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Vegetable Fried Rice




Vegetable Fried Rice




First of all wash the raw rice in clean water and drain the water.

  Add 2 cups of water to the 1 cup of rice and cook in a pressure cooker for 15 minutes.

 Keep the cooked rice aside.

  Chop all the vegetables like beans,green chillis,capsicum into small thin pieces.

  Grind the cloves,cardamom to get a dry powder in a mixer-grinder.

  Fry the cashew nuts in ghee and keep it aside.

  Fry the chopped vegetables with oil,salt,biryani leaves and the clove - cardamom powder in a pan for 10 minutes.

 Now,add the cooked rice to the same pan and fry for 2 minutes and mix well.

 Garnish with ghee fried cashew nuts.