HANGING CLOTHES   Prathyusha   Wire hangers may be cheap and space saving but not a good option to hang clothes. They can actually damage your clothes. The T-Shirt and shirts can hang better on wire hangers but the knits that are heavy tend to sag down due to their weight and the wire can't give enough support to hold them well, result, the neck line or shoulders become shapeless after a while.  There is all danger that the wire hanger catches rust if used to hang wet clothes to dry and that rust a damage a dress/shirt when hung later.    The also pose hazards to children because of the sharp and metal edges.  One metal hanger here and there, stored away from children is useful to open door knobs when locked, when a baby is caught inside the room and locks himself/herself, wire hangers are there for rescue. If you have too many wire hangers, and are not interested in using them after reading this article, think of taking them to a recycling plant. And splurge in wooden hangers or if you think they are expensive or that clothes don't need such an expense, then plastic hangers are better. However, when choosing plastic hangers, buy the stronger ones, some cheap versions can't hold even an average dress weight and break easily.   

Sarojini Naidu - The Nightingale of India Today is Sarojini Naidu’s 135th birthday and we had the Google doodle in its homepage to remind us of this exemplary lady who was freedom fighter, women’s activist , poet, first Lady Governor of a state after Independence, First Woman President of Indian National Congress. And more details you check the Wikipedia .We could like to share a few excerpts from a letter written to her daughter when she was in Europe which gives an insight into this lady’s mindset which every progressive Indian mother would feel towards her daughter. A very relevant letter to every Indian girl child and woman even today! 'My temperament and ideas are different --from what the world accepts and understands' Le Grand Hotel Marseille 4 March 1921   My beloved little child,   This is my last night in Europe, in this great foreign, arrogant continent where through my song and speech and struggle I have won a place for India. Now I am glad to set my face homewards once more to serve India with speech and song and struggle: the one poignant regret I have is that I leave you behind - alone. You - with your brave, beautiful, rebellious, ignorant youth; you - with your passionate, implacable temperament, so audaciously sure of itself, its aims, its innocence, its lofty ideals and lively desires and dreams, and yet so threatened with perils and pitfalls, all the more to be feared because you are so fearless, so impatient to tender counsel born of bitter experience... My little girl, how I have tried to shield and guard you, to save you from the suffering and disillusion arising out of your own too eager, too exacting demands upon friendships and affections and understandings, unused and unable to endure the strain of such fury and insistent demands... When you have resented what you thought was an attempt to curb and control and hamper you, I assure you my darling there was nothing but the purest, most deepest comprehending mother-love, trying to safeguard you from the results of your own impetuous and vivid nature and impulses - so harshly misjudged and misconstrued by even those who seemed to you most of necessity to understand an appreciate... It is because I want to protect you from suffering such as I had to endure in my youth because my temperament and ideas were different - they are different - from what the world accepts and understands - that I tried to guide you... But as the French poet said, "A chacun son infini" - and you must find and realise your own soul in the infinity of its own loneliness, my child. Only remember that you are an Indian girl and that puts upon you a heavier burden than if you were an English girl born to a heritage of freedom. Remember that you have to help India to be free and the children of tomorrow to be free-born citizens of a free land therefore - if you are true to your country's need you must recognise the responsibility of your Indian womanhood. Nothing in your speech or action should cause the progress of Indian women to suffer, nothing in yourself should give room for wretched reactionary slave - minds to say "This comes of giving too much education and freedom to our women." Think over it my darling. You are not free - one is - in the sense of being a law unto yourself in defiance of all existing tradition in our country - for freedom is the heaviest bondage in one sense - since it entails duties, responsibilities and opportunities from which slaves are immune... Noblesse oblige! and the ampler the liberty the narrower the right to do as one pleases. And you my friend of delight... you must shine as a foremost gem in the crown of India's freedom... You have in you all the seeds of true greatness: be great my little child, fulfill yourself nobly in accordance with all the profound and beautiful impulses and ideals of your nature... but always remembering that you are the symbol of India. And may God prosper you in all things. I love you my baby. You will never know how dearly, and with what anxious and yearning tenderness... Such a carnival is impossible in sombre and splendid London! Paris is the source of gaiety, something in the air makes one young and adventurous and full of joie de vivre. How you would have loved the Mt Carmel and how glad I am to have had that brief, happy interlude before I take upon myself the grave problems and perplexities that await me in India. Well, goodnight my little Papi and good bye! You are the guardian of my Jewel of Delight... Beware! Be faithful to your trust and keep the treasure of your soul incorruptible. Your, Mother My boat sails at noon tomorrow. This letter was written to Leelaamani Naidu, her daughter

