NURSING RIGHT As long as the Newborn and the New Mom are in the Hospital it is well, they get all the help. Just a press of a button or a call and the Nurse comes running to help. The Bed is comfortable, Whenever the Baby cries, the Nurse offers relief by taking the li'l one to the Nursery and Mom and others get to take some rest. Normally, people want to go home from the Hospital environment but after Child birth, every Mom feels she could have stayed few more days, all because of the special kind of help she gets there. The Baby is now trying to get used to the Home environment. Make sure the home temperature is moderate, not too cold or too hot. Arrange a comfy place where you can sit and nurse, and also to be able to sleep without troubling your sore tummy. Too cushiony sofas, chairs, beds might not be comfortable for you now. Arrange a bed with firm mattress, and a special cradle for the Baby, inorder that the Baby is sleeping beside you sametime, you both have enough space. Take Vitamins/minerals regularly, nursing is one medium to pump nutrition into the Baby's body. When Mom is ready to nurse, she should have already ate/drank enough, sit straight, arrange a firm pillow to bring the baby's level up, rest the baby on the pillow, make sure the Baby's tummy is face to face with Mom's tummy. Keep watching that the baby's nose doesnot get pinched, to be able to breathe well. The Baby and the Mom are hungry every 2.5 hours. Feed the baby everytime he/she is hungry, without setting up a timetable and once sound asleep beyond 3hrs of gap, make sure they are awaken to have milk, even in the midnight. It is not good for the Mom to start having solid foods until atleast 3 weeks after delivery. Nausea might spring up as the body is not ready to digest normally. These are not it! We will return with few more valuable tips/ facts on Nursing the right way.   - Prathyusha Talluri More articles from this author..... 25270.html#.UpA6xSeUWEA 25013.html 25220.html#.Uo3MHyfQtQA

THE FIRST FEW HOURS Doctor gave you the Wonderful news of your Li'l ones arrival, you can listen to his/her voice.....the very thought is still exciting to me! After an hour from the delivery, finally the Nurse brings your Treasure to you. This is called Kangaroo Care. Research proves that Babies when allowed to have skin to skin contact with parents during the first few hours of birth, develop a stronger emotional attachment with them. You can request the Hospital staff to get the Baby to you soon after you are out of the Operation/ Labor room and let them know that you intend to nurse the baby. Suddenly the baby is hungry, searching everywhere, all fingers inside the mouth..signal that its food time..Mom has to get ready. Take a firm pillow that the hospital provides, or get your nursing pillow. The nurse will make sure she helps you. Initially, Its only a watery, colorless liquid, called Colostrum, with high amount of Antibodies to protect the newborn against disease, low in fat, high in protein. Dont let anyone declare that Milk is not flowing, for the next 3- 4days, its only Colostrum, its so useful and valuable for the Baby's next few months. The baby will cry, not giving you enough time to grab the pillow, sit properly and get ready to nurse, Hurry up, but Dont Panic..Every 2.5 hrs the baby will be hungry and he/she will take close to 1 hour to suck milk. Keep a watch on the time, you will have 1.5 hrs to relax and soon you have to be ready to nurse any moment. Once the Baby falls asleep after feeding for atleast more than 30mins, put the baby on your shoulder and slowly pat the back, or pat in upward strokes, the baby will burp, sometimes they take 10-15mins to burp, but its important. They also fall asleep soon after drinking for 10mins, wake the baby up and help to drink. The baby needs food to stay active. The first 3 months, baby has to be fed on demand. Get ready to nurse everytime the baby is hungry, between intervals of 2-2.5 hrs. They feel hungry quickly, after emptying the tummy. You will also be hungry soon after nursing, so eating and drinking often is very important. Never feed while you are hungry, your body will loose all calcium anyways, your energy reserves will be emptied too. These days, the Hospital staff is taking Moms for a walk a day after either undergoing a C-Section or a natural delivery. Its a good exercise and helps your body come out of that shock and the feeling of numbness. We will return with suggestions on how to handle things when you go home!   - Prathyusha Talluri   More articles from this author..... 25013.html

