Cute Necklaces for Little Girls The Cute, Little Girls always grab our attention !!! Moms dont bother about their looks specially when there is a sweet girl to dress up. Here are some ideas to decorate their tender necks. Some very talented artists have created beautiful and cute necklaces for little girls, kudos to their talent and interest. Off the counter, we can find many of these designs but few are still in their budding stages of patenting and marketing. Crochets, laces, chains, beads, gumballs, sequins, pearls, jute, wool, silk threads etc...whatnot...anything and everything soft can be used to make necklaces for their soft skin. Usually artists avoid harmful and sharp objects in making necklaces for kids. Their accesories come in soft, pastel colors and bright hues too, depending on the season they are worn. All the necklaces shown in pictures here have been created by various artists whose creativity demands much appreciation and we demand their products to be marketed and available across the world, as they are pretty and adorable too!! -Pratyusha.T

ఈకలతో ఈకాలం ఫ్యాషన్..     అమ్మాయిల అందం పెంచడంలో చెవి రింగులకు ప్రాధాన్యత చాలా ఉంటుంది. అలాంటి చెవి రింగులు రోజూ ఒకటే తరహావి పెట్టుకుంటే ఏం బావుటుంది. అప్పుడప్పుడు కొత్తవి కూడా ట్రై చేస్తూ ఉండాలి.  ప్రస్తుతం ఉన్న ఫ్యాషన్ కు తగ్గట్టు మన చెవి రింగులు ఎంపికచేసుకోవాలి. అలాంటి మోడల్స్ లో ఒకటే ఈ ఫెదర్ ఇయర్ రింగ్స్. మోడ్రన్ గా కనిపించడానికి ఇవి చాలా ఉపయోగపడతాయి.  పక్షి ఈకలతో తయారుచేసే ఈ ఫెదర్ ఇయర్ రింగ్స్ ఇప్పుడు మార్కెట్లో చాలా రకాలు దొరుకుతున్నాయి. ఇవి మోడ్రన్ దుస్తుల మీదకి అయితే బాగా నప్పుతాయి. మామూలు చుడీదార్స్ మీదకి కూడా బావుంటాయి. కానీ...  చుడీదార్స్ మీదకి ఈ రింగులు కొంచం జాగ్రత్తగా ఎంపికచేసుకోవాలి. మీరు కూడా ఒకసారి ట్రై చేయండి. మోడ్రన్ గా కనిపించండి...  

ఇదే లేటెస్ట్ ఫ్యాషన్...!      

మీ చేతుల్లోనే లేటెస్ట్ ఫ్యాషన్...     ఆడవాళ్లు ట్రెండ్ ను ఫాలో అవడం అందరికి తెలిసిందే. కొత్త కొత్త లేటెస్ట్ ఫ్యాషన్ మార్కెట్ లోకి ఏది వచ్చిన కూడా దానిని ఫాలో అవడం చేస్తుంటారు. కానీ ట్రెండ్ ను ఫాలో అవడం కన్నా మీరే కొత్త ట్రెండ్ ను మీకోసం తయారు చేసుకోవచ్చు. కానీ కొన్ని జాగ్రత్తలు తీసుకోవడం వల్ల మన దుస్తులకు చక్కని లుక్ వస్తుంది. శరీరంలో ఛాతీ భాగం కాస్త బొద్దుగా ఉన్నవారు చేతుల విషయంలో జాగ్రత్తపడాలి. బుట్ట చేతులు, వదులుగా ఉండే చేతులు, కుచ్చులుండేలా.... అసలు కుట్టించుకోకూడదు.   ఒంటికి అతుక్కుని ఉండే మోడల్ ఎంచుకోవాలి. కింది భాగంలో వదులుగా ఉండేలా దుస్తులు కుట్టించుకుంటే పై భాగం నుంచి దృష్టి మళ్ళుతుంది. నడుం కిందిభాగం లావుగా ఉండేవారు దుస్తుల చేతులతో తమాషాలు చేయవచ్చు. రకరకాల కుచ్చులు, బుట్ట చేతులు, వదులుగా ఉండే పొడవు చేతులు, రఫెల్స్... ఇలా ఎన్నో రకాలు ప్రయత్నించవచ్చు. అప్పుడు పైన కింద బ్యాలెన్స్ అయ్యి ఆకృతి అందంగా కనిపిస్తుంది.   మీ చేతులు సన్నగా ఉన్నాయా? ఒంటికి అటుక్కున్నట్లు, వేలడుతున్నట్లుండే ఫ్యాబ్రిక్ కాకుండా కాస్త నిలబడి ఉండే వస్త్రం ఎంచుకోవాలి. పొడవు చేతులు, మూడొంతుల పొడవున్న చేతులు ఇలాంటివారికి బాగుంటాయి. చేతులు లావుగా ఉన్నాయా? మీరు తప్పనిసరిగా మూడొంతుల పొడవుండే వదులు చేతులు కుట్టించుకోవాలి. పొట్టి చేతులు మీకు బాగోవు.   చక్కటి కుచ్చులతో ఒక మంచి షర్టు మీ వార్డ్ రోబ్ లో లేదా? ఒక మీటరు మంచి లేసు తీసుకుని మీ దగ్గరున్న తెల్ల షర్టుకి కుట్టించుకోండి. మీ దగ్గర ఒక మంచి పొడవు చేతుల తెల్ల షర్టు ఉంది. దాన్ని స్కర్టు మీద ధరించినపుడు అలాగే వేసుకోండి. అదే ప్యాంటు మీద ధరించినపుడు అలాగే వేసుకోండి. అదే ప్యాంటు మీద ధరించినపుడు అంచుల్ని రెండు మడతలు పైకి మడిచారనుకోండి. స్టైల్ గా ఉంటుంది.

