Scarves and its styles


1. Embroidered scarves is one of the traditional scarfs which is made in traditional way. This scarf was made in Roman times which was a marvelous fashion accessory at that time. It is a woolen hand made scarf and sheep’s fur are the major source to make it. Mostly, it is best for winter wear.

2. A hand-painted scarf is a combination of unique creativity and valuable fabrics like- wool, cotton, chiffon, georgette and so on. You can wear it for fashionable purpose or just to cover your head in winter. Most of the fashion loving girls wear it as beach scarf, neck scarf and so on.

3. Knitted scarf- It has become the most significant parts of the fashion market in present days due to its popularity and convenience. The designers give them exclusive shape and styles by using their creativity and knit it. It is made of wool, pasmina just like others and are best for winter wear.

4. A light weight Scarf– It is one of the traditional scarf which was originated around 1000 BC from China. It is a silk made scarf and best for both summer as well as winter season. It is not just warm but it also reflects your personality and status in the crowd.

5. Bandana scarf- It has become increasingly most common scarf in the present days due to changing fashion trends. Bandana is a Hindi term which means to tie. It is the most comfortable scarf that can be worn with most of the outfits and can be worn easily by people from different age groups.