergenic creams that a free from alcohol and paraben content. If you take care of few such things, you can repair your damaged skin within no time. Kruti Beesam

  Baking Soda Can Make You Beautiful! If you thought that baking soda can only contribute in making tasty dishes, you are mistaken! Baking Soda can also help you look prettier. Want to know how? Read on to find out. You can make the best natural scrub with baking soda, to get rid of dead skin on your face. Just mix three parts of baking soda, one part of ground oatmeal and one part of water. Make a fine paste of these ingredients and use it to get healthy skin.   You may be using many products to enhance the beauty of your hair, but do you know that these products leave a residue causing damage to your hair? This problem can also be solved with baking soda. Apply some of it along with your shampoo and get rid of all the residue a hair product might leave. Doing this, will make your hair more manageable. Baking soda can also be used to take care of your hands and nails. Use baking soda to scrub under your nails and around the cuticles to remove the dirt. For smooth and pretty hands, make a mixture three parts baking soda and one part of water. Massage your hands with this mixture in circular motion and wash it off with cold water. Many of us are not aware of the fact that baking soda can be used as a deodorant too. To make one, you need four table spoons of baking soda and ten drops of your favorite essential oil. Applying this at the underarms can keep you away from bad odor for a very long time. To apply it at any time of the day, carry this mixture with you in a mineral makeup container. Making your teeth white is also one of the benefits of using baking soda. For this, brush your teeth first with baking soda, rinse it off and then brush your teeth with the toothpaste in the regular manner. You can use baking soda as your mouth wash too. One teaspoon of baking soda with 1/4 glass of water will make a very effective anti fungal mouth wash. So, make the best use of baking soda for your beauty and health. Kruti Beesam

Get Beautiful Hair Naturally ! Pretty hair just needs a little effort and you can have the hair you always wanted. There are some simple tips which when followed can give you desired results. Nutrition is the key to beautiful hair. All you need to do is to eat well and maintain a good lifestyle. Your diet should consist of proteins in the form of meat and lentils. Also remember to have a lot of water during the day. For strengthening the roots of your hair, have carrots, green leafy vegetables and cod liver oil. These contain vitamin A which helps in hair care. Styling and beauty treatments harm your hair to a great extent. Use natural ingredients for your hair instead of the cosmetic ones. Choose the shampoo very carefully. Use one that is most suitable to your hair. You have natural conditioner for your hair in the form of curd. Aloe Vera gel can serve as a wonderful hair mask. Wash your hair regularly to keep the dirt and oil away. Hair dryer is very harmful to your hair. It makes your hair rough. Instead choose to dry your hair in the sunlight. Then wipe out the wetness with a towel. Avoid combing wet hair as it has greater chances of breaking at that time. Sleeping well, applying a conditioner whenever you wash your hair and getting rid of dandruff are important tips of hair care. Follow these simple tips for gorgeous hair. - Kruti Beesam

Discover Beauty Secrets In The Kitchen! The ingredients in the kitchen do not just bring taste to your food, they also have the potential to enhance your beauty. They have solutions to all your skin problems, preventing you from spending your money on expensive skin treatments. If you are troubled with pimples all over your face, some turmeric can be very useful to you. Simply mix turmeric with lime juice and apply it on the effected areas of your face. Wash it off after it dries completely and enjoy the results.   Toothpaste can also be beneficial in this case. Apply some toothpaste on your pimples and leave it overnight. Doing this regularly can bring out desired outcome. While acne is very painful and ugly, the scars it leaves behind are equally disturbing. Now you can get rid of them easily. Apply lime juice with cotton all over your face and keep it on for 15 minutes to remove all the scars. Another method you can use, to deal with acne scars is to apply a thick past of sandalwood and rosewater. Leave it on until it dries to get rid of the scars. Wrinkles on your face can be tackled with honey. Apply it evenly all over your face and leave it on for 20 minutes. Remember to wash it off with lukewarm water. Doing this regularly can give you younger looking skin. Dandruff can be a serious problem. But your kitchen has a solution to that too. Apply coconut oil with lemon juice and leave it on for a while before washing it off. Another way to deal with dandruff is to apply yogurt mixed with pepper powder. So, next time you have skin problem, simply walk into your kitchen. - Kruti Beesam