NURSING FACTS Getting ready to nurture the tiny new born!! There are people around us suggesting what advices knock our doors everyday..make sure you follow what is right, and to know the right things, you should research. You have been blessed with 8-9 months, take your time, there are nights you cant sleep, spend those moments reading more and more. gather information, talk to Moms whom you think might have done the right thing...however, you will learn by practically implementing those ideas. Nursing comes naturally to every mom! Believe in this thought. Let not other women disappoint or discourage you by saying "These days, women have to struggle alot to be able to breastfeed the baby, Gone are those days when it came naturally to Moms..blah blah blah"......Dont listen...dont care.. Eating healthy food, having positive thoughts, expecting a happy child, a wonderful future with your Child, will definitely help you. Taking vitamins/minerals daily without fail is very important. Some steps to follow: Apply Olive oil or any other edible oil to the nipples, massage them once every day and night. They will be sore and painful at times, massaging and keeping them moist will give relief. While doing this, smoothly pull the nipple out, let it extend out, do this now inorder for the baby after birth to be able to grab the nipple easily into his/her mouth. Wear the right kindof support inner wear, right from the initial months, even during the months when the size increases.   Drink lots of milk, eat whole grains like Quinoa (pronounced Keenva, rarely available in India), Dal/curry made with Drumstick leaves/ Methi leaves. These will give your body enough nutrients to be able to produce milk.   Dont discuss about your plan to breastfeed with any and every woman you meet. Only share your thoughts with your close/ trusted ones who care for you. Remember, not everyone gives you the best suggestion. I am writing these because i went through the same stage recently and there were people who discouraged me.   We will discuss the right ways to nursing in the coming articles!!   - Prathyusha Talluri   More articles from this author..... 25013.html 25162.html#.Uow7zSfQtQA  

THINGS TO BUY BEFORE BABYS HOME COMING Shop till you drop....people say this..but what shopping is that without buying things most necessary and helpful. Specially when the New parents are awaiting their bundle of joy's arrival. There is 9 months of ample time. Shopping too early might initally excite the parents but seeing the same stuff lying around for few more months will make you feel those items are boring and not so new, and become dusty too....i suggest you start buying after Mommy is 7 months heavy. at this stage, some parents already know the gender of the baby,and there is more excitement/ exactly enough time to get things ready. However, delaying to buy necessary stuff in the later stages, when Mom's 9 months and counting, is not suggestible as Mom's feeling heavy and not able to walk easily. Online shopping is better at this stage.   Some items to buy before you head to the hospital, as you need them right from the 1st day of the Baby's arrival and sametime, you will not be left with time to go shopping later. Nursing Pillow.....try the Mombo pillow than the soft ones. Its firm side is useful to place the baby when nursing. Diaper Rash cream, try Pink Salve or the A+D cream, even if you are not using diapers, to avoid rash due to wetness. A bigger size Nursing inner avoid nipple soreness. A bigger size Tummy support your sore tummy after delivery. Use it as directed by the Doctor. Mother's who underwent C-Section Surgery, can use it after 6 weeks only. Good firm Body Support Pillows, for Mom to lean against and also to rest on while nursing and trying to sleep after delivery. Hospital beds are pretty comfortable with adjustable rests, Beds at home dont have that adjustment facility. Our body is not ready to sleep and sit like normal people. Hospitals in USA provide 15-20 extra diapers, we can bring them home and buy the stock meanwhile. Dont buy diapers in advance, you never know what size the baby fits into. There are people who discourage nursing. It comes naturally to all. Even before you attempt, dont declare you can't. Be prepared to nurse the baby on your own, not depend on Formulae....our next Article will help you know more on Breastfeeding correctly. All the Best!!   - Prathyusha Talluri   More articles from this author.....  

IS HOME GETTING READY FOR THE BABYS ARRIVAL? Mom-to-be has waited and waited, she watched too many Baby videos on the internet, she is so anxious to see her Child's face...just can't wait enough. Preparations start at home, hospital bag is ready, baby clothes are ready, the cradle is waiting and lo, Mom wants to start cleaning! Isn't she getting tired less?! Though she can't bend and be active, still something tells her the house has to be ready for the Baby. She knows the baby doesnot bother much, still the very determination on decorating the house, cleaning everything is so strong, no one can stop her. These strange moments dont come to all Moms. But, even i expereinced it. I cleaned the whole refrigerator at 15days more to full term, with the idea that my Baby should not find any dirt at home...i was dreaming to show every room to the Li'l one soon after coming home. My mind ddnt allow me to feel tired of all the cleaning at that stage. However, body gets tired. Dont stress out, better take some help in cleaning. I wouldnot say "DONT CLEAN", i know NOTHING CAN STOP YOU, infact if someone stops you, you will only end up crying that night, complaining that no one is bothered about the Baby's Home Coming...blah blah..on and on! I know you are getting ready for your baby's arrival, however, Mom's health is Baby's health. Your main focus should be on going to the Hospital and giving birth to a healthy Baby. Clean, the house and surroundings should definitely be neat and tidy for the Baby hygiene. There are people to help you. Who doesnot want to help an Expectant Mom !   - Prathyusha Talluri   More articles from this author.....        

