Ego wall....


Ego wall...

For some couple Parenting is so joyful journey where they learn many things from kids,but  for some it becomes taxing life. Why? what  is the cause for this exact opposite feel? To be frank there is one and only single word, which makes a lot of difference and its called " EGO"
Normally people think ego clash will come with either same age or elder people,but the reality is parents do face this ego issue even with their own children.

* We ave seen life,learn from our mistakes
* I think i am elder to you and i dont need to learn from u
* Decision making comes with age and that age is on y side

Such statements often come from parents. They are often called disciplinarian parents.its a one way communication when it comes to this type of parenting. They want their children to learn from their own life. Which is a very wrong way of seeing things.

Children that too this generation children have a thought of their own, they want to experiment with life, learn from their own mistakes,and be their own boss. Even though leaving them to their fate is not the point here,parents should understand that these children are more exposed to life than these parents are in their child hood. So giving them a chance to experiment with life to an extent where its not injurious to their health is always recommended.

Parents should not bring their EGO in between, they should accept few things as they come. They should also not bring their EGO and be silent when these same children come for advice when in problem.

Parents should try and break the Ego Wall which separates them from children. If we as parents cant come out of our Ego and talk truth with our kids, how can we expect them to come clean with facts.

Treating children as friends is nothing but over powering EGO

Happy Parenting