Parents are afraid if their li'l babies might fall while still learning to walk and they put them in a walker, but walkers actually dont encourage babies to start walking on thier own. Babies who generally have been in walkers are afraid to start walking on their own, without any support, they are so used to taking the help of these walking aids.

Walkers can be used but only after the baby has learnt to take initial steps. Walkers should be used to support an already walking child but not to stop babies from walking and tipping over.

Walkers are a hazard when there are staircases at home, when there are door stoppers in between, where the rooms are at different levels. Once babies learn to walk, they learn to run too, walkers with wheels allow babies to speed up. They reach things they cant, walkers allow them to be naughty too.

This is not to scare the parents, but supervision is always necessary when these baby gears are used. Dont put the baby in a walker and relax.


- Prathyusha Talluri


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