మీ పిల్లల ప్రత్యేకత ఏంటో మీకు తెలుసా..? మీ ఇంట్లో పసిపాపాయిని ఎప్పుడైనా గమనించారా! అల్లరిగా నవ్వుతూ..హాయిగా ఆడుకుంటూ ప్రపంచంలోని ఆనందం అంతా తన కోసమే అన్నట్టుగా కనిపిస్తుంది. అ నవ్వు, అ అల్లరి ...అ చిన్నిరూపం మనకి ఎన్నో నేర్పిస్తాయి...కొంచెం మనం గమనించగలిగితే.... పసివారి ప్రపంచం నిండా...ఎప్పుడు సంతోషమే...చిన్న చిరునవ్వు ఎప్పుడూ అలా వారి పెదాలపై కన్పిస్తూనే వుంటుంది. అందుకే పిల్లల్ని చూడగానే మన పెదాలపై నవ్వు విరిసేది...వారిలా మన పెదాలపై కూడా నవ్వు విరిస్తే ఆ నవ్వు ఎదుటివారి పెదాలపై కూడా పాకి...అలా అలా...వైరస్ లా అందరిని నవ్వులతో ముంచెస్తుంది పిల్లల్ను౦చి మనం నేర్చుకోవలసిన మెదటి పాఠ౦ ఈ చిరునవ్వే. ఇక "నాకు ఇదుంటేనే ఆనందంగా వుంటాను" అన్న బాధ ఉండదు పిల్లలకి - చీపురు పుల్లతో కూడా ఆడేసుకునే నేర్పు వారి స్వంతం - కుర్చితో కారు ఆట, కర్రతో గుర్రం ఆట ఇలా...వాళ్ళకి నచ్చిన ఆట ఆడేస్తుంటారు..ఆనందంగా వుంటారు. "దొరికిన దానితో ఆనందంగా ఉండగలగటం" ఎలా అన్నది పిల్లల నుంచి మనం నేర్చుకోవలసిన రెండవ పాఠ౦. కొత్తగా మాటలు నేర్చుకొనేటప్పుడు పిల్లలు వారికి వచ్చీరాని మాటల్నే పదేపదే అందరి ముందు చెబుతుంటారు. మాటలే కాదు...వాళ్ళు కొత్తగా ఏం నేర్చుకున్నా... దీక్షగా వాటినే ప్రాక్టిస్ చేస్తుంటారు...నడక నేర్చుకొనేటప్పుడు పడిపోతే లేస్తారు...మళ్ళీ ప్రయత్నిస్తారు. ఇలా వాళ్ళ ఎదుగుదలలో నేర్చుకోవలసిన ప్రతీ అంశాన్ని దీక్షగా, ఏకాగ్రతతో నేర్చుకుంటారు, వచ్చేదాకా ఊరుకోరు...'ఓటమి' అస్సలు నచ్చదు వాళ్ళకి..మన అదిలింపులు, బెదిరింపులు, ఏవీ వాళ్ళని ఆపలేవు. ఆ దీక్ష, ఆ ఏకాగ్రత, ఆ పట్టుదల ఇవి చాలు ఓ మనిషి తన లక్ష్యాన్ని చేరటానికి ..పిల్లల నుంచి మనం నేర్చుకోవలసిన మూడో పాఠ౦ ఇది. పిల్లలు అల్లరి చేయగానే విసుక్కుంటాం..ఒక్కోసారి తీవ్రంగా మందలిసస్తా౦....ఓ దెబ్బ కూడా వేస్తాం...పాప౦ వాళ్ళ memory ఎంత తక్కువంటే ...అమ్మ ప్రేమగా దగ్గరకు తీసుకోవగానే టక్కున అన్ని మర్చిపోతారు. మనకీ అలాంటీ short memory ఉంటే ఎంత బావుంటుందో కదా! నచ్చని విషయాల గురించి మనమేమో...ఎవరైనా ఓ మాట అంటే పదే పదే గుర్తుచేసుకొని, వారిని ద్వేషించి...మనం బాధపడి ఎంత తత౦గమో... simpleగా పిల్లల్ని follow అయితే ...నచ్చని వాటిని టక్కున మర్చిపోవటం మనం నేర్చుకోవలసిన నాలుగో పాఠ౦. ఇలా పిల్లల నుంచి మనమేం నేర్చుకోవచ్చు... అని మనం ఎన్నీ చెప్పుకున్నా ....వాటిని అలా చదివి ఇలా వదిలేస్తే ఏం లాభం చెప్పండి...నేర్చుకోవటం, నేర్చుకున్నదానిని ప్రయత్నించటం పిల్లల నుంచి నేర్చుకోవలసిన ఐదవ పాఠ౦. నేర్చోకోవటానికి ఎప్పుడూ సిద్దంగా వుంటారు పిల్లలు...అందుకే మనల్ని గమనిస్తూ చాలా నేర్చుకుంటారు. నేర్చుకోవలనే తపనే వుండాలి కాని పైన ఆకాశం కింద భూమి...ఎగిరేపక్షి, పాడేకోయల ఇలా అన్నీ మనకి జీవిత సత్యాలని నేర్పించేవే.... ఇదే పిల్లల ఆనందానికి సీక్రెట్... ఇదే పిల్లల్లోని అమాయకత్వానికి కారణం. వాళ్ళకి ఇగోలు లేవు. నాకే తెలుసన్న అహంలేదు.. నాకేం రాదన్న భయము లేదు.. అందుకే వాళ్ళు పిల్లలు ...దేవుని ప్రతిరూపాలు... మరి అ పిల్లలకి Children's Day సంధర్బంగా జేజేలు చెబుదామా!   - రమ

