Immunity boosting foods for children


Immunity boosting foods for children



Monsoons are a time when children fall sick the most. It is mainly due to the change in the climate and also because the cold and cough which is quite common during this season spreads between the kids when they come in contact with each other while at play or at school. Here are some foods which could provide your child the much needed immunity from various health issues this season.


Hot soups: One of  best ways to boost your child’s immune system in monsoon is by giving them lots of warm drinks like herbal teas which are packed with anti -bacterial properties  of tulsi, cinnamon, honey and ginger. Add kesar to their hot glass of milk, which has the power to prevent sore throats. Or give your kids a bowl of hot vegetable soup daily to keep them warm throughout the rainy season.


Dry fruits: Nuts are a rich source of proteins, good fatty acids, anti-oxidants such as carotenoids, selenium, B complex vitamins, vitamin C and concentrated source of energy making them ideal food to fight infection and promote growth in children. Dry Fruits like walnuts, almonds, and dates provide the essential vitamins and minerals for building immunity in children. Groundnuts that are currently in season can make a great evening snack. Alternatively you could soak the almonds in water overnight to make them easy to digest for kids.


Honey and Ginger:  Ginger juice and honey combined together act as an elixir against common cold and flu. Ginger juice has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties whereas honey coats the throat giving a soothing feel. Ginger-honey juice works best when given at bed time.


Green Vegetables: Palak (Spinach) and Methi (fenugreek) are rich sources of folic acid and zinc and also provide traces of vitamins. Explore the other greens too. Greens are like immunity boasting foods that helps in DNA repair also.


Foods rich in Vitramin C: Vitamin C are a great source of immunity boosters and hence we should incorporate foods that are high in . Amla (gooseberries), lemon, ginger make a perfect drink and are also great sources of Vitamin C. Give it to the children as a juice or eat it raw with some turmeric and salt as a snack. If the kids don’t fancy it too much. Just add it in their veggie juices or lime juice everyday.


Eggs: Eggs either boiled, poached, scrambled are very versatile superfoods. Eggs are the source of first class proteins. Even the yolk is a storehouse of vital vitamins and minerals and essential for your child’s consumption. You get a lot of antioxidants from the yolk too.


Spices: Indian food especially is cooked with numerous  spices and a lot of spices have a lot of benefits and so them being included in our day to day cooking makes more sense apart from the wonderful taste that they provide. Ajwain, pepper,mustard helps to improve digestion. Turmeric, coriander, cinnamon helps in increasing body immune.