  Summer Skirts for Girls     Come Summer vacation and kids have atleast some time for play..if the parents spare them from those busy Dance, Martial arts and Math classes, even during the vacation time. And with the Sun blasting away even the cool evening time, when will the kids come out and play ! Whether they are ready for play or not, Mom shall keep their wardrobe ready for every season..and so here are some Cottony soft Skirts for casuals and also the party looks.   Most of the kids clothing stores have the current trends for every season..and Summer calls in for tons of Cotton fabrics..dresses, frocks, skirts, skorts what not. But the colors you choose make the difference..light colors give it a cooler feeling but they are not easy to manage..and kids are the best at soiling clothes at the fastest. Hence, choosing lighter and cooler shades, sametime, not the plain ones but with simple prints or designs that can balance the easy-maintainance and coolness of the fabric. Shrinkage is one concern with cottons but these days they come treated and hence , not to worry. Just make sure you wash them and line dry them instead of shoving into the dryer..the dryer is the culprit, shrinks anything easily. Mixing denims with prints and pastels is an attractive look, one bright color with a printed fabric of lighter shades is another eye-catching pattern..florals and character prints are cool on kids without fail. If you want a stunning look, then purchase a single colored skirt and attach your favorite thin Zari border or a Crochet lace..customize the looks, but make sure the child manages to keep the skirt safe for longer..your efforts shouldnot be spoiled quickly ! Dressing up the kids is fun but a responsibility again..they should look cute and not older, sametime, be able to wear the skirt few more times, hence using rough and tough fabrics is a smarter idea..the talent test is to make that fighter fabric to look ultra cute ! ..Prathyusha  

  Beat The Heat In Style!     The weather is catching up on heat very quickly and you need some tips to prevent the heat from bothering you? There’s not much you can do about the weather but you can change your attire to stay cool. Let me use the bottom to top approach to help you decide on your summer look. Not many of us pay attention to the trouble our feet undergo during the summer months. Did you know that your feet swell up a little during the summer season? If you were unaware of this fact then you have been troubling your feet a lot, all these years. Your regular footwear makes your swollen feet very uncomfortable. You may be unaware of it immediately, but soon you will start experiencing discomfort. So what can be done for the poor swollen feet? The trick is to buy a pair of shoes/sandals of a slightly larger size than your regular preference. This will give your feet the much needed comfort in summer. Natural leather and known to expand so make a wise choice when you go shopping. Coming to your cloths, the fabric is what you need to choose correctly. I’m sure you know what not to wear, but do you know what to wear? If you are confused about that, let me clear your confusion with suggestions of simple dressing styles. You would be thinking that cotton will be my first suggestion. Let me improve your knowledge about fabrics. It is said that Linen will be a better choice over cotton in the summer months. Why? Simply because it is cooling. But, everything comes with a side effect. Linen is a fabric that requires frequent cleaning when you sweat into it. If you don’t mind that, then enjoy your summer with Linen on you. If this is not something you want to do then stick to the traditional cotton wear. Its not enough to choose the fabric, your choice of the color and style of your outfit also needs to be apt. Choose light colors that don't allow the heat to stay within. Coming to the style, you might have to do some summer shopping. Fortunately, this is not the only option. You can give a new look to your old cloths to make a perfect summer outfit. Make sure you have great tailor, because only the best can give the best. Take your cloths to the tailor and see if he or she can crop your skirts and blazers to make them summer fit. Also remember to allow your skin to breathe. Don’t suffocate it with extremely tight cloths. What about make up? I’m sure you know a million ways to present yourself beautifully. What you may not know is how to take care of your make up kit. Cosmetics too are intolerant to heat. They may melt and become unusable if you don’t protect them from the angry sun. The protection process of your make up kit begins with, placing a zip lock bag in the refrigerator and letting it remain there overnight. When you step out to conquer the world next morning, carry your make up kit in that cold bag. This will keep the heat from attacking your lipstick or foundation at least until you find a cool place to put it in. Try these tricks and enjoy summer! Kruti Beesam

