Swallowed a Chewing Gum

Despite what your parents have told you in your childhood, that piece you accidentally swallowed won't stay in your stomach for seven years.

Like any food, it will probably pass through your system within two days. Your body can't digest gum, but that doesn't make it dangerous, the fluids in your body will flush it out. Swallowing it is like gulping anything else you eat. That is, unless you're ingesting a giant ball of gum at once or gulping numerous pieces a day, in which case the gum will form a mass and get stuck in the stomach,colon or intestines, we don't tend to do that anyways. Although rare, this complication occurs most often in young children.

So, Parents save gum-chewing for kids who are old enough to understand they have to spit it out, usually after age 5 or 6.


- Prathyusha

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