Go beyond crayons and markers!! Encouraging kids to use natural materials helps them enjoy the process of making art. You dont draw with them or set any standards, let them loose, on their own, however, do the kid-proofing much before hand, because you know how messy the walls and floor can get.

Present natural objects such as leaves, shells, dry fruits, grains, pine cones. Let them choose and arrange the objects on a canvas or a drawing chart in their own imaginary ways of various patters and designs. You will be surprised.

Shaving Cream: Spray shaving cream unless too expensive, with Dad's permission! onto a foil board or tray and add a few drops of food color. Let the child wear gloves and blend colors, make designs in the to not let the child swallow it. One Children's Museum in USA follows this technique.

PrintMaking: Collect everyday objects like bottle caps, wood pieces, cotton balls, ear buds, leaves, vegetable slices, sponges, cork, marker caps and let children between ages 2-4 and up dip them in washable, non-toxic water colors to print their canvas.

Clay towers: Get non-toxic clay, either colorful or mud clay, and encourage kids to make sculptures on thier own.


- Prathyusha Talluri

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