Celebrity Holiday Fashions   Special Modernized hanbok dress for occasion, prom, ball, reception,celebrity,holiday. It can change the bit of design what you want. take an exclusive peak inside the holiday celebrity tips. * Celebrity Holiday Fashions : A Basic Black Dress The basic black dress is a perennial plus for holiday fashions. From a slinky satin to a tailored sheath, a simple black dress is a sure style. Of course, a lovely red or green dress is also a holiday fashion favorite, along with any elegant gown. For most holiday occasions, a stylish woman may ditch the glitz of lames and sequins, choosing a never-fail black dress. A showy shawl, glitzy wrap or shiny scarf may be added for a splash of color and style.   * Celebrity Holiday Fashions: A Simple Black Clutch or Purse Beaded bags and heavily ornamented handbags may be fun for the holidays, if a woman has the luxury of purchasing multiple purses. However, a simple black clutch or purse is often enough. This understated elegance is never out of place.   * Celebrity Holiday Fashions: A Trusty Pair of Patent Leather Shoes Who needs trendy holiday embroidered shoes, boasting pictures of poinsettias or Santa Claus? A single pair of comfortable, but elegant, patent leather pumps, mules, strappy high-heeled sandals or traditional flats can carry a stylish woman to nearly any holiday event.   * Celebrity Holiday Fashions: A Classy Pair of Leather Boots For more casual holiday get-togethers, a well-fitting pair of genuine leather boots is ideal. Although these may be costly, quality leather boots may be considered a long-term fashion investment. From high-heeled ankle boots to classic cowboy boots, a pair of excellent leather boots can help a well-dressed woman to kick off the holiday in well-heeled style.   * Celebrity Holiday Fashions: A Holiday Smile Regardless of her attire, the most stylish of women will wear the most essential item of all, a sincere holiday smile. Any woman who truly enjoys the festivities of the holidays will look her best, regardless of her attire.

  Indian Stylish Dresses   స్టైలిష్ ఇండియన్ డ్రెసెస్ ఫాషన్ ప్రపంచం రోజురోజుకూ విస్తరిస్తోంది. కొత్త కొత్త డిజైన్లు, వింత వింత ఫాషన్లు వస్తున్నాయి. వాటిల్లో బోల్డంత రమ్యత్వం, కావలసినంత దివ్యత్వం. ఎన్నో వెరైటీస్, ఎన్నెన్నో కలర్ కాంబినేషన్స్!   గాగ్రా, చుడీదార్ లాంటి ఇండియన్ డ్రెసెస్ ఇండియన్ కల్చర్ ను చాటుతూనే ఫాషన్ ప్రపంచంలో స్థానం సంపాదించుకున్నాయి. ఈ విస్తారమైన ఫాషన్ కాన్వాస్ మీద ఇండియన్ వేర్ తనదైన ముద్ర వేసుకుంది.   గాగ్రా, చుడీదార్ లాంటి ఇండియన్ డ్రెసెస్ మరింత స్టైలిష్ గా రూపొందుతున్నాయి. ఇది అతిశయోక్తి కాదు. వెయ్యి రకాల వెస్ట్రన్ వేర్ పక్కన ఇండియన్ డ్రెస్ స్పష్టంగా తెలిసిపోతుంది. స్ట్రైకింగ్ గా నిలబడుతుంది. అందంగా కనిపిస్తుంది. ఆకర్షణీయంగా మురిపిస్తుంది.   * గాగ్రా, చుడీదార్ లాంటి ఇండియన్ వేర్ ఎలిగేంట్ గా ఉంటాయని మనవాళ్ళే కాకుండా ఫారినర్లూ అంటున్నారు. * గ్లామరస్ డ్రెస్ కు డెఫినిషన్ చెప్తాయి. * స్టయిలిష్ గా ఉంటూనే డీసెంట్ గా ఉంటాయి. * గ్రేట్ లుక్ తో గ్రేస్పుల్ గా ఉంటాయి. సర్ * ప్రైజింగా, షాకింగా, ప్రెటీగా ఉంటాయి. * రిచ్ గా, రాయల్ గా కనిపిస్తూ మనసులు దోచుకుంటాయి. * గాగ్రా, చుడీదార్ లాంటి ఇండియన్ డ్రెసెస్ చూపులకు అందంగా ఉండటమే కాదు, సుఖంగా ఉంటాయి. సౌఖ్యం కలిగిస్తాయి. డ్రెస్ స్టయిలిష్ గా ఉన్నప్పటికీ కంఫర్టబుల్ గా లేకపోతే ధరించడం ఇబ్బందే కదా! డిజైన్లో నవ్యత కనిపిస్తుంది. వింత శోభతో మెరుస్తాయి. ఇలా అందమైన, అద్వితీయమైన ఫాషన్ వేర్ రూపొందించడంలో ఫాషన్ డిజైనర్ల పనితనం, క్రాఫ్టు అర్ధమౌతాయి. మన కల్చర్ ను ప్రతిఫలిస్తూనే, వైడ్ కాన్వాస్ పై ఒక ప్రత్యేక ముద్ర వేయడం అంటే మాటలు కాదు కదా!

