Lord Ayyappa Swami METLA/ PADI Pooja on Sat Jan 14th in Jacksonville

Lord Ayyappa Swami Pooja will be performed at Jacksonville Hindu Temple on Saturday, January 14th’ 2012. Ayyappa Sharanu Ghosha, Ayyappa bhajans and Ayyappa abhishekham will be performed at pooja, interested devotees who wants to participate or to do sponsorship please forward your information


Pooja Details: (Saturday, January 14th’ 2012):

6:00 PM Sankalpam, Abhishekam

6:30 PM Bhajan Starts with Sharana Ghosha

8:30 PM Bhajan Ends, Ayyappa Hariharasanam and Maha Prasadam (Dinner) and also Aravana payasam and Appam

Ghee Abishekam to Lord Ayyappa is very auspicious. Devotees observe Vratham for Mandala Deeskha (41 days) and carry Irumudi up the Eighteen Holy steps will perform abishekams to Lord Ayyappa. Decorations with sandalwood powder and abishekam with flowers are also performed. Appam, Paanakam and Aravanai Paayasam are offered to Lord Ayyappa.


  Lord Ayyappa Swami Pooja will be performed at Jacksonville Hindu Temple on Saturday, January 14th’ 2012.


About Lord Ayyappa:

Lord Ayyappa is the son of Lord Siva and Mohini. Vishnu took the form of Mohini to destroy a demon named Basmasura. Ayyappa stands for constructive and destruction which is a combination of Vishnu and Siva. He protects our spiritual wealth and grace by maintaining the thought of godliness and destroys all other thoughts pertaining to worldly infatuations. He is the symbol of unity among all sects of Hinduism.



Loka Veeryam Mahaa Poojyam Sarva Rakshaakaram Vibhum

Parvathee Hirdya-anandham Saasthaaram pranamaamyaham


MEANING: I bow to Lord Shasta (Ayyappa, the upholder of Dharma and Sastra) who gladdens the heart of Parvathi. He is a peerless warrior who protects all. His glory is great and he deserves great reverence and devoted worship….. Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa!


Lord Ayyappa Archana $11:00

Lord Ayyappa Abhishekham (Ghee/Milk/Honey): $51:00


If anyone is interested to sing Ayyappa bhajan songs at pooja, please forward your name and song details to following email address. For more information contact below members.

Chukka Murali             904-536-0423               Balraj Goud Sukka      727-644-7119

Kirthidhar Goud           904-343-3105               Venkat Nandamuri      727-278-0008


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