Milestones are to be remembered!! They are sweet memories, achievements, good turning points in ones life. Such are milestones in every child's life. However, they are definitely not yet ready to achieve rewards but only if they cross a milestone are they considered to be growing well and healthy..some babies skip these but ultimately everything settles for good!!

3-6 Months:

Babies observe our facial expressions. its important that we exhibit positive, happy expressions as babies tend to mimic ours. This same observation improves and helps thier concentrating ability in the future.

9-12 Months:

Babies observe the different colors and shapes. Use household cardboard boxes or plasticware to stack up and help the child crash those down using his/her hand. This simple game improves their eye-hand coordination and teaches cause-effect relationship.

1+ Years:

Present a soft toy or any child-friendly toy to the child and try to use it as a puppet. Talk to the child and help them learn to answer simple questions like "what is your name? what is your Dad's/ Mom's name? " It helps the child think and answer questions and improves language skills as they are ready to learn your language, infact any language. But dont use more than 2 languages at home, its so confusing. Specially Mom should use only one language always, the moment the child notices Mom is talking in a different language frequently, the child's brain is confused.

2+ Years:

Taking the child to the zoo, educational-science exhibitions meant for li'l ones is exciting at this stage. They identify the famous animals. Read books to them, show animals, fruits, vegetables that we come across regularly. It is helpful to promote early education. Thier fresh brain captures things fast, so make sure they are not exposed to Cruel, Voilent TV Shows, this point is not meant for children of 2+yrs age but for children of any age.

3+ Years:

Children learn to reciprocate and reproduce your actions. Teaching them to sing a good song, a lengthy rhyme is helpful in pronouncing long words. Even if you cant play any instrument, play one in your music system or encourage the child to play one just by giving a drum to the child. This improves concentration and hearing ability.


- Prathyusha Talluri

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