Not just elders, even kids need to exercise. Infact, there is a minimum daily required time for every kid based on their age, a new European study has pinpointed.

Pediatricians usually recommended 60 minutes of exercise for every kid, but this study has added few more minutes.

The researchers tracked how active 3000 kids in the 2 to 9 yrs group were, then they estimated thier risk for heart disease based on factors like blood-sugar levels and body mass index.

Result: Exercise time needs to increase as kids reach school age, and boys need more time than girls do. Fortunately, any physical activity like going for a walk, climbing the playground equipment, jogging, playing activity games that need physical movement will fit the bill.


2-6 yrs 73 minutes

6-9 yrs 85 minutes


2-6 yrs 58 minutes

6-9 yrs 66 minutes


- Prathyusha Talluri

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