Is your home messed up with some unused and torn clothes? We have an idea for you, if it is especially the torn jeans. Why don't you devote some time and turn yourself creative. Yeah, the point is, why don't you make some hand bag or kind of things with your unused trash? If you have your old jeans which was shelved, common, grab a scissor and cut it off. Turn it into your hand bag. You can make different hand bags with different colorful jeans you have. If you are creative enough, then add some pep to it. Flowers, designs, painting can bring your bag more attraction. And sure, one day your best buddy may ask you, from where you have imported your bag. Sweat you brain and just do it!  

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    Nail Art Trends for Autumn/Winter 2016     That typical single color nail polish trend is too old to flaunt..even the nail art trends keep changing with changing fashion trends and seasons..it all started with a coat of transparent glitter on any color, then the french manicure craziness, later came the polka dots and tiny flowers on a dark color, and the diagonal stripes on a dark color with metallic shades...now is the embellishment trend....using stones and such is also old, these are the days of using small bows, metal chain strips and stencils of cupcakes and monuments etc. the nail art crafts industry is stretching wide too, there are oh-so many unimaginable products out there at every Nail Spa.     Some nail art trends that are popular this year: * The inked look * The checquered pattern * A light color as base and dark colored polka dots on top * Autumn colors of Orange and Yellow as the base and darker shades like Maroon and Brown at the cuticle, giving it a Fire-look * Winter colors such as Blue and Grey in a feathery pattern *  Contrast colors such as Pink topped with Blue at the tip *  Mehndi designs on light colored base using a black pen     No matter what comes and what goes, that polished sheen of a simple single colored nails that are well manicured and trimmed would never loose the charm....just one health-friendly nail polish and a transparent top coat would do the trick. For well groomed look, we also need the foundation of healthy nails, hence making sure all necessary supplements are taken for your health daily is important. Changing nail polish colors too often without giving the nails a chance to breathe, using nail products that have many chemicals and exposing the nails to UVRays for faster polish drying is toxic. Many Moms cant wait long enough to pain their little girls' nails...it is always safer to teach the little girls that there is an age to start painting their nails, when they grown up. Fashion is good but only when we have sound health and happiness..cherish your happy nail days, Ladies !!   ..Prathyusha

 Cute and Colorful Bracelets for Little Girls and Tweens ! Fashion for kids is fun! Moms enjoy dressing up the little girls amd then when they grow up, they themselves do too!! Why leave the arms bare when dressing up? Even a single bracelet can become a fashion statement for those cute hands. Shop any accesories or garment store, there are plenty of designs. Bracelets come in silver, fashion metal, crochet, some with rubber bands, wool, fabric, beads and a favorite cartoon character pendant..what not..and if you like a traditional look, think of the expensive stuff in gold but they need a watchful eye. Some metal bracelets come with a certified coating to protect the skin against metal reactions. If you want to make one with your child to assist, collect some buttons and wool, to weave one for fun. You can even find some 'Make your own Bracelet' kits as gifts for a little girl's birthday, or just to keep a group of little friends busy on a play date.. Mom and Daughter Bracelets are fun too! They come with interesting captions for any occasion, the most famous, Friendship Day!! When is your little girl flaunting her Bracelet!?

