There is no one single answer when asked how much sleep do babies really need. Some babies snooze longer at night; others love their daytime naps. Here are some guidelines on the total number of hours they need to sleep.

AGE                    DAILY AMOUNT OF SLEEP              NO.OF DAY TIME NAPS
NEWBORN                     10 to 18 Hours                       Round the clock naps
                                                                                   that last 2 to 4
3 MONTHS                          15 Hours                           2 to 4 naps, 30to 2
hours each                                                                     
6 MONTHS                           14 Hours                          2 to 3 naps, 45 to 2                         minutes                                                                            
hours each                                                           
1 YEAR OLD                      13 to 14 Hours                    2 naps, 1 to 1.5 each                        hours


Based on the table above, a baby can sleep the maximum time, splitting the time between daytime naps and sleep at night. Consulting the pediatrician if the child sleeps too less or too much than the hours mentioned as per their age is suggested for the well-being of the child. Some babies tend to sleep more if one of the parents has the habit or if any medication is being taken.


- Prathyusha Talluri

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