నెయిల్ పాలిష్ ఇలా కూడా వేసుకోవచ్చు...!   ఒక్కొక్కరికి ఒక్కో అలవాటు ఉంటుంది. కొందరు కుక్కల్ని పెంచుకుంటే, మరికొందరు పిల్లుల్ని పెంచుకుంటారు. ఇంకొందరయితే గోళ్లు పెంచుకుంటారు. గోళ్లు పెంచడం అంటే అలా ఇలా కాదు... చాలా శ్రద్ధ తీసుకుంటారు... ఇంకా చెప్పాలి అంటే గోళ్ళపైన ఎంతయితే శ్రద్ధ పెడతారో నెయిల్ పాలిష్ చేసుకోవడంలో కూడా అంతే శ్రద్ధ వహిస్తారు. నెయిల్ పాలిష్ లో క్రియేటివిటీ ఏ రేంజ్ కి వెళ్లిందో తెలుసుకోవాలంటే ఈ వీడియో చూడండి...  

What to Wear with Jeans How to Wear Jeans, Wear with Jeans, Fashion Jeans How with Wear: Dressing up jeans to create a smart casual look can be created quickly and easily with basics and accessories. Keeping the whole look simple and sleek ups the ante of jeans Try one of the following: * Crisp white button-down shirt. A classic shirt is a staple in every woman's closet, fitted with room to move and shape through the waist. A black shirt is more casual for this look. * A fitted white tee and cardigan. A take on the classic twinset, the tee adds a modern feel to the combination and provides a great blank canvas for adding punches of colour with cardigans and accessories. A dark cardigan (think navy, bottle green, chocolate, deep red) is a smarter colour, while lighter ones (pale blues and pinks, soft greens and muted shades) are on the more casual end. * A fitted white tee and a blazer. There are so many fabulous blazers available for all budgets and sizes. Black is always an easy classic, while navy pinstripe, darker colours and luxurious fabrics are sophisticated options. Velvet, corduroy, tweed, preppy knits, satin or even leather can make dark wash jeans smart. Weekend * Sheer chiffon, silk, or tissue-thin cotton tops, either sleeveless or elbow length, in a v-neck or pussy-bow tie instantly up the smartness factor of a pair of jeans. Layer with black or nude camis for a refined take. If this look seems to dressy, adding a vest or blazer over the top can take the look down a few notches. * A trench coat in cooler weather teamed with jeans is an outfit in itself. Quick and simple, this combination can go from grocery shopping to doing the school-run to the movies. * Wearing a heel elevates the status of jeans from straight casual to smart casual. Leave the sky-high stilettos at home and choose a classic one- to two-inch pump in a dark colour for a long-legged look. Black is always a simple staple and lets the rest of the outfit shine. Work Out * Peep-toes are a go-to option when dressing up jeans. A hint of foot is sexy - keep the feet in mint condition with a pedicure and a coat of polish. T-straps, embellished D'Orsays, sleek platforms and boots are great options. * When wearing flats for a smart casual look, keep the hem of the jeans just above the ground and covering the foot. Closed-in shoes (like ballet flats) are more sophisticated for this look than a pair of sandals or flip flops/thongs. * With this look, a bold accessory looks great. Chunky cocktail rings, beaded necklaces or statement earrings pull the look together. * Remember the rule of thumb - either a necklace or earrings, a ring or bangle. * Layering multiple necklaces in similar lengths and styles is fashion-forward and shows discreet personality * A mid-sized bag complements the outfit, and a handheld tote or slouchy hobo is casual, but when added to classic separates, the look becomes smart casual. An oversized bag or evening clutch would look out of place. Evening Out