TECH CLEANING   The regular glass cleaner spray is good for Windows, Glass Tabletops but definitely not for Computer screens. Many computers have monitors covered in plastic, not glass, which can become damaged or dulled if repeatedly cleaned with glass cleaner sprays. The ammonia in these sprays have a damaging affect on plastic and leave behind traces of minerals which may not show up on window glass but look like residue on computer screens.  Instead clean your computer screens with Isopropyl Alcohol. mix it with equal amount of water--distilled water ideally., spray it on a microfiber cloth, and wipe your screen in small circular motions. Its cheap and easy and it will help us get rid of most gunk on the screens.  Coming  to Keyboards and Mouse, they are the most unclean areas. Please remember to wash your hands after you type on your keyboard or use a mouse, or when you re eating while working at the computer. You may neglect it, but notice the gunk that attaches to the cleaning cloth or a paper towel and you will realise. its so alarmingly worse.      -Prathyusha

India’s example for Today’s Woman     Chanda Kochhar who made it to the top 18th  rank of the FORTUNE Global 50 Most Powerful Women In Business -2014 and being the only Indian lady in the list apart from  U.S based Pepsico’s Indra Nooyi, is a matter of pride for the country and an inspiration to all the women who aspire for greater success in the Corporate leadership. Born on November 17, 1961 in Jodhpur, Rajasthan , her life and career is a wonderful example for today’s woman being the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ICICI Bank, India’s largest private and overall second largest bank in the country. And also awarded with the Padma Bhushan in 2011  and a host of other awards for her contribution in the banking industry. At work: Starting her  career as a Management trainee with ICICI in the year 1984 and has thereon successfully risen through the ranks by efficiently handling multi-dimensional assignments and heading all the major functions in the Bank at various points in her life. The turmoil in the global and domestic financial markets saw Kochhar at the helm of banking operations of ICICI where she  revived the sagging fortunes of the banks  with the strategy of four C’s- capital conservation, cost efficiency, CASA (Current Account Savings Account) and credit quality.  Within a year the bank became India's largest privately owned bank with assets of nearly USD 80 billion and an expanding global reach.  Woman are powerful :A firm believer that the woman force in an organization can grow only through merit, Kochhar leads by example by not expecting any special privileges for the fairer sex .  Optimist :An eternal optimist she does not shriek away from challenges. She believes that new entrants cannot disrupt large banks and that competition provides the best value to consumers.  She has also handled criticism from the predominantly male bastions of the Banking sector for her radical reforms with quiet dignity and only let her work speak for itself. Work Life Balance :A mother of two, Kochhar efficiently juggles her career with family. She never slacks in her 24-hour schedule and utilises her breathing time to go through mails, telephonic conferences or to catch up on sleep.  For decades now, women in our country have been struggling to balance their evolution as mothers, homemakers, dedicated professionals and nation-builders. Chanda Kochhar who is perceived as top corporate honcho, as MD & CEO of India’s largest Private sector bank, ICICI, few would guess that side-by-side; she has also been the most hands-on mother where she has raised two children and her banking responsibilities with ease.  Spending quality time with her family: Her awards make her no different and when it comes to managing her family and children. She continues to manage their routines, even though they are quite grown up. She also supervises what is happening at home. She is tough at work, but she never discusses her work or her problems at home. She has gone through the routines of handling the kids homework and completed their  cut-paste projects till late in the nights and attending their PTA meets. She has also taught her children to be independent and manage their lives on their own to an extant which is a very important for children who have working parents. Loves the Indian way of Life: Indian values and culture have always been deep rooted in Chand Kochhar. She is fond of Indian meals  and you always see her well groomed and immaculately dressed in the sari . Husband Support : She wouldn’t have been where she was without her husband  Deepak Kochhar’s, (a wind energy entrepreneur) support. Growing up in an environment of simplicity and respect for each other has kept them grounded which continues till this day.  Importance for family time: Chanda Says” As a family, we try to spend as much time together as we can, within the constraints of our respective schedules. We travel together on holidays; we do a lot of fun things at home, chat over dinners and coffee and bond over movies. During Aarti’s  and Arjun’s childhood (her son and daughter ), I was doing more of parental duty of supervising them, but today they have grown to be  independent individuals who are capable of taking care of themselves and making choices and decisions  by themselves. She has beautifully combined the conventional act of being a mother at home, and a professional at work -a very important attribute to learn and imbibe for working women in India…          

