LG Launches Thinnest TV Ever

LG Display showcases its newest, thinnest-ever TV panel at a press event in South Korea Tuesday. The 55-inch display is about as thin as a DVD and weighs less than a 13-inch MacBook Pro, which is 4.5 pounds, or 2 kilograms. It can be hung on a wall using a special magnetic mat.


The product is currently only a proof of OLED concept and is not yet ready to hit stores anytime soon. The technology behind this TV i.e. OLED is the key which makes such thin , flexible high definition displays possible.


OLED displays are made from sheets of organic (carbon-based) materials which emit their own light. As a result, manufacturers can eliminate the layer of fluorescent backlighting found in traditional displays, such as LCD screens.


LG and Samsung sell several OLED TV models already, but they cost thousands of dollars, and aren't nearly as thin. It might take another five years for the prices to come down in order for larger OLED displays to be commercially viable, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.