Footwear For Little Girls   Who says the little feet dont get noticed!! They are the most adorable and cute feet ever! And so they need to be dressed up too. Every lifestyle store that showcases footwear has a section specially for the Little ladies' feet too.   Depending on the season and the country these footwear are available in, they come in various styles and materials. Boots, rainy wear, flipflops, shoes for school, what not..... The girls are famous for Pink! And so are their rules as usual. But for Moms who like to see other colors in life, stores offer footwear for their girls in various colors..until one day they trick Mom into buying everything pink!! -pratyusha.t

  ట్రెండీ బాగ్స్ కాదు …..ఫ్రెండ్లీ బాగ్స్    కాలేజ్, ఆఫీస్, షాపింగ్ ఇలా ఎటు వెళ్లినా సరే మనవెంట బ్యాగ్ ఉండాల్సిందే. అలాంటిది మనకు సూటయ్యే బ్యాగ్ ఏది..? ప్రజెంట్ ఏ ట్రెండ్ బ్యాగ్స్ చక్కర్లుకొడుతున్నాయో తెలుసుకోండి.. హ్యాండ్‌‌బ్యాగ్స్ చూడడానికి అందంగానే కాదు.. మనకి సౌకర్యవంతంగా కూడా ఉండాలి. ఇంకా మనకు ఈ మధ్య సందర్భాన్ని బట్టి వేసుకునే హ్యాండ్ బాగ్స్ అన్ని ఒకచోట కంబోపాక్స్ లో దొరుకుతున్నాయి ఆన్ లైన్  షాపింగ్ లో ఇలా అయితే, అన్నీ బ్యాగ్స్ అందరికీ సూట్ కావు.. మన శరీరాకృతిని బట్టీ బ్యాగ్స్‌ని ఎంచుకోవడం వల్ల ఇంకా అందంగా కనిపిస్తాం. ఎత్తు తక్కువగా ఉండేవారికి పొడవు బ్యాగ్స్ అంటే స్లింగ్ బ్యాగ్ తరహావి బాగుంటాయి.. సన్నగా, పొడవుగా ఉన్నవారికి పొట్టి బ్యాగులు బాగుంటాయి. మార్కెట్లోకి ఇప్పుడు స్టైలీష్ బ్యాగ్స్ కూడా వస్తున్నాయి. అందులో మీకు నచ్చినవి ఎంచుకోవచ్చు.. ఫ్లోరల్, డిజిటల్ బ్యాగ్స్ ప్రజెంట్ ట్రెండ్ ఆఫీస్ కి , కిడ్స్ కి లంచ్ పెట్టడానికి కూడా ఇప్పుడు చాల మంది ఈ జూట్ బాగ్స్ వాడుతున్నారు స్లింగ్ బ్యాగ్స్ కూడా మరింత ఫ్యాషన్‌గా మారాయి.. ఇక వేసవి సెలవులకి టూర్ కి వెళ్లే వాళ్ళకోసం ఈ ట్రావెల్ బాగ్స్ చాల బాగుంటాయి. బ్యాక్ ప్యాక్ బ్యాగ్స్ అయితే ఎప్పుడూ ట్రెండీనే కాబట్టి మీకు అనువైన బ్యాగ్స్ ఎంచుకోండి.. ఫ్యాషన్ ఐకాన్‌గా నిలవండి..

3D Trend In Tattoos Fashion World is always wonderful with constant change in trends. Tattoo is one such fashion which influenced almost everyone who go along with trends. For youth, Tattoos have become symbol of pride like jewellery and accessories. Tattoos have a special page in this current fashion booklet. This is the reason, we get to see so many new designs and fashions coming up in Tattoos and in this row, now “3D”Tattoos are winning hearts of tattoo lovers.   However, tattoos can get even crazier and extend from two dimensions into three with some creativity, artistry and unexpected uses of shading. In fact, these 3D tattoos look so downright realistic that they will absolutely blow your mind. When going out for permanent tattoo gets difficult or when this permanent stuff becomes boring, then above said temporary tattoos which coming in 3D will be perfect choice.   These 3D tattoos look very natural and so many designs are in the market in many possible designs; this will allow you to change your tattoos as per your mood or suitable to occasion. These 3D tattoos are so similar like stickers we get to see in the market, but because of the 3D effect incorporated in to it gives natural look and appears, unbelievable and outstanding. Now so many artists are constantly working for you to create exceptional and highly impressive designs for you. You too want to immerge yourself into fashion world with latest 3D tattoos? then go, get started now itself. - Bhavana

