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“All that we are is the result of what we have thought” is the very first sentence from Buddha’s Dhammapada. It is said that Steve Job’s now famous “Think Different” theme was inspired from this profound quote. All great things evolve from a simple thought – a thought that goes beyond what we envision is possible. With this “possibility thinking” as our inspiration, California Telugu Samithi (CTS) is embarking on a new journey. A journey we know will lead us on a path to become the beacon of telugu community in the Sacramento region. We will transcend beyond organizing mere cultural programs and bring new identity by preserving and promoting telugu literature, culture, and assimilation into the main stream by giving back to the local community.



CTS has been a volunteer run organization and volunteerism will remain part of its core. However, in order to lead us to new possibilities, we also need new governance structure. Therefore we are pleased to announce new CTS organizational structure and volunteers entrusted to lead us on this new journey. An egalitarian structure that includes thirteen executive council (EC) members will lead the organization for a period of 2 years. Each EC will in turn recruit a group of volunteers to help with execution of his/her role. Below are the first term EC members that are chartered with writing the by-laws and ensuring that we take the right first steps. Let us give our full support and encouragement to these outstanding individuals.


1. President: Natarajan Gutta

2. Secretary: Sridevi Somanchi

3. Treasurer: Chandra Mohan Vinnakota

4. Cultural Coordination: Vasundara Vedantam

5. Venue Management: Prabhakar Ayyagari

6. Stage Management: Sudheer Padinchera

7. Technology: Kalyan Dhanwantry

8. Guest Relations: Mamata Reddy

9. Charity and Community Services: Srinivas Reddy Kalluri

10. Public Relations : Bhaskar Rao Jonnalagadda

11. Media : Soma Kacherla

12. Marketing: Chandhu Yalla

13. Sports and Outdoor activities: Venkat Mechineni

14. Literary Activities : Sridevi Raavi

15. Educational Activities : Kumar Kalagara


FYI: here are the glimpses of some of the cultural programs we have produced in the past.





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