Take Care Of Your Face The Korean Way ! When you decide to shift your skin care habits the Korean way, there are a few things you must keep in mind. To start with, Koreans give a lot of importance to cleansing their face before doing other things to beautify it. The cleansing is done twice, first with an oil based cleanser and then with a cream or foam cleanser. Remember to use circular movements while cleaning your face. Who doesn’t want a lovely glow on their face? The Korean trick says massaging your face everyday while cleaning it can improve the blood circulation in that area and give you the much needed freshness and glow. While massaging your face, you must remember to do it in the direction of your face muscles, not against them. Korean skin care is incomplete without the essences. Originating in Korea itself, these are a very important part of the country’s beauty enhancing methods. These are liquids or lotions containing beneficial ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin. These are known to bring your skin back to life by brightening and increasing elasticity of your skin, after cleansing. The Korean methods of skin care take care of the dark spots, patchy skin and pimple marks too. For these they use and recommend the use of foundation. This will give you a cloudy look and cover all your flaws. So, don’t step out without this on your face. To maintain the health of your skin, you must remember to keep it hydrated. For this the Koreans recommend sheet masking. Just apply, keep it on and peel it off. As simple as that. Become a Korean beauty by implementing these tips. - Kruti Beesam

Your Hands Need Some Care Too! You do so much work with your hands everyday, but did it ever occur to you that they need some special attention too? For this, you don’t need to go to the parlor and get expensive treatments done, all you need is some time dedicated to care for your hands. For soft hands simply apply Vaseline and let it work on your hands over night. The continuation of this practice will give you soft and smooth hands over time. No one likes wrinkled skin on their hands. Is it an irreversible affect that time has on you? No, you can easily avoid that with a moisturizer. Just remember to never let the skin on your hands get dry. Give the nourishment of your face to your hands sometimes. Apply your face cream on your hands once a week. To keep your nails clean and healthy, leave your hands without applying nail polish for a few days. Repeat this practice every two weeks to maintain clean and healthy nails. If you are someone who is out in the sun for long, for hobbies like gardening don’t forget to protect your hands from the sun with rubber gloves. Another trick to achieve soft hands is to apply orange juice and honey on them regularly. A good massage can be very soothing to your hands. Use glycerin, lemon juice and rose water to massage, for this affect. Hand care is very simple. It just needs some time and lots of love. - Kruti Beesam

  Get Rid of Acne At Home !   Having acne can be physically and emotionally painful. It drags down your self confidence. So, is there no way you can get rid of this destroying skin problem? There are many simple methods you can use at home, to get back that pimple free skin. Start with using the right product to wash your face. Salicylic acid works very well for acne. Use only that to wash your face. Stay away from the harsh and harmful soaps, that do more damage than good to your skin. Scrubbing to get rid of the dead skin is very important. But with acne you need to be careful when deciding what you will scrub your face with. To avoid any further damage to your skin, it is best to use a homemade scrub. Making it is very easy as it requires nothing more than 1 tbsp of besan, a pinch of turmeric and some milk. Mix these ingredients thoroughly, to make a fine paste. Scrub your face with this by moving your hands in circular motion, for a minimum of two minutes. Be patient when you wash your face. Spend at least 30 seconds or a minute in this activity.  Use a generous amount of cleanser when you wash. This is simply because skin with acne may need some extra care while cleaning. You must know that the temperature of the water you use, also effects the cleanliness of your face. While hot water makes your skin dry, cold water does not let the pores of your skin open. So use lukewarm water to wash your face every time. Follow these simple tips and enjoy flawless skin. - Kruti Beesam