Your New Fashion Statement   If you recollect our old Bollywood classics like “Pakeezah”, “Umraojaan”... their costumes and jewellery were very peculiar and traditional in nature. Though they are mostly used by the dancers, at times brides too were fond of such heavy jewellery. But of late fashion boundaries are pushed out, therefore we get to see so many new fashion statements are revealed by the designers. Recently, Our designers showcased new rings which can be worn to 2 fingers or 3 fingers together. These are studded with Royal Pearls, Gems and some times in peacock, butterfly and plant motifs as well. Such rings are apt for evening parties, wedding receptions or formal get togethers and will go with any type of attire. However, you should avoid wearing any other chunky piece of jewellery like bracelet or heavy bangles while you wear such designer piece which is already an exclusive one. Also go for a trail run before you wear such designer pieces as they are interconnected to fingers, so make sure that you're comfortable wearing the same. Flaunt these rings with rich costume just to steal the show... Go for it!!! ...Bhavana

RUNWAY FEET   Something that keeps changing and repeating?! Fashion Trend... Dresses, designs, colors, looks..all follow a trend, sometimes they are new, sometimes they are the old revamped ones. Footwear industry follows a trend, a season, an economy too. A few new designs that are basically inspired by the olden designs are hot now. With summer fast arriving in India, the flat soles would occupy the top shelves and the high heel versions rule every season anyways.   For a lady who is used to wearing slight heeled versions, changing to a flat option suddenly would be shocking to her feet. The bones and nerves are not ready, so gradual change to flatter versions is suggested. However, wearing high heels often is not good for health, everyone suggests. It might be boring to hear the same story, but on a long run one can't escape but will realise.     Wrong shoe size might result in foot corns and bad blood circulation. Afternoons are the best to buy footwear, thats when the feet breathe well and are in their actual size. So this time you want to buy a new pair, you might have to get permission from work or college to leave early.   - Prathyusha Talluri

Venkatagiri - The Weave of Andhra Royals Notwithstanding its glorious past, how many people from the telugu-speaking states know about the significance of this weave? Textiles of Venkatagiri were once patronised by the kings and the queens. And today, we don’t even talk about - let alone celebrate - the exquisite GI tag that the weave rightfully earned. Venkatagiri, cruel irony, is Andhra’s best kept secret. Venkatagiri juxtaposes the coveted hills of Tirupati. The town is situated in an important cotton growing belt that produces fine, sheer cotton muslins. As mentioned earlier, the weave was a darling of the Nizams and other kings that ruled the Andhra region. Royals preferred Venkatagiri to other weaves because of its finesse that is achieved by high thread count. Moreover, artisans took pride in using real zari to weave the border and the pallu of a saree, and coveted gold-bordered in case of turbans and dhotis. (Despite the dominance of powerlooms, the handspun weavers of Venkatagiri use 120 handspun cotton and a very fine zari.) During the eighteenth century, the kings of Asaf Jahi dynasty promulgated acts that attracted textile craftsmen from the central and western regions of India to the Andhra region. Naturally, it resulted in an osmosis of ideas and techniques from other weaving clusters. It was said that the Zamindars and other royal families of Andhra had weavers that would work only for the clan. This arrangement ensured the motifs remained confidential and exclusive. The best kept secret.  (A vintage Venkatgiri saree in which the whole saree is covered with zari jaal work, making the pallu look like molten gold. The influence of Nizams can be seen in this work.) Back in the day, Venkatagiri sarees were unbleached, strikingly resembling kasavu sarees of Kerala. Ever since, the handspun fabric Venkatagiri has always been cherished by the upper stanza of the society. Over the years, Venkatagiri’s fine cotton muslin jamdanis were exported to Bengal and Chanderi. The trade lasted till the end of the nineteenth century. Sadly, during the first half-century of the 20th century, the quality of the muslins from regions of  Bengal and Chanderi has continued to decline, leaving ripples that lasted longer than usual.  (Venkatagiri saree that resembles the unbleached Kerala Kasavu) Weavers of Venkatagiri, weave sarees with a thread count of two hundred. ( i changed this sentence. And their present-day successors, by using drawboy dobbies, manage a count anywhere between 120 and 200 on the body and 80 on the border. This gives Venkatagiri the sarees its signature look with a stiff border that eliminates the usage of fall.  In the recent years, artificers of Venkatagiri started to push the envelope by weaving an extra weft to the body and a pallu of the saree. Commentators say that this was done in response to the competition from the clusters such as Uppada that use jamdani technique on fine cottons. Despite the legacy and innovation, the weavers of Venkatagiri face a threat from entities that mass-produced cheap powerloom sarees.  (This Venkatagiri saree was revived/ recreated by Sweta Mukharjee, which she saw in the National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum, New Delhi. This saree not only is handspun with 120 count, but also uses Jamdani technique.) Today, only a handful of sarees are richly brocaded with motifs in gold. While other regular sarees sport a plain body with pure kaddi zari border. Nevertheless, due to the extensive craftsmanship involved, a typical cotton saree from the house of Venkatagiri costs as much as -- if not higher than -- their silk counterparts. Thus making Venkatagiri the finest among the plain cotton textures the world over. About the author  Rajeswari is a handloom, handicraft enthusiast. As an active member of the Crafts Council, she endeavours to make a difference to Indian art and artisans alike. She is just a message away on Instagram: @rajeswarimavuri  