  Summer Rompers for kids   Summer this year has started off very hot...and protecting the kids from the hot sun is a big challenge. Keeping them cool and safe from sun burns and sweat rashes is a task when its humid and sweaty outside and during travels too. Think if replenishing your child's closet with light weight summer clothes. Keeping aside those warm clothes, the cool cottons give a breezy feeling after a cool shower and even when we step out for a ride or for shopping. If not the local stores like Pantaloons and Reliance Trends, online shopping sites like Amazon, Jabong, Aliexpress and such have quite a good stock of these.     Shirts and trousers for boys and frocks, spaggetti tops with light leggings for girls have been common...for a change, think of rompers or jumpsuits in cotton. They are both one-piece dresses creating a cool look on a hot summer day, they give everyone around a fresh feeling. Floral patterns, light weight denim fabrics, and the current trend of khadi material used are trendy.     Little girls in rompers look oh so cool for a playdate...be it the pastel shades or the floral patterns, rompers let them play happily, without those frills of the skirts and frocks obstructing their 'run way'. Pair them up with simple sandals, a hair band and they are ready for an outing with parents or even to the School. Rompers and jumpsuits come for Boys too..they are so comfy to wear and run around during School hours or at a playdate. We have seen rompers from years, these are not the latest trends, but many have forgotten about this style...think of them again and this summer will be fun ! ...prathyusha

  Kids Dresses in Cute Birdie Prints     Spring Summer fashion and Birds are the trend of the season. In bright colors and birdie prints, kids dresses make a statement that is fresh everytime they are worn. Be it a birthday party to attend or for a playdate, these cheerful prints are attractive....buy one such dress for your little girl and ask us when people dont compliment! You can look for a flock of birds or just one big bird printed or knitted on the dress, paired up with a matching skirt or leggings, or even a single piece frock. You may find these prints mostly on cotton fabrics as birds are symbolic to cool and breezy looks in hot weather.     If you are looking for these bird patterns in muticolors printed on a plain tshirt or dress then there are tons of options in the market, sametime, released this year are the black and white, contrast color looks too in just double-color theme. Mommy can pair it up with a birdie print blouse for her single contrst color saree and Daddy gets similar looking shirts and tshirts of his size too. These prints come for baby dresses also, with cute bibs and matching socks.     The Owl prints are in this year again...gone are the days when Owls were considered not so lucky...fashion has changed it all. Owls have been trendy in kids clothing range. Even home decor has gotten inspired with Owl patterns. Cute little owls to the naughty ones appear on baby dresses and boys tshirts. One for the collection and another for the album...all for the memories, make these bird patterns yours and your kids' this summer. ..Prathyusha

  Ugadi Fashion for Kids     The New Years Day for Telugu people, Ugadi approaching soon and its time for shopping again...the little girls and boys are the most attractively cute in their festive looks. This Ugadi, mix the traditinal pattu langa with the fashionable net or the shimmer cloth and get lehengas or ghagras stitched with your custom designs...and the pattu laalchi pyjamas or dhoti sets for the boys. You may even find these patters and trends in the stores but i wonder if they are available everywhere, and so catch hold of your tailor or your designer and get these clothes ready. For the girls' little blouses, you can use the blouse pieces from your collection or mix and match any printed or zardozi material from the fabric stores.     If you dont want the shimmery or the net fabric looks then simply buy a set of pattu langa and get some embroidery done in contrast colors just above the border, the sleeves or on the blouse...it makes the simple fabric a stunning piece. If your girls are playful then shorten the lehenga length and make it a frock but let the looks be traditional...Get a necklace pattern embroidered on the blouse and you will not need any gold ornament to dress your child up and not have to worry about their safety. For the boy's pyjamas, get some silk tassles attached to their button area and they look trendy..or a gold color zari stitched to the collar and the long sleeves, this zari will fillup the simple white dress wiht some pattern and give it a festive look. Make sure to take good pictures with your well dressed kids this Ugadi and you will remember those golden moments...we all think of photos but often neglect, kids grow up so fast and you cant see them in small, cute sizes again ! have a Happy and Successful  Ugadi Shopping for your kids... ....Prathyusha

