The second one was born recently and your first is already having insecurity issues? Parents have to start prepping up the older kids of the new arrival much before the delivery.

Always encouraging the child of being a responsible as a big one is good. Never neglect the first one just because you are tired or irate. In that case, let your partner take care of the elder one without him/her knowing that you cant handle them now.

Buy them a small baby doll and let them get attached to it as they do to a sibling. Once, the li'l one arrives, it will be easier. they will be able to relate and feel comfortable even with a young one around. Assign small and easy chores to the elder one, like holding the towel while you are giving the baby a bath, getting you the diapers, watching the baby in a swing/ craddle while you are cooking.

Keep an eye however, the elder ones can be skillfully naughty. They might be good at handling their baby dolls, so they might think they can lift the real baby too. Make it clear to them that the real baby is Mom's or Dad's responsibility to carry. Praise them everytime they help with the baby. Once in a while, handover the bay to your spouse and you spend some good time with the elder one.


- Prathyusha Talluri

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