Mangalagiri Sarees Millennials. That is a buzzword, right? But, wait. Think about this: 90s-kid. Well, that’s not a word. It’s an emotion. We have a billion memories about sports, cinema, school, books, greeting cards and birthday parties. Let me add one more to the list. Our beautiful mothers, aunts and teachers. Wonder women who sported a colourful - more often than not starched - sarees. What of it?  How can we forget the mysterious man that would come home with a pile of sarees just before the festival session began? Like James Bond in Casino Royale, the saree-man would open the stack of sarees, spread them on the mat, as the ladies of the house and loved-thy-neighbours watched on with joy and amusement. Touching the saree with reverence, the man would explain to the cohort: this is from the holy town. May Goddess Lakshmi enter your house. The innocent kid in the home would walk into the scene and ask: “uncle, from where?” The temple town of Mangalgiri is famous for its simple cotton handloom sarees. The word Mangalgiri in Telugu translates as the auspicious hill. It is believed that Goddess Laxmi did her penance on this hill. The legend goes that Yudistira, the eldest of the pandavas, installed the main deity. And in so many other ways, the weave of Mangalagiri is closely connected to the temple town. Initially, the weavers came to the town to make sarees to the deity. Later, to those pilgrims that visited the deity. As a result, religion found its context in the region of Mangalagiri.  Ever since, the Mangalgiri earned its reputation for producing fine, simple cotton sarees (80-120 count). This was at a time when coarse cotton sarees were widely woven. Subsequently, the town attracted many more skilled weavers. In the past, Mangalagiri experienced a jolt when Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah lieved high taxes on the products. This led to higher prices and lower sales. As a result of this infamous tax regime, many weavers left their profession. Before it was too late, Qutb Shah realised his mistake and rolled back the taxes.  Over the years, Mangalgiri sarees have been worn by women of all walks of life. Mangalagiri’s plain body with the dark colours makes a saree suitable for women that work in the agricultural fields. More so, the fine weave makes it appropriate for the tropical weather of Andhra Pradesh and the surrounding regions. Over the years, the brilliantly creative weavers experimented with several patterns such as missing checks. Mangalagiri, as we know today, has distinct features such as: plain weave without any extra wefts, saree without border or at the most a small zari border, and zero design body. Most sarees are woven with the same colour. Rarely however, the weaver decides to work on a shot. This is a result of different colours for warp and weft, thus giving the garment a different colour altogether.  (A typical Mangalgiri saree with shot colours. Here, the yarn used for warp and weft are different colours.) It is interesting to know that it takes only one highly-skilled weaver to work on a Mangalagiri saree. The mission is accomplished in just a day or two. The weaver works with fine cotton, by using a simple or a missing weave technique. The choice of motif may be anything from Nizam border, tilakam, cross button, bulb. You know what? Until the 1950s, Mangalgiri used natural colours. But later, when the dyeing units were established in Guntur, and the weavers started to experiment with a myriad of colours. Thus, making Mangalagiri weave as beautiful as a rainbow. Up above the world so high. Like a diamond… Just, say it. Because Mangalagiri is worth it.  (This is a nizam border saree. Here, the weaver used cotton threads instead of zari.) (A simple Mangalgiri saree without zari and border) Mangalgiri, today, is one of the few handloom clusters that boasts of high demand. In recent years, surprisingly the sale of salwar kameez fabrics is outnumbering the saree sales. The fabric is easy to maintain and is not exorbitantly priced. Like a filter coffee, Mangalagiri is one of those few instances when cheap and best can be said in a single breath. How can we forget the breezy sight of our mothers and teachers flaunting their Managalagiri drape? You don’t need to take our work. Go and ask them whether they faced any difficulty maintaining it. They’d smile, and if you are lucky, they would even present you one. You are welcome.  About the author  Rajeswari is a handloom, handicraft enthusiast. As an active member of the Crafts Council, she endeavours to make a difference to Indian art and artisans alike. She is just a message away on Instagram: @rajeswarimavuri  