EARNING HAND Should a Woman work? The answer only they know, only they have the right to answer....why should someone else answer on her behalf? If she wants to work and earn a living, its her decision. There are families that need both wife and husband to earn, but there are also families that can survive on a single earning, still the wife works to earn. If she works by interest, the life is happy. However, if she is forced to earn, the family might be happy, what about her? Is anyone thinking of her happiness? She is tired, she is missing her children, if there are no children yet, then she is working with no interest. Once women have children, it becomes very difficult to handle children and job. However, if there is someone to help, she can handle but if there is no one to care for the kids during the day, and mom has to go to job, then both mom and kids suffer. It is a common thing in the society but there is lot of suffering involved. They are the growing years of the children and Dad will anyways miss, Dads may not feel so bad, but for a Mom to miss watching the children grow up, achieve the initial milestones is so tough. Due to better salaries, if they are forced to take up any other jobs than their interested ones, it is so difficult and demotivating to continue. Can't they do something they excel or interested in, if it pays less? As the society shouts, there is a Man to run the family anyways, who holds a higher paying job anyways!!! I feel women should be allowed to make decisions about their career on their own. Whether they want to continue working, take a break when kids are born and when they are growing up, and get back to job if still interested, or pursue a career of interest should be some decisions to be made on their own, instead of the husband or parents deciding or manipulating.   - Prathyusha

FASHION FOR HOMES Who says Fashion is only for Humans....even Houses deserve the tag..."Fashionable" and the best Brands, Designer names. Some people like to buy the La-z-Boy Sofas, some buy furniture from the name brand stores. Some like to flaunt drapery from a famous store and a few love to show off the expensive decor. In India, home owners are more interested in showcasing their collections in their craftmen made wooden cabinets, or in the current times, the custom ordered cabinets too. Discussions on who crafted them, how long it took, how much they spent are common when guests arrive, and the next time you see the same craftmen making another whole house's wood work on recommendation. People spend their money and interest in building and buying homes, they dream of decorating them so well that their homes shape into the fashionable ones.   - Prathyusha

Tips to remove stains from cotton fabric As summers are already here and everyone would love to wear cotton so I decided to first compile few stain removal tips for cotton fabric: 1) To remove coffee or tea stains from the fabric sponge the stain with water as soon as possible and then apply salt over it. Once the stain has dried soak the fabric in cold water for atleast 30 minutes and then wash it as usual. 2) In case of sweat stains rub table salt over it and then let it dry out in the sun. Wash as usual. 3) Ink stains can be removed by applying hairspray or alcohol on it. 4) To remove oil stain rub cornstarch or talcum powder over the stain and let it sit for 20 minutes then brush it off with a soft cloth or brush. 5) Dilute the dishwashing liquid with water and dab the makeup of lipstick stains with this solution. 6) To remove chewing gum from clothes apply ice over it and then scrape it off from the garment. 7) Tea and coffee stains can also be removed by applying glycerine over it. 8) To remove curry stains mix the equal amounts of water and glycerine together and then apply it on the stain from the reverse side. Wash as usual. 9) Apply alcohol with a soft cotton cloth over the grass stains and then wash as usual. 10) To remove wine or fruit stains rub the fresh stains with a mixture of salt and lemon juice. 11) To remove tannin stains wash the garment in hot water but do not use bar soaps as they can make the stains permanent. 12) Rust stains can be removed by applying salt and lemon juice on it. Sprinkle salt and squeeze lemon juice on it. Allow it to dry in the sun and then wash it as usual.