Face Packs That Can Make You look Younger ! Aging is a natural process, but nature has tricks that can help you stay young forever. Face packs with, egg, banana, carrot, coconut milk and rose water, can help you reverse the effects of time. To make the perfect egg face pack, you will need one teaspoon of egg white and half a teaspoon of malai and lemon juice it. Mix this well before applying. Keeping this on for just 15 minutes, before rinsing it of with cold water, can give you visible results within no time. Do this every alternate day and enjoy younger looking skin. Half an inch carrot and half a potato together, can make your wrinkles vanish! To make this simple face pack, mash these two into a fine paste, and add a pinch of baking soda and turmeric. This pack needs only 2 minutes on your face and it works like magic. Wash it off with lukewarm water to see the effects. The next one is not a face pack but a natural moisturizer. To make this, you will need 2 tsp of rose water, two drops of glycerin and two drops of lemon juice. Its amazing how such small quantities of these ingredients can reduce your aging signs to a great extent. Simply dab this mixture on your face with cotton and leave it on for the day. Applying coconut milk for 20 minutes can also work in your favor, in this regard. Wash it off with cold water to see a younger you. Finally, a banana pack can contribute greatly in making you look younger. Mash it thoroughly and mix with water before applying evenly on your face and neck. Look and feel young forever. - Kruti Beesam

  Don't Just Wash Your Face Clean It ! You may be washing your face many times in a day, but is it clean? Simply washing your face is not enough. You have to cleanse it! Lets take a look at some simple yet effective ways of face cleansing. Milk is a very good face cleanser. Dip some cotton in a table spoon of milk without boiling it and massage your face with it. For this to be effective, massage in the circular movements on your cheeks and with upward movements on your neck. Wash it off with cold water, after keeping it for 15 minutes. A piece of cucumber also works very well in cleansing your face. Just take a think piece with the peel and once again rub it in circular motion all over your face and neck. This give the best effects in summer, as it cools your skin while cleaning it. Fifteen minutes seems to be the perfect time for face cleansing. So, like the milk, rub half a tomato all over your face for the same amount of time, for a clean face. There is another benefit of using tomato on your face. With this, you can achieve the natural blush, without exposing your skin to harmful cosmetics. Try it and see the results for yourself. If your skin is oily use rice flour or green gram powder with curd to cleanse your face naturally. This will take away the oil along with the dirt, leaving you with a beautifully fresh face. If you are someone who needs to apply make up everyday, there’s a simple method to keep your face clean. Dip a piece of cotton in diluted buttermilk and apply it evenly on your face. Leave it on for 15 minutes before you wash it off to apply make up. Use these simple tricks for a clean and pretty face. - Kruti Beesam

  The Beauty Of Your Lips   what can you do for pretty lips? Very few of us realize that attending to your lips is also part of your make up. This does not mean you apply any color on your lips and step out. Know your lips and give them what they need to bring out their beauty. Smudged lipstick can be very embarrassing when you are out somewhere. To avoid this from happening, remember to use a lip liner before applying lipstick or lip gloss. Applying foundation on your lips before lipstick can also solve this problem. Choose the color of lipstick according to the shape of your lips. If you have thick lips for instance, go for colors like purple brown or bronze. On the other, if your lips are thin, avoid dark colors. Dark colors tend to hide the beauty of thin lips. Applying too much or too less lipstick can mess up your look. There is a simple trick to take care of this. Professionals prefer to use a brush, to evenly spread the color on your lips. Use this trick and be your own professional! Taking care of your lips is as important as making them look pretty. So sometimes you can use a homemade lip balm for beautiful lips. It is very easy to make one. One tablespoon of Cranberry sauce and a tablespoon of Vaseline will make a lovely lip balm. While a massage of coriander juice can make your lips soft and rosy, lemon juice can prevent them from turning black. These are a few natural ways to nourish your lips. - Kruti Beesam