Gadwal Sarees During these testing times of lockdown and restrictions in movement, technology not only keeps us sane but also fuels our dreams. We are told that we will soon be able to take a tour of all the most exotic locations on earth and visit the so-called seven wonders of the world.  I dare you!  Think about the experience of taking a stroll in a temple.  For instance, let us think of the temples of Chennakesava and Jogulamba, when the thousand splendid Suns are galloping towards us. Lest we forget the sounds of dawn. The interplay between the rustling of leaves and the Gadwal saree is literally an experience beyond reality. Let alone virtual.  The small town of Gadwal is beautiful in more than one way. The fort, the temple and the saree have countless stories to offer. One of many is the trilogy of Gadwal, a tale of cotton body, silk border and zari pallu. And guess what? Imagine a million stories in your pocket. No. Again, we are not talking about a gadget. We are referring to a finely weaved Gadwal saree that fits into a matchbox. (A saree that fits into a matchbox! But unfortunately, no longer weavers in Gadwal work on a saree that fits into a matchbox. The above saree is woven by a weaver in Sirisella, Telangana.) Not so long ago, there lived a king in Gadwal Although the town of Gadwal was a vassal under the Nizam dynasty, the sarees received patronage from local kings. Back in the day, Raja Seetaram Bhupal sent three weavers to Benaras in 1922 to learn different weaving techniques. Though these weavers were trained in Benaras, there has been no influence of Banarasi weave on the Gadwal. Later, Maharani Adilakshmi Devamma encouraged the cotton body saree with the kuttu technique (attakatam - to join) attached end-piece or the pallu.  The weavers continue this technique to this day.  `` (A vintage kuttu saree that is almost 30 years old. It still remains in tact.)   (The other side of the kuttu saree. Here the silk pallu has been attached (kuttadam in Telugu) to the cotton field/ body.)   (Finely attached silk border and to cotton the body. The backside of saree is seen here.) God’s own weave Gadwal, situated near Maharashtra and Karnataka, has strong design links to the Kornad sarees of South India and the silk border-cotton field sarees of East Central India. Every year, Lord Venkateswara Swamy’s Brahmotsavam is officiated with an offering of a Gadwal sari to the deities. Gadwal sarees are considered sacred, and are worn during auspicious ceremonies and festivals. No wonder, it is a must-have piece of every bride’s trousseau. Usually, Gadwal sarees are woven as fine cotton sarees with either mulberry or tussar silk pallu and border. On rare occasions, pure-silk sarees are woven too. The speciality of the Gadwal sarees is their bright and contrasting colours, Kotakomma (Temple) technique, and the kuttu or Kuppadam or Tippadam (the interlocked weft) technique. Today, in contrast to the original cotton Gadwal saree, silk sarees from Gadwal rule the roost. This can be majorly attributed to the lack of demand for cotton sarees that cannot be priced as high as their silk counterparts. Consequently, the number of weavers that take up cotton sarees in Gadwal is decreasing. (A pure silk saree without a cotton body. Here, we see the use of kumbham or temple technique. Note: A three shuttle loom is required to achieve this.) The making of Gadwal saree The dyed yarns are sourced from Chirala. The weavers of Gadwal use the kuttu technique to magically weave these yarns into a beautiful saree. And it takes at least two expert weavers to work for 4 to 8 days (depending on the complexity). The fashion designers of a Gadwal saree build motifs by drawing inspiration from nature: peacock, paisley and swans, and temple architecture, while the field/ body of the saree is either checks or buttis. From the dancing peacocks, and exquisite swans to the intricate paisley, all of them come to life on a beautiful canvas. That is the story of a Gadwal saree.  The temple bells can stop ringing but we continue to hear the sound of the divine. It is either the anklet of the Goddess. If not, it definitely is the rustling of Her Gadwal saree.  About the author  Rajeswari is a handloom, handicraft enthusiast. As an active member of the Crafts Council, she endeavours to make a difference to Indian art and artisans alike. She is just a message away on Instagram: @rajeswarimavuri  