COME OUT OF DEPRESSION! Every human is not so open to invite changes...though we are prepared for them, waiting for them, still when the time comes, we hesitate to accept those changes. I have to write a disclaimer now!...What we are going to discuss now may not happen with every new Mom. Dont force your mind to think of it. Spend every day Happily. Pregnancy comes with lot many surprises and challenges too! Hormonal changes are the cause, many a times. Delivery has its own clauses. Suddenly you dont like your tiny baby, the sweet li'l one of your dreams. Reasons, unknown. You feel like crying, you are irate, you shout at your husband..... Sametime, these extreme mood swings are not common, not every new Mom feels this way. If you or someone you know is depressed after delivery, just know one thing, you are not letting it affect your life. it is not going to stay with you forever. These feelings arise due to constantly staying in one room, nursing the child often without rest, feeling feverish due to bodily changes, seeing a crying baby beside you, restless days and nights, your body still in pain after the delivery, spending without any contact to the World, your most comfortable routine, disturbed. To feel better,there are some options.. Have the people you like, around you. Let your closest friends come and visit the baby..but make sure the environment is not infected by any means. Watch good movies, read books on Child care, these are your times of great interest in those topics. Get help in cooking, you should be constantly eating to regain strength and nurse often. If you have gained so much weight, dont worry. let not people bother you. That weight will disappear once you start doing things on your own after Grandma's gone. Cover your self, with sweaters, ear muffs, socks..those sudden chills are common after delivery. Warmth will give you relief. Dont sit and think about feeling depressed. Keep yourself happy. Run away from idle thoughts. Better have a Handycam and keep capturing those sweet moments with the Baby.   - Prathyusha Talluri. More articles from this author.....      

KEEP YOUR COOL WITH YOUR BRAND NEW BABY Congratulations!!! The greetings flow from everywhere, you are all smiles when you hear them. But the moment your baby cries, you freak out!! Its a li'l comforting to Mom when the husband doesnot feel nervous, but if both parents are nervous freaks, the house is a big mess. Trust me..its the same with most of us, but feeling the tension is not the solution atall. Keep your cool, maintain a smile, let not your baby know you are tensed. One reason traditionally elders' presence is so mandatory before and after the delivery, is that Grandma has a comforting suggestion for everything. Few points where you can listen to the GrandMother without running to the Doctor everytime. When the baby vomits milk often..its normal for babies to spit milk, they are still learning to swallow food. He/she will slowly get used to gulping liquids and later solids. When the baby cries/ frets during Poop time!!...again, babies are not used it, thier body reacts to the process, some babies cry , others make loud, drawn out sounds...nothing to panic, they will learn to handle it. Cry and cry,...either the room temperature is hot or cold, the diaper is soiled, the baby is hungry, sleepy, bored of staying in the same room..check for these things always everytime the baby cries..even otherwise, babies have been cuddled up in tummy until now, suddenly their feet and hands are let loose, which makes them uncomfortable...swaddle the baby and lull him/her to sleep. they are so used to that rocking movement in Mom's tummy..they will sleep. Following Granny's advice most of the times will save you a trip and money to the Doctor. However, you try all these, still you feel something's wrong, then better call the Doctor's office and get help.   - Prathyusha Talluri   More articles from this author.....  