  Easter Fashion for Kids     Easter has its own religious background...sametime, it has gained its own social values too...Easter Egg Hunt is one famous occasion among the Children in the Western countries, slowly picking up its trend in India too..specially with the Kindergarten Schools. Easter comes in Spring, thats when Sun shines brighter again, and everyones up for a Sweater-less dressup...bring in the bright colored dresses and those cute slipons...Pastel shades also work so well during this time of the year.     English prints or the Lightly printed floral patterns, tis the time for Breezy dresses...Girls can wear their Frocks and Boys their light cardigans, keeping aside those Warm Wool jackets and coats. Egg Hunt Time and Cute Yellow Chicks are everywhere...they are on the little T-shirts, cute dresses, tiny socks and leggings...what not ! Similar is the importance of Light Yellow color..most of the people choose this shade to dress up their kids for Easter parties...this is the time of the year when leaves spring up on trees and new plants and grass shoot up from the ground, hence Light Green color also shows up almost everywhere along with Yellow. New flowers bloom too, and there's Pink and Purple too shouting out 'i am here, too'.....now you know what color combinations indicate Spring or Easter !     Gotta attend an Easter party with your child?, then bring out that Light yellow or pastel color floral print dress or a Light Yellow shirt out of your closet, and get going ! For the accesories, your little girls can wear those Satin or Cotton bow hair bands or the little floral print clips...the shimmery and Glitter accesories that appear alot during Christmas and Diwali dont roam around much during this time, just Shiny and Polished looks suit this season, even with the shoes or the necklaces. So, this Easter...your child dresses perfectly and you know what to choose for your dressup too !!   ...Pratyusha

  లేటెస్ట్ ఫ్యాషన్ - రంగ్ రేజ్ డిజైన్స్ ఈ రోజుల్లో ఏం చేసినా ఫ్యాషనే. రోజుకో కొత్త ఫ్యాషన్ వస్తుంటే ఏది సెలెక్ట్ చేసుకోవాలో కూడా తెలియట్లేదు. అన్ని రకాల ఫ్యాషన్ ఐటమ్స్ లో, భారతీయ హస్తకళలు ఉట్టిపడేలా హ్యాండ్ పెయింటెడ్ జీన్స్ ఇంకా టీ షర్ట్స్ మార్కెట్ లో సంచలనం సృష్టిస్తున్నాయని తెలిస్తే ఆశ్చర్యంగా ఉంది కదూ. చేతితో వేసే ఏ పెయింట్ అయినా అందంగానే ఉంటుంది. అదే పెయింట్ ని మనం వేసుకునే బట్టల మీద చూసుకుంటే ఇంకా ఇంకా బాగుంటుంది. హస్తకళల సౌందర్యం కళ్ళకు కట్టినట్టు చూపిస్తూ మార్కెట్ లో బోలెడన్ని డిజైన్స్ తో హాట్ కేక్స్ లా అమ్ముడుపోతున్నాయి ఈ రంగ్ రేజ్ జీన్స్ అండ్ టీ షర్ట్స్.      చేతితో వేసిన కథాకళి ముఖం ఉన్న ఈ  టీ షర్ట్స్ కాలేజీ కి వెళ్ళే అమ్మాయిలకి చాల బాగా నప్పుతాయి. ఎప్పుడు మాములు టీ షర్ట్స్ వేసుకుని వెళుతూ ఒక్కోసారి ఈ రకం హ్యాండ్ ప్రింట్ వి వేసుకుంటే చాలా చేంజ్ కనిపిస్తుంది.    వైట్ కలర్ ప్లెయిన్ టీ షర్టు మీద పురి విప్పిన నెమలిని  ఎంతో అందంగా చిత్రీకరించారు. సాయంత్రాలప్పుడు బయటకి వేసుకెళ్ళటానికి బాగుంటుంది. ఎప్పుడూ వేసుకునే బట్టల కన్నా కాస్త వెరైటీగా కనిపిస్తుంది. ఆరంజ్ కలర్ టీ షర్ట్ మీద కలశం నెత్తి మీద పెట్టుకున్న అమ్మాయి పెయింటింగ్ మనకి నిర్మలా పెయింటింగ్స్ ని గుర్తుచేస్తుంది. చూడటానికి ముదురు రంగులతో నిండి ఉన్న ఈ చిత్రం చూపరులని కూడా ఎంతగానో ఆకర్షిస్తోంది.  నటరాజు నాట్యమాడుతున్నడా అని అనిపించేలా ఉన్న ఈ టీ షర్ట్ చాలా సింపుల్ అండ్ స్వీట్ గా కనిపిస్తుంది. అందరిలో మనం కొంచం ఎట్రాక్టివ్ గా కనపడాలంటే ఇలాంటిది  ఎన్నుకోవాల్సిందే.     జీన్స్ లో కూడా వెరైటీ డిజైన్స్ యువతను విపరీతంగా ఆకర్షిస్తున్నాయి. ఎప్పుడూ ప్లెయిన్ గా కనపడే జీన్స్ మీద కూడా రకరకాల పెయింటింగ్స్ ఉండడంతో ఇవి ఫాషన్ కి మారుపేరుగా మారుతున్నాయి. నెమలిపింఛమ్ పెయింటింగ్ ఉన్న జీన్స్ ఎక్కువగా సేల్ అవుతోందని ఒక టాక్.    రొటీన్ కి భిన్నంగా కనిపించే ఇలాంటి పెయింటింగ్స్ చేసిన జీన్స్ ని ఎవరు కోరుకోకుండా ఉంటారు. అందుకే ఇవి మార్కెట్లో తమ సత్తాని చాటుతున్నాయి.    కేవలం అమ్మాయిలకి మాత్రమే కాదు అబ్బాయిలకి కూడా ఎన్నో రకాల డిజైన్స్ తో మార్కెట్ లోకి వస్తున్నాయి ఈ రంగ్ రేజ్ కలెక్షన్స్. వయోలిన్ పెయింటింగ్, శివుడు ధ్యానం చేస్తున్నటుగా ఉన్న పెయింటింగ్, రకరకాల ఆకారాల్లో ఉన్న కట్టడాలు చిత్రించిన టీ షర్ట్స్ ఇంకా ఎన్నోరకాల సరికొత్త తరహా కలెక్షన్స్ ఉన్నాయి. మరి మీరు కూడా ట్రెండ్ కి తగ్గట్టు మీ స్టైల్ ని మార్చాలనుకుంటే ఇలాంటి లేటెస్ట్ కలెక్షన్స్ వైపు ఒక చూపు వెయ్యాల్సిందే.  - కళ్యాణి 