EXPAND THE BATHROOM SOFT COLORS Pale colors on the walls and floor tend to give the illusion of space. Avoid using strong colors except on accessories, towels and decorations. BRING IN GLASS Get rid of the shower curtain or frosted-glass shower doors and replace them with clear glass. It will open up the shower area, making it a part of the entire room and giving the appearance of more space. FLOAT THE SINK: Use a pedestal or wall-mount sink. While the additional floor space won't exactly be usable, it will trick the eye into believing the room is larger. LIGHT UP If the bathroom doesn't have natural light, try recessed lighting. It is unobtrusive and won't "bring the ceiling down" and make the room feel shorter, plus it can be placed anywhere and focused onto any task area. RAISE HIGH To expand a small room, add to the ceiling. A light fixture with a ceiling medallion will draw the eye up, as will crown molding. Just make sure the molding is not too large for the space. Other architectural features like chair rail and wainscoting can also help visually expand a small space.   - Prathyusha

UPPER HAND - Prathyusha Talluri   GOD gave us 2 hands, not Upper hand and lower hand...Marriage is a balance, any imbalance would definitely cause problems. In a dominant relationship, either the wife or the Husband might stay calm, but they know they are not happy with the dominant partner. Ofcourse, there are people who dont mind being dominated, their love for the other person is such. It doesnot mean, a partner who dislikes to be dominated is not loving the wife/ husband perfectly.  Times were such in past generations where wives never bothered much if her husband ddn't care for her. There were even wives who dominated badly. I wonder who started it, but there is a fear of being dominated in marriage. Arranged marriages tend to initiate this fear as the partners don't know eachother well. We never know, some Love-marriages change too. But my question is...Why should one dominate, can't there be love and trust ?...We see so many wives complaining even in these times, so many husbands frustrated...their partners don't spare them even in parties and public places, they think it adds weight to their power but that behaviour kills the persons public respect, and the whole family's image.   It is so inconvenient for the friends to continue being with them, for new families to make friends with them, either one should be friends with the pitiful wife or husband, and indirectly the dominant character tries to influence the friends of the wife/husband...and they are left isolated....where are we ending finally? The families ruined, no friendly relationships, no happy discussions, no good memories.......who taught that person to be dominant, where did she/he learn that trait from??!!    

PILLOW BASICS Make your bedroom look magazine worthy with these tips for arranging bed pillows. 1) Stack four white pillows at the head of the bed for a clean simple look. 2) For another look, place normal size pillows against the head board and then a pair of big size pillows (shams) covering them. Build upon this basic look by adding accent pillows. Place two identical accent pillows in front of the shams. Cram the look with another printed accent pillow. Asymmetrical arrangement like this creates a traditional, more formal look. 3) For a more relaxed look, start with standard pillows in patterned pillow covers and add plain colored big size pillows (shams). Then add in a few accent pillows. They don't need to be perfectly arranged and can overlap at casual angles. To dress up a Sofa with Pillows: 1) Ditch the pillows that came with your sofa in favor of a more personal arrangement. Pair a large square plain colored solid pillow with along small patterned pillow for an ensemble without fuss. Place another pillow and throw for balance. Varied shapes and patterns keeps it look interesting and simple. 2) Create the same arrangement on both sides of the sofa for a traditional look, layering in large pillows with small pillows in front. Play with different shapes, textures and patterns to create a look that's fresh and relaxed. Mixing in at least one pair of pillows in the arrangement pulls it all together. - Prathyusha

