A Child's love is pure. They love immensely and depend so much on parents. They chant the names of their friends daily. Its important that parents watch what a child does and whom they make friends with. But, over watching, and warning the child on everything he/she does is not good. It forces the child to loose self-confidence, they depend on parents even after growing up. The words "NO, YOU CAN'T DO IT, DON'T DO IT" are not good always. Parents have to teach children to help their selves and to be careful while doing things. Encouraging a child to do a job and being available to offer help is a good start, slowly the child learns to do it on his/her own and knows that parents always and only come when its time to help.

A child also looses confidence in a person when parents are not spending time with the child, when parents are not beside them to soothe a painful situation and share happiness with the child. Teaching a child to trust others and also being careful of over-dependency on anyone is very important. This way, they make friends easily and are careful of not being bullied or hurt in relationships.


- Prathyusha Talluri

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