KEEP YOUR PEDIATRIC APPOINTMENTS Some parents dont keep their child's pediatric appointments...its so important to attend the appointments as scheduled by the Doctor..they are for immunizations mostly..Some parents also feel getting multiple vaccines in one visit is unsafe. There are no clear benefits from spacing out vaccines,and the problem with doing so is that the infant goes unprotected for a longer period of time, leaving him/her more vulnerable to dangerous infections, many of which are more dangerous in young children.   Starting from a month after birth, a child starts loosing the antibodies he/she was born with. By 6 months, the child has very little extra protection against potentially harmful infections. When you spread the schedule out, you increase the risk that your child will be infected and become ill after being exposed to one of the most dangerous germs.   - Prathyusha Talluri   More articles from this author.....  

ALLERGIC TO MILK Babies can be allergic to Cow's Milk...yes, that's true. In India it is so common to give babies cow's milk right when they are so tiny but the fact is not every baby can digest it. Two to three percent of kids under age 3 can't handle certain proteins in moo juice---its the most pervasive food allergy among infants. (Dont confuse it with Lactose intolerance). If you feel you have noticed diarrhea interrupting your child's everyday regime, alert your pediatrician. Often, parents spot the problem as soon as the baby starts on cow's milk, but breastfed babies sometimes react to dairy in thier mother's diet. Babies who are allergic to cow's milk may also be allergic to soy-based milk formula, so doctors usually dont recommend it. The encouraging news: More than 80 percent of kids outgrow a cow's milk allergy, sometimes as young as age 3, but often not until age 8 or 9. Doctors are now suggesting parents to introduce Cow's milk only after the child is 1 year old. Whatever be the results of the research thats being conducted, Parents have to always make sure they keep an eye on the child's behaviour every time a new food is introduced to their children and watchout for reactions, change in behaviour, rashes on the body. Spending quality question hour with your pediatrician is very valuable.   - Prathyusha Talluri

Prevent Poisoning In Child All the potential poisons like medicines, detergents, paints should be kept out of the reach and sight of your children. Make sure that all the medications - syrups, ointments and capsules - are stored in a medicine box. The syrups and ointments should have child-safety caps on, so that your baby does not pry them open and drink them. Store them in a locked cabinet. Clear all the expired medications from your medicine box. This is because outdated medicines are even more hazardous, when consumed. Always keep your dustbin covered with a lid, so that your kids cannot dig into the toxic things that you have thrown away. Never transfer potential poisons like naphthalene balls, phenyl, paints and cleaning products into coffee cans, milk containers, soda bottles etc. This may lead your child to drink or eat it, accidentally, mistaking them for edibles. Install childproof locks in your cabinets and drawers, before your kids learn to crawl and stand up straight. Keep some common poison treatments at home within your reach, so that you can treat the kid during emergencies, in the absence of a doctor. However, it is always suggested to call upon a doctor in case of poisoning. Be precautious while using household products, when your children are around. You can easily get distracted with other things, which may allow enough time for the children to get curious and creep in. Store the products in locked cabinets immediately after using them. Do not take medications in front of your children. Never refer these medicines as candy, because the children might swallow the 'candy' in your absence, when they get an opportunity to get a hold of the medicine bottles.

