Dassara Navaratrulu in Hong Kong

For a very long time , Hong Kong has been the place of settlement for many Indians . While some of the Indians have lived for a few generations and consider Hong Kong as their home. According to the census 2006 , there are 20,444 Indians living in Hong Kong has further increased in greater numbers by 2011.

There are many religious beliefs among Indians like Hinduism , Islam and Sikhism that prevail in Hong Kong . All the festivals of different beliefs are performed with all their respective rituals with great enthusiasm . Talking about Hindu festivals , Ganesh Chaturthi , Dassara Navratrulu , Deepavali , Makar Sankranti are all celebrated with great passion , keeping up the Indian Culture and passing it on to the future generations . It’s not a festival of any single region like Andhra Pradesh , Tamil Nadu , Karnataka …but they are considered as a ONE Community festival and is embraced by all the Indians alike.

For the Dassara festival , all the Indians start preparing way ahead and all the 9 days “ Lalitha Sahasranamam “ is chanted in groups , at different Volunteers / Devotees homes and one of the auspicious day at the Hindu Temple ., and for the Chanting at the Hindu Temple all regional people are allowed to participate.

The Hong Kong Telugu Samakhya , has initiated the Dassara celebrations with “ Lalitha Sahasranamam “ chantings at members residences and also participate in the “ Samuhika Lalitha Sahasranamam “ performed every year during the Navratri days at the Hindu Temple.

As part of the “ Chantings “ , Sri Lalitha Sahsra Namavali “ is followed by some of the most melodious songs like “ Namo devyayi maha devyayi “ , “ Mahishasura mardhani “ , “ Durga Sapta Shloki “ , which enchants every individual . For the “Prasadam “ all the traditional receipes are flavoured with with local punch , that makes it even more relishing. Not only Food , even the houses are cleaned and decorated for this special week and Goddess is decorated beautifully among the “ Bommala Koluvu “ . This is the Festival that all the Maa Durga devotees look forward to because it is during these 10 days that , they get an opportunity to meet each other and their families , as otherwise life in Hong Kong keeps them miles away from spending some leisure time for themselves.

When all Indian Ladies are beautifully dressed in their Traditional Sarees and intricate Indian Jewellery , the local Hong Kongers wouldn’t stop praising the beauty of Indian dressing. Infact , many of the Chinese / Hong Kongers have started to embrace Indian Jewelery like Nose rings , Anklets , Bangles and Kurtis .

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