Newborn-hood comes with a free sleep package...Babies sleep and 3 months, parents have to plan of setting up a nap schedule. Putting the baby to nap at the same time everyday will set his/her internal clock to be sleepy at those moments, wherever they are.

If the baby wakes up at 6 am everyday, put him/her back to sleep at 8 am. Repeat for nap no.3, 4. If they fight sleep, check in on them every 5,10,15 minutes. Dont pick them up but stand beside and speak in a slow, soothing tone or sing a lullaby. Then leave the room so they can help themselves to sleep. It helps to have a naptime routine ---sing a lullaby, read a book. And be sure to keep the room dark and reasonably quiet.

The moment it is nap time, close the curtains, turn off the lights, take the story book and the baby will soon know that after an array of all these things, sleep comes and automatically, everyday. Repeating these things everytime, in addition to changing the dress or giving him/her a warm bath at night makes the baby learn that it is not a naptime but sleep time at night and that they can sleep longer until morning.

By the end of 5 months age, they will learn to sleep around 8pm, make sure to follow your routine else they will take a nap at 8pm and wake up afresh at 10pm when you are ready for bed....


- Prathyusha Talluri

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