  Cute Crochet Wear for Baby Portraits     Welcome the baby with warm hugs and kisses and cherish the memory with a surprising portrait picture. Dressing up the baby for that memorable forever-portrait is not a simple thing. Some portrait studios offer their collections for boys and girls...yet, if you have that creative edge or got a girl friend who can make one for your newborn, then search the web for tons of ideas. Usually these portrait pictures recommend Crochet materials...or Woollen knits can replace a few. Not so time taking to knit on as they are tiny and it need not be a full dress...just choose a bottom and a small hair band with a corset kinda top for a cute look for girls. For boys, there is always a simpler pattern as shown in the photograph. Based on how much you are spending for the portrait, they suggest poses and angles...some show only the baby's face..you can just buy a head band or a cap...if you are opting for a full portrait, then buy a skirt or a bottom too...sometimes even cute crochet socks kinda shoes !     Crochets come in the brightest of the colors to the most sober Pastels...the photographer has to be creative enough, with a suitable background for a wonderful output. A pre-portrait discussion with the photographer will make it easier to know which colors of clothes to buy for the baby..and if its a family portrait, you will be glad to met him/her to make life easy that day, else your portrait will go for a toss because you will be fussy with running here and there for matching the family clothes that day and getting upset if things dont go well. Most parents dont take New born portraits seriously, but trust me...they are worth it...your baby won't be the cutest, later..spend smartly..ask for what you want in the picture and get it done. Referrals are the best in this matter...A great portrait photographer whom your friend suggested might be really good ! They might have small baskets, swings hanging from artificial indoor trees, a huge egg that cradles a baby...all these props will make the portrait cuter with the cutest cuddlesome baby in it!! ..Pratyusha

