Ghagra dresses for Little Girls


Ghagra Dresses for Little Girls


Come Dassera and ghagras reappear with bright colors and heavy embroidery. Those glass beads, mirrors and thread works look so amazing..its the time of the year ! Dandiya and Gaarba have become so famous in South India and also the Western countries that shopping for the right dresses and shipping abroad intime for these occasions have become so important.


Dancing and jumping with the long lehengas may not be so easy for the little girls. The same patterns as Ghagras have emerged into skirts and frocks now. Moms can shop for these cute dresses and find their little ones running here and there naughtily, without tripping. Some come with the zari looks, while most of them show off their mirror work, the typical gujarathi designs. These dresses look so perfect for a festive portfolio too. The girls can flaunt them even for Diwali. To avoid the inconvenience of pulling and tugging around the waist, the designers have converted these dresses into one piece frocks to make them look cuter and neat. Infact, the same patterns can be adopted for grown ups. Let this Dassera dressup be fashionable yet trendy for the little girls in these Ghagra dresses !