FIRST STEP OF THE SEVEN 'Saptapadi'. They say Seven steps but marriage is more than just steps, there are voyages, barriers, distances, and finally a successful journey. Every girl who is happy about her marriage being arranged is not only happy but also tensed. Her life is about to change, she has no clue how much it would change. Everyone around her says, it will change, it will be different, it will be good, she will be happy. However, there is not much time to worry, she has to shop around, get ready...and then finally the Big Day. The first few days are super busy, and once things start to settle down, slowly she realises its a new house, new people, new voices...... The people whom she grew up with are no longer around her, every morning she wakes up, its not her Mom's voice thats heard first. Her Dad's love not easily available, the siblings' hugs are far off.......these are the times when a newly married Girl seeks her Husband's affection, she looks for her maternal family's love in him, she is suddenly very emotional, suddenly there are tears filling her eyes...Some men understand this state of a woman and they try to comfort and soothe, but few don't and can't even understand why a girl cries when she bids farewell to her parents after the wedding. Girls, attention!!! Its not a guy's fault, they need not be blamed for such a non-understanding behaviour. Its just their nature. Even the most loving men, can't sometimes be so sensitive. Please don't judge your man right away. If he can't understand your state of mind, keep quiet, call your parents and tell them you miss them, but don't cry and cry. You don't want to act or demand sympathy from him. don't be so weak....nothing went wrong, you just got married...even your Mom got married few years ago, but she is happy now..your better guide could be your Mom. Some more relief coming your way!!   - Prathyusha

COLOR PSYCHOLOGY Every color has its own personality and also reflects a characteristic. These color concepts are keenly followed in Interior design to make a space turn successfully beautiful. Yellow is often associated with happiness and optimism because it can activate memory, stimulate the nervous system and promote creativity. Pair up yellow with white for a better combination. If a bright yellow isn't your style, try a neutral pale shade. The added bonus: the earthy shade gives the appearance of a larger room. Red immediately evokes a passionate, romantic feel in any room. It can add drama when used generously or just a simple touch can warm up a space. Use small doses of red if you want to spice things up without completely committing to the bold hue. Pink isn't just for little girls' rooms anymore. Pink adds that youthful feel to any space. A deep orange, or terra-cotta shade, is a great option for a home office — it's energizing by day and cozy by night. Go with a lighter shade of orange, such as apricot, if you want a more energetic yet relaxing look. Green reminds us of life and renewal since it's associated with nature. It's one of the most versatile colors — it can be dramatic, refreshing or inviting depending on how you use it. Lighter shades of green, such as sea green and celery green, bring a light and airy look. A light-green shade can add sophistication and crispness in harmony. Any homeowners turn to blue when painting a room because they want a comfortable, inviting feel in their home. For a serene environment, mix a glacier blue with chrome accents. For a completely different mood, choose a darker shade of blue, such as sapphire. This shade will bring a powerful punch to any room, but it isn't for the faint of heart. For a less dramatic approach, bring in touches of yellow. Purple correlates with royalty and creativity, and it can completely refresh your home's interior. If you have a simple space you want to spruce up, try adding multiple shades of purple. Sometimes all you need are accents of color to change the mood of a room,purple pillows to a gray living room bring in an energetic vibe. Designers love to use gray as a backdrop or neutral shade because of its ability to allow other colors to shine. Its sophistication comes off as too serious sometimes. A lighter shade of gray brings a romantic, sophisticated and inviting look. Brown is one of the most comforting colors, so it's a top choice for living rooms and kitchens. The soft brown wood tones for cabinets make a room feel inviting and pleasant. Using brown is a great way to highlight bold colors while anchoring the space.   - Prathyusha

TISSUE POM POMS Tissue papers can be very handy and inexpensive decoration materials for a Birthday/Party. Materials Needed: colorful tissue paper, scissors, florist wire, ribbon. Procedure: Layer six to 10 sheets of standard-sized tissue paper on a flat surface. Fold width wise in an accordion-fold pattern. Use sharp scissors to cut both ends of the folded tissue paper into a point. Bind the center of the tissue with florist wire. Tie a ribbon onto the wire so the finished pom-pom can be suspended. Gently pull apart layers of tissue and fluff them to form a sphere. Alternate between pink, lime green and white tissue to create a striped effect or choose paper in varying shades of the same color for a floral effect.   - Prathyusha More articles from this author.... http://teluguone.com/vanitha/content/left-out-wrapping-paper-944- 26438.html#.Uunmhvu6Zkg

