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Easter Fashion for Kids


Easter Fashion for Kids



Easter has its own religious background...sametime, it has gained its own social values too...Easter Egg Hunt is one famous occasion among the Children in the Western countries, slowly picking up its trend in India too..specially with the Kindergarten Schools. Easter comes in Spring, thats when Sun shines brighter again, and everyones up for a Sweater-less dressup...bring in the bright colored dresses and those cute slipons...Pastel shades also work so well during this time of the year.



English prints or the Lightly printed floral patterns, tis the time for Breezy dresses...Girls can wear their Frocks and Boys their light cardigans, keeping aside those Warm Wool jackets and coats. Egg Hunt Time and Cute Yellow Chicks are everywhere...they are on the little T-shirts, cute dresses, tiny socks and leggings...what not ! Similar is the importance of Light Yellow color..most of the people choose this shade to dress up their kids for Easter parties...this is the time of the year when leaves spring up on trees and new plants and grass shoot up from the ground, hence Light Green color also shows up almost everywhere along with Yellow. New flowers bloom too, and there's Pink and Purple too shouting out 'i am here, too' you know what color combinations indicate Spring or Easter !



Gotta attend an Easter party with your child?, then bring out that Light yellow or pastel color floral print dress or a Light Yellow shirt out of your closet, and get going ! For the accesories, your little girls can wear those Satin or Cotton bow hair bands or the little floral print clips...the shimmery and Glitter accesories that appear alot during Christmas and Diwali dont roam around much during this time, just Shiny and Polished looks suit this season, even with the shoes or the necklaces. So, this Easter...your child dresses perfectly and you know what to choose for your dressup too !!