HOSPITAL HELPERS Let Dad go home... Don't make your spouse sleep in one of the horrible hospital chairs. He needs some rest before you and the baby get home..if he has slept in a chair for 2days, he will be useless..You savor every moment of alone time with your baby. Drop the Phone... Don't keep chatting with friends or family informing them of the baby's arrival while the Doctor/ Pediatrician/Lactation Expert visits you..Keep aside your phone, use the time in taking valuable suggestions from the experts while they are available. Also cultivate a habit of noting every question you have regarding your baby's health and getting answers for each from the Doctors. This habit will be useful even during the monthly visits to the Pediatrician henceforth. Look for shut eyes.. Newborns are loud, they make all sorts of sounds even during sleep. Dont worry too much, you dont have to grab the baby when you notice such gurgling during their sleep. As long as their eyes are shut, you can take some rest, else you will both get exhausted. Maintain a Smile....Even if the baby cries, which is normal to them, you dont frown..your face betrays you, the baby notices your expressions and repeats them. Smile, be comforting, and talk to your infant. Build a relationship right away.   - Prathyusha Talluri

  Stick to your baby's routine Disrupting a baby's schedule could make her cranky and irritable. Whenever possible, try to stick to your little one's routine. It's better to make the effort to find a room where she can take a nap than to spend the rest of the day with an overtired baby. Try to keep familiar faces around Too many new faces, sights and sounds can over-stimulate even the most laidback baby. While young babies love to be touched, held, cooed and smiled at, they can tell the difference between strange and familiar faces by the time they are five or six months old. It may take longer for an older baby to warm up to visitors once she is more aware that she's an individual separate from you. So allow her the time she needs, she'll feel more secure if she has a familiar face with her. Choose comfortable clothing Clothes made out of natural fabrics are best as they will not irritate your baby's delicate skin. It's best to pick a colourful, traditional, yet simple outfit that does not have long drawstrings, sequins, beads or mirror work, as these may pose a risk of choking. Watch what your baby eats and drinks If your baby is exclusively breastfed and not weaned yet, it is best to not give her any sweets and savouries. Keep mithais, food, drinks and dried fruits out of your baby's reach. Even if your baby is eating solid food, some foods may not be safe for her just yet. It is best not to give your baby small pieces of food such as whole nuts, cashews (kaju) or raisins (kishmish), when she is just starting solids. Any small piece of food could be a choking risk for your baby. Any foods containing honey should not be given to your baby until she is a year old.

Prepare your kids for diwali               Diwali is just round the corner; All the parents must be busy in the preparations like, buying clothes and crackers, preparing sweets, special dishes for the occassion, housekeeping , Party arrangements for the guests etc. However, have ever thought that, along with these arrangements, you need to prepare your kids also for the occasion.               Especially when kids are below 5 years, instead of enjoying the “Diwali dhamaka”, they may get fearful of sounds, lights coming when crackers are burnt. Some kids cry throughout the festival, if they get irritated with the ear- splitting sounds. Instead of worrying about things at the last minute, it’s is always advisable to sit with your kids and explain them what is this festival of lights is all about.               Ensure that parents take utmost care in terms of arranging lamps, diyas in the house. Make sure, you are not exposing these diyas to kids; instead take all the safety measures.               Giving them, sense of security, cuddling them in your arms, slowly introducing crackers to them by lighting mild once, and crackers without sound are the better choices when have kids around.               If you know that, your locality will usually make a big blast on every Diwali season, you may go to your friend’s places or any place which is relatively quiet and safe for your infant.               Never ever force your child to burn crackers, unless he or she is showing interest. Neither comparing your children with neighbour’s children or teasing them that he/she is a coward is not a good practice. Hence, leave them till they come forward to participate in the event; if not, help your child in engaging with another activity as per his/ her choice. Nothing is big deal if he/ she is not burning the crackers. But if they loose their self confidence with your comments are discouraging talks, it will take much more time for you and your child to regain confidence. Have a safe and happy Diwali!!   - M.S.Bhavana

