Ashadam Mehendi/Gorintaku Beauty Ritual


Ashadam Arachetha Gorintaku:It’s the ending of  Ashada Masam or the fourth month in the  traditional Hindu Telugu calendar which is followed by the Telugu people. Starting from June 28 it will end on July 26, 2014.  Some of the auspicious days in this month include Guru Purnima ,the beginning of Chatur Mas Vratam, Puri Jagannath Ratha Yatra and the Bonalu festival celebrated in Telangana state . Bonalu is celebrated to ward of any evil and diseases associated with the monsoons and the month of Ashadam also involves the new bride going back to her mother’s place and spending time with her family till this month is over.


Significance of Henna, Mehendi or Gorintaaku: Another wonderful part of the Ashadam tradition is that ladies put Henna, Mehendi or Gorintaaku on their hands and feet. There are many reasons why one should apply Henna, Mehendi or Gorintaaku, the foremost reason being that it is good for health as applying this on your hands and feet prevent infections and bacteria infecting the skin. Since it’s the monsoon season and you are prone to seasonal infections Henna, Mehendi or Gorintaaku works as an antibacterial which is good for the skin. Women in due course of their household work are in constant contact with water & grime and Henna, Mehendi or Gorintaaku prevents this.

Apart from the health aspect putting Henna, Mehendi or Gorintaaku also adds beauty to your hands and feet. Other than the traditional moon and dots, you can put various Arabic , Rajasthani  and floral designs  on your hands and feet.

For  more  Henna, Mehendi or Gorintaaku designs, check out the Aracheta Gorinta , Step By Step Easy Mehendi Designs For Beginners  tutorials for more ideas.