గాజుంగరం.. పేరు విన్నారా..?   సాధారణంగా మగవారి కంటే ఆడవారికే ఎక్కువ ఫ్యాషన్ ఐటమ్స్ కావాలి. చెవి రింగులు, ముక్కు పుడకలు, చేతికి గాజులు, కాళ్లకు పట్టీలు.. ఇలా అన్నీ పెట్టుకోవాల్సిందే. అయితే ఇప్పుడు ముంజేతిని మాత్రం అలా ఖాళీగా ఎందుకు వదిలేయాలి అనుకున్నారేమో కాని.. మన డిజైనర్లు వాటికి కూడా ఆభరణాలు కనిపెట్టేశారు. వాటినే మార్కెట్లో పామ్ బ్రేస్ లెట్ల పేరుతో అమ్ముతున్నారు. అయితే ఈ పామ్ బ్రేస్ లెట్లు జారిపోకుండా కూడా చాలా తెలివిగా వేళ్లను చుట్టుకుని ఉండేలా మరో కొత్త మోడల్ ని తీసుకొచ్చారు. దీంతో ఒకే దెబ్బకి రెండు పిట్టలు అన్న టైప్ లో అటు పామ్ తో పాటు.. వేలికి ఉంగరాలు పెట్టుకునే పని కూడా ఉండదు. మంచి పార్టీలకు వెళ్లినప్పుడు ఇవి పెట్టుకుంటే చాలా స్టైలిష్ గా ఉంటాయి. మీరూ ఒకసారి ట్రై చేయండి..  

Gun Metal Jewellery for this Dussera     Statement Jewellery for a grand festival is so necessary..without a nice jewellery set that compliments the brand new dress or saree you wear for Dussera, it is of no good match! Gold and Silver, or even the One-Gram Gold Jewellery have seen so much glam and are worn out but to strike a balance between trendy fashion and beauty yet still match our traditional Indian wear, Gun Metal stands out at its best. Years ago, Gun Metal was famous too but not cared for much during special events and occasions, Gold and Silver occupied the top places then...but currently, the talented Jewellery makers have taken much interest in caring for Gun Metal Jewellery and embedded stones and embellishments to give it more prominence and beauty.     Earlier, Gun Metal Jewellery was considered as Junk Jewellery and worn by College students, Ultra Modern Ladies on casuals but the present day situation has taken Gun Metal Jewellery to the High-end stores and has valued these pieces heavily by using Swarovski crystals and other expensive gem stones too, who could have imagined in the past that Gun metal will shine so bright one day !! The heaviest of the jewellery sets, with accessories like matching bangles, jhumkas and maang tikas are being sold at a wide number of stores across India, with various color options in the gem stones and pearls.     Custom orders are also being accepted if the order price is above a certain cost, to match the workmenship and other expenses. Fashion jewellery in most modern styles are found too in various stores at many Malls. People are even considering Gun metal wedding rings with their favorite stones studded in and stylish bracelets for men and women too in wedding pair sets. Going one step forward, fashion accessories such as Gun metal clutches and money purses are being sold too..along with Armlets, Anklets, Nose rings and Waist chains for sarees and lehengas.   Some say Gun metal has a short life due to its corrosive nature after getting exposed to humid conditions, but if taken care of well, Gun metal jewellery lasts forever. Sametime, if someone has a reaction to any piece of this metal jewellery, it is suggested to stay away from using it or wear it for a short time and remove it without fail and wash off the skin surface to avoid skin rashes incase. Jewellery reactions are common and happen to anyone who uses gold, silver or gun metal jewellery. Earlier, there was no 'Easy to use-At home cleaning and polishing solution ' available for gun metal jewellery as it tends to collect dust and turn black easily compared to Gold jewellery, but these days polishing home-care solutions are available to maintain the shiny finish of gun metal which gives it a longer life. This metal matches Silver lined dresses or sarees or even silver shimmery materials...cottons go well with these anyways....are you thinking of buying your new set of Gun metal jewellery or accesories this year?!   ..Prathyusha