  Investigate As a teacher it is your responsibility to handle the bully and ensure the welfare of all your students. Do not wait for the parents of the bullied to vehemently barge into your classroom and charge you of not taking appropriate actions. Keep an eye on student to student interaction. Before you take action and attempt to scold the concerned bully, investigate. Wander into his/her mind and question. What stimulates him or her to carry on with these atrocious and cruel acts? Where do these aggressive traits stem from? More importantly, why has the bully targeted the victim? Is it jealousy? Once you answer these questions, only then can you move ahead with damage control. Stress On Equality & Self Worth As mentioned before, we all come in different sizes. While it is humiliating to be as tiny as a midget, the tall amazons aren’t too comfortable either with their size, until they take on the identity of being powerful. Usually the bigger kids are the ones that take to bullying. A bully spares itself from any kind of teasing in class, by intimidating the rest in the guise of his/her size. As a teacher or parent, let the child know that everybody deserves to be treated as an equal. Size does not matter! It is personality and skills that do! Help him/her discover his/her own self worth so that he/she can discover the worth of everybody else! Eliminate All Threats Bullies bask in the glory of their power and thrive on the splendor of dominating their victims. The poor bullied souls are mortified and try at best to bunk school. They are too scared to let a word out or point fingers at the bully in fear that the bully’s threats may turn into a reality. The moment as parents, you unravel the case of your child’s tormented days, the best move is to contact the teacher or school principal. Threats to destroy belongings and physical assault can be controlled by amicably settling the situation with the parents of the bully. It is of utter importance that you protect your child from all sorts of bullying. Instill Confidence Train your kid to believe in himself/herself and to stand up for his/her rights! You aren’t always going to be around to watch him/her. Teach your children the significance of being able to defend themselves. By keeping mum, they will only encourage the bully to prolong the antics! Let your child know these facts of life and nudge him/her to make new friends.

  నెలలు నిండుతున్న ఉద్యోగానికి సెలవు పెట్టకపోతే మీ కడుపులోని బిడ్డకి హాని చేసిన వారవుతారు అంటూ హెచ్చరిస్తున్నారు పరిశోధకులు. ఎనిమిది నెలలు తర్వాత ఉద్యోగాలు వృత్తి పనులు మానుకోవడమే మేలని పరిశోధనల్లో తేలిందట.అలా వెళితే లోపల బిడ్డ ఎదుగుదల నెమ్మదిస్తుందని, బరువు తగినంత పెరగరని ఎసెక్స్ విశ్వవిద్యాలయం అధ్యయనంలో తేలింది. పుట్టినపుడు బిడ్డ బరువు వారి ఆరోగ్యం ఎదుగుదలపై చాలా ప్రభావాన్నిచూపిస్తుంది. కాబట్టి బిడ్డ ఆరోగ్యంగా మంచి బరువు తో పుట్టాలంటే గర్భం ధరించిన తరవాత ఎనిమిది నెలలకు ముందే సాధ్యమైనంత త్వరగా సెలవు తీసుకోవటం మేలని పరిశోధకులు సూచిస్తున్నారు.

  1: Adjust your behavior It's easy to tell your son to "man up" or try to make your daughter behave differently. However, the truth of the matter is that some children (and adults) are just more sensitive than others. Instead of criticizing or trying to change your child's behavior, adjust your own. Love your child unconditionally and accept his sensitivity as you would anything else about him. 2: Figure out his triggers Does your child get overwhelmed in crowded places? Does he interact better in small groups rather than large ones? If you find your child gets upset, overwhelmed or highly emotional in certain situations, you can often defuse issues before they start. Work with your child to help him feel more safe and secure. 3: Take things slowly If your child gets distressed over new or different situations, don't thrust her into changes. Instead, take things slowly. Encourage her to try new things without scolding or correcting her behavior if she doesn't take to it right away. You want her to feel more self-confident, not less. So don't push her into a situation where she isn't going to be comfortable. 4: Focus on his strengths Being sensitive isn't a horrible thing. In fact, it can be beneficial in plenty of situations. If your child is especially sensitive to people's emotions or the feelings of animals, it could eventually be the driving force behind his career choices. Sensitive children might have a better than average imagination, be gifted in certain areas scholastically or empathize when many others don't. Focus on your child's strengths and help him develop strong skills and good habits. 5: Get help if you need it In some circumstances, your child's sensitivity may be related to sensory processing disorder. Learn about the signs and symptoms of SPD and talk to your pediatrician. Children with SPD general need more routines in their lives. You can also help curb their symptoms, by using a sensory "diet." Seek help from your doctor, occupational therapists and other specialists to help meet your child's needs.

  Here are given some measures to stop this condition: Babies, who are bottle fed, can be given relief by changing the milk, Change in the place/environment, probably the baby is not able to adapt it. Mother, feeding the baby, should avoid foods like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts, parsnip, beans caffeine, alcohol, spicy food, etc, which may trigger such reaction. Babies may not be okay with the cow's milk because it is not easily digestible. Make the baby to burp after every meal, as it really essential for the baby to be fit and happy.