  The Secrets of Hair Care!   Having beautiful hair is not a dream anymore! And the best part is, you can have it at the comfort of your home. Just follow some simple trick at home and flaunt your flawless hair. Your diet plays a very important role in helping you achieve, think and long hair. If you simply want to move from normal to extraordinary hair, include proteins like fish, chicken, dals and sprouts. If dry hair has always been a problem, you need raw vegetables, pulses, brown rice, bananas, nuts and vitamin E capsules. Finally, if your hair is very oily, green leafy vegetables, salads, fresh fruits and yogurt can help you. Apart from food, you must also take care of the shampoo you use for your hair. This must also be chosen in accordance with the problem your with your hair. For dry hair, use a shampoo with a moisture base. This will retain the gloss of your hair while cleansing it. For oily hair on the other hand, find something that targets your scalp. Stay as far as possible from cosmetic conditioners. They do more damage than benefit to your hair. Instead, try something natural like an egg. The yolk of an egg moisturizes your hair, while the egg white can remove the unwanted oils from it. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water after applying this. Like all the problems mentioned above, cleansing your itchy scalp is also very easy. All you need is some lemon juice and olive oil. Apply this mixture and keep it on for 20 minutes. Wash it thoroughly and enjoy the results. Beautiful hair can now be had at home. - Kruti Beesam

Enhance Your Beauty This Monsoon ! Monsoon is here girls! As much as you may love the rain, I’m sure your skin feels troubled, in this humid weather. There is not one, but multiple solutions to this problem, in the form of a verity of face packs. Pamper your skin with these and retain your glow even in the monsoon season. Let us first start with the sandalwood pack. This will help you get rid of dark skin and scars, this monsoon. One table spoon of sandalwood powder, 1/4th cup of rose water and half a tea spoon of turmeric can work like magic on your skin. 30 minutes of this pack spread evenly on your skin, can easily lighten your skin and wipe out your scars. If you thought oatmeal can only make you healthy, you are mistaken. When 3 tea spoons of oatmeal, are combined with 1 egg white, 1 tsp of honey and 1 tsp curd, it can cleanse your skin thoroughly. For clean skin, apply this mixture after cleaning your face. Keep it on until the paste dries up and wash it off with cold water. There can’t be a better cleansing process for your face. Your skin definitely needs some strawberry therapy, in the monsoon season. To give this much needed nourishment, you need 4-6 mashed strawberries, 1 tsp brandy, 2 tsp breadcrumbs, 2 tsp fuller’s earth and some Rose water. Make a fine paste of these ingredients, apply it on your face and keep it on for 20 minutes. When you wash it off, you will the how it enhanced your beauty. Follow these simple tips and enjoy monsoon with beautiful skin. - Kruti Beesam

Look Feminine With The Right Make Up There is nothing much you need to do for a natural feminine look. Just follow some simple steps and give yourself a delicate feminine look. To start with, the color of your foundation plays a major role, in this kind of make up. It is important for you to choose that shade of foundation that closely matches with your natural skin color. Do a patch test on your wrist to identify the right shade. This will give your face a warm, velvety tone. If you want a creamy look, add serum to your foundation. This will give a little moisture to your skin and keep it hydrated. A feminine look is incomplete without some blush! For the perfect blush choose either pink or peach colors. A blush is to be applied on specific areas of your face, to make you look your best. Ideally, blush is applied on the temples and cheekbones. Make sure you apply the right amount and you will look prettier than ever. Applying blush in the areas around your eyes is also a good idea. This will give an even tone to the skin on your face. Try and cover up the blemishes on the sides of your nose, around your eyes and anywhere else you may need to. This will pull out the dullness from your face and make you look brighter. Don’t forget to apply mascara to your eyelashes! This will make them look longer, while adding to your captivating beauty. Finish the look with a pale gloss on your lips, that will enhance your pout. Try these tips and show the world a prettier you! - Kruti Beesam