White Henna - The In Thing Now

White Henna - The In Thing Now 


Traditional henna paste made out of leaves was age old fashion to decorate palms and legs during the wedding. They were taken over by red mehandi cones, then replaced by black Mehandi for occasions other than weddings and now the in thing in fashion world is “white henna”.Going well with white color theme and wedding gowns, not leaving any patches of fade outs are the reasons for the buzz this “white Mehandi” art has been creating in the market.

White henna is not actual henna. These designs are made out of stickers, tattoos, body paints and glitters.Since, this is not a natural henna powder or any organic substance , there are few do’s and don’ts while applying these designs on your skin.


There is a white adhesive used to prepare these designs. This adhesive will be piped onto the skin like henna paste and will stick to the skin for up to a week. It can be peeled or scrubbed off and is safe for everyone who doesn't have an allergy to Band-Aids.

Adhesive with cosmetic glitter or powder also used as white henna as it gives extra glamour. These powders can be sprinkled onto the adhesive before it's fully dry. This gives splendid look.

Gels, which are water based have consistency like aloe vera gel and contain cosmetic glitter. They pipe on and can be easily washed off. this is just perfect for kids.

White eye pencil with glittery finish also be used to create henna-like motifs, especially on sensitive areas such as around the eyes.


Never use Chlorine bleach, hair bleach, skin bleaching product or any other product that is a chemical bleach as henna designs.

Acrylic paint or any other paint from the craft store that is meant for painting canvases or houses, not people. So never paint your skin using them.

No Nail polish.

The best thing to do is, to check with an expert and then proceed.

Be trendy, have fun! Also take care of health as beauty is all about being healthy.