క్యూట్ ఫ్యాషన్ మెహందీ డిజైన్స్..మీకోసం పెళ్లిళ్లకు, ఏవైనా ఫంక్షన్లకు మెహందీ పెట్టించుకుంటాం.. కానీ వాటికైతే చేయి మొత్తం నిండేలా పెట్టాల్సి వస్తుంది. అయితే అప్పుడప్పుడు సరదాగా వేసుకునే డిజైన్లు అంత హెవీగా ఉంటే బోర్ అనిపిస్తుంది. అందునా ఇప్పుడు ఫ్యాషన్ పోకడ ఎక్కువైంది కాబట్టి.. చిన్న చిన్న డిజైన్సుతోనే ఫ్యాషన్ గా కనిపించేలా కూడా వేసుకోవచ్చు.. అలాంటి డిజైన్స్ మీకోసం..  

    Spring Dresses for Girls     Winter faded away and its warm and getting hot already in our Indian Subcontinent...shopping for some summer-kinda dresses for the little girls should be on your list too...some cool, chic designs and patterns are here this year. Many online shopping websites such as Aliexpress, Amazon and others have launched their new collection. Their fabrics are super soft and durable too, colors dont fade away and dresses dont shrink. Their designs are so brand new, check out these pictures and you would agree. I mean, who created these ?! We never saw these designs. Unimaginable !!   Spring collections usually are floral designs, pastel shades, mostly cotton or polyester mix fabrics. Come Easter, and the trends showcase the Easter spirit. Spring patterns are so relieving and fresh after that cold winter, ofcourse with almost no winter this year in South India, it was almost an early Spring there.     For those in the Western countries, these colors and dresses create a cheerful atmosphere. Leave aside those thick jackets and the cold, dingy days...the Spring Sun shines brightly on these Colorful dresses. Similar patters are available for boys too but the little girls are a treat when cutely dressed up. Be it roses or the cherry blossoms..or the cupcakes, the colors make the whole difference. Brighter colors make up a beautiful change in a dull, grey day. Shop this Spring for innovative designer dresses for the little girls and cherish their cuteness !! ...Pratyusha

  ట్రెండ్ కి తగ్గ ట్రెండీ ఆక్ససరిస్.. మీ కోసం   ట్రెండ్ కి తగ్గ డ్రెస్ , డ్రెస్ కి తగ్గ ఆక్ససరిస్ తప్పని సరి ఈ కాలం అమ్మాయిలకి. మరి రోజు రోజు కి మారిపోతున్న ట్రెండ్ లో లేటెస్ట్ వెరైటీ ఏంటో తెలుసు కుంటే షాపింగ్ ఈజీ అవుతుంది కదా. ఇదిగో ఇక్కడ ఇస్తున్నాం చూడండి...ఎలాంటి ఫాషన్ వేర్ కి అయినా సూట్ అయ్యే కొన్నిటిని. ఇవి మెడలో ధరిస్తే చాలు ..అందరి కళ్ళు మీ మీదే ...       courtesy Belleza Fashion & Trendy Jewellery

  Princess Looks for Little girls Moms having little girls dream of dressing them up like a princess. Until they learn to express their choice and realise they have an opinion, Mom can have her dreams fulfilled...at the earliest. Princess dresses are found at almost every dress store. Some sell them occasionall,py, whereas some stores carry them all round the year. Once, your little princess learns about her favorite Disney Princess, you maynot have a choice but to end up purchasing atleast one for her wardrobe....she would not disappoint you but wear it every week or twice and it will be a bang for your buck ! Investing in one nice piece of costume will not be a waste...after this fancy age, she maynot have much time to talk about dresses and long frocks. Rapunzel, Cinderella, Elsa and Anna, Sleeping Beauty...all these princess costumes are mostly available in the market..if not, you may find someone to bring a piece from USA. There they sell alot of these costumes round the year. Each costume can be paired with a matching Tiara ( small Crown), a Wand, a Chain with pendant, a Bracelet, a finger ring etc...some stores even sell matching shoes and wigs. The more the price, the better the material and longevity of the dress...if you have more than one little girl in the family or among close relatives, spend a little more  and that dress stays around you, longer. Every costume comes in two varieties, one is ornate and one is simple with not much glitter and embellishments. You can have your child wear the simple one to Birthday parties too..the ornate dress is better suitable for Fancy dress competitions or for a Grand occasion only. Some are only specific to Fancy dress parties such as the Mermaid Ariel's costume and Tinker Bell's costume with the wings. These Princess costumes are perfect for gifts. You want to give them as birthday gifts or for any occasion, depending on your budget, you can buy just the dress or look for other matching accesories and pair them up. You can find water bottles, school backpacks, lunch bags, rain coats, caps, notebooks and such school supplies, imprinted with a Princess picture. Sometimes, the other characters such as Sofia's pet Rabbit Clover, Cinderella's friends the Rats appear on some items, you maynot identify but your child gets excited..meaning, if you can't find a princess imprinted item, you have the option to look for her favorite pets picture on any item...it will definitely keep the excitement going. You might have dreamt of a practical child, who doesnot live in dreams, but you can't escape the reality of the Television. Have a happily dressed up Princess ! --Pratyusha

