Glam Up Your Nails


Glam Up Your Nails

Tired of using same old nail polish? Want to go for Nail art? Then here are few simple tips to have your own nail art at home, using nail polish colors you have in your fashion kit and tools like, bobby pins, tooth pics and cotton etc. Your creativity can bring the best out here.

To start with, use base nail color, which should be light in color and make sure that it wont chip. If your nail polish is smooth and silky it extends the life of your nail art, so choosing right base is very important. You can use different sizes of bindis, studs or kundans available in the market; fix them after your first base coat then, close with transparent nail polish.

Bobby pins and tooth pics are other tools, help you to draw zigzag line on nails and dots. Use Bobby pis for zigzag line and one side of tooth pick can be used to put thick dots, and other side for thinner dots and lines. You can give a polki dot look using tooth pick.

Cotton is another tool, which can help you to give Matty finish to your nail polish. You can as well take two colors side by side on a plate (you get this along with fabric colours for mixing) and apply them on a nail with the help of a cotton swab to give two shades. You can also try graffiti on nails... use patterned scissors to cut foil and paste on nails to make different pattern... Just follow us on this page to know more about nail art designs...