MOM-IN-LAW and LOVE When it comes to a helping hand, two Grandmothers are better than just one. I am not writing this so that you will impress your Mom-in-law to only get her help to handle your children, but also that you will have a better and happy family life. A new Australian study proves that Women who had better contacts with thier own mothers and mother-in-laws have much higher satisfaction in life and overall well-being. You can't under-estimate two sources of maternal support. Infact, grievances and silent wars with ones Mother-in-law never help. Its always good to say HELLO and stay in touch with His Mom, it makes him feel good about you and his Mom will not feel bad about you...there will not be any resentful feelings in the marriage if strong relationships are maintained with both sides of the family. Stay Happy!!!   - Prathyusha

Cleaning winter coats "To not bother much about our Winter coats is not a big thing, but not anymore. Though the coats we use to shield us from the cold and rain don't need as much cleaning as our socks do, coats also need cleaning once a while. Most insulated jackets are made of fabric that's meant to protect us from cold and rain, and if it becomes grimy, it will lose some ability to repel water. Even coats that appear spotless should be cleaned once a year to keep them smelling and looking fresh. It's easy to do: while there are some exceptions( as mentioned in the tag inside for washing directions), many insulated jackets can be washed in a machine using warm water and a gentle cycle. To dry, zip the coat and close it, turn it inside out, and tumble dry on low. Then shake out the jacket and puff it up.   - Prathyusha

TOP OFF THE FUEL TANK? Resist the urge to round up the nearest dollar/rupee when you are at the fuel station filling on your own or even if there is a helper. The more fuel you force into your tank beyond its capacity, the more fuel vapors you force out----either into the atmosphere as pollutants, or into your vehicle's vapor-collection system, which could become overloaded. That's not the only drawback. The nozzle shuts off when the tank is full, so those last few drops you're paying for could remain in the fuel hose. Once you hang up the nozzle, the gas drains right back into the station's reservoir. its may be pennies or very few rupees, but still what a waste of money!!!   - Prathyusha More articles from this author..... http://teluguone.com/vanitha/content/wall-decor-944-26023.html#.UuYio_u6Zkg http://teluguone.com/vanitha/content/---hanging-lamp-shades-944- 26544.html#.UuYic_u6Zkg

COLORFUL HANGING LAMPSHADES - Prathyusha Talluri   Who says beautiful hanging lampshades are only sold in the Decorative stores. If you have the desire, and interest, and few necessary items,,you can hang one each in all your rooms and also start giving as gifts.    We need: Few long colorful yarn or coconut twine,  Strong glue or corn starch and  a Balloon. One light bulb with a long enough electric wire and a holder, already hung or with the arrangement to hang the shade, once ready. To start with: Apply the glue to the yarn and start wrapping it around the inflated balloon as close or as desired in weave. Leave a small area, just wide enough to slide the bulb holder at the top or bottom. Give the yarn a night’s time to dry out and use clear spray shellac to finish it. Now once the yarn is dry, blow the balloon flat, pull out the balloon slowly out of the sphere. The lampshade is ready to decorate your space and on its own a warm and fuzzy conversation piece.  

Design Your Own Jewellery You can make beautiful jewelry using simple techniques. A string of pearls is an ornament of timeless beauty.To make a string of pearls, you will need approximately 50 pre-drilled pearls with a diameter of 6-millimeters, a length of about 2 yards of size E silk thread, a thin needle, two clamshell tips, one jump ring, and a lobster clasp. Small scissors and jewelery cement are also needed. Thread the silk string through the needle, and move the needle to the middle of the string. Make a knot to tie the loose ends. Put the threaded needle through one clamshell tip and pull the thread until the knot is on the cupped side of the clamshell. Add a drop of glue, trim the remaining silk and close the clamshell. Start threading the pearls, and make an overhand knot with the doubled silk string between each pearl.Pull each knot tight against each pearl by sliding your fingernail. Link the clamshell tips to the lobster clasp and the jump ring.apply a tiny drop of glue at the end of the clamshell to keep the tip from opening.Once the clasp