  Fashion Tips for Trendy Kids-1 Choose tshirts that have interesting and catchy statements. Let aside the tshirt that is just as simple as possible, in a color that is pale but a statement it carries, if interesting then your child is going to be noticed in a big group of other kids...make sure the print is in a bold, dark color..inorder to be visible clearly. Most tshirts carry prints in silver, gold which are not clear for visibility. Captions are interesting to be read, many of us read others tshirts...those little lines on kids' tshirts are so cute and funny too !!   Choose dresses with interesting and trending patterns or colors. Some designs become so famous among Moms and other fashionistas, like the Chevron of the recent times and few colors such as neon hues from the recent months. Some fabrics are also famous at a time, you buy dresses made of those fabrics after they are gone, they become boring, instead catchup on current fashion trends...your child and you will be a talk of fashion among other Moms for sure !     Choose jackets, boleros, cardigans for the little girls and leather jackets for the boys, they create a fashion statement so stylish..on the other hand, they can be worn on different dresses, during different seasons of the year. However, make sure to decide cleverly on the sizes, as kids keep growing, their dresses tend to be tighter soon after few uses. Dressing similar to your child makes a grand statement and a feeling of dearness about the family...it is a good idea..dont go with few opinions that dressing similar might be boring or funny...it is not ! Mom, Dad and the kids dress up in similar shades gives a good feeling to others about the love among the family members...means, the kids listen to parents, instead of having different opinions on dressing up, that the children are not rude to the parents, and that they like following their parents ideas. Kids look so stylish and cute in good dresses...you dont want them to look shabby even when you take them for groceries with you. May you have fashionable and happy kids !!!   - Prathyusha

  Tips for dressing up kids in Cold weather Winter here and there...in India, it is cold one day and not so cold tye other day...it has been the same in USA too..three days of severe cold and one day of weather..can't predict...in such weather, sending a child to school or to play outside is a tricky thing. Why not think of dressing them up in layers ! Have your child wear a not so thin T-shirt, then a fleece hoodie or a thick jacket if the weather is too cold. Then a small short skirt and thick leggings underneath. Teach your child to remove a layer of clothes isf she feels too hot suddenly due to playing for long. Color coordinating these layers is important too...match the colors of each piece of dressing or choose contrast colors,,,dressing up a child is exciting amd interesting.you can fulfill your dressing up desires through them...use the brightest of the colors in dull weather..use pastels when the sun is bright...you can play with colors and trends. Well, until your child allows you. Buying a pair of fleece hoodies is a smart thing to do. When there's a school going child, you need quite a good number of clothes...t-shirts, socks, pants, leggings should be stocked up enough for two weeks, hoodies, jackets, shoes, winter caps should be two each. Shoes should be in two varieties, sneakers for a warm day and those winter shoes for a badly cold day to keep thoese tiny feet warm when playing out. Schools in the western countries have a norm of sending kids out to play twice a day for fitness, even during a cold day, unless it is severely cold. hence, shop well for kids' winter clothes. Teach your children to wear winter caps, scarfs or ear muffs for protection, most kids hate to wear winter gear. I know it is a big task..i am on the same boat. Let us know if you have any tips to share on how to keep kids warm and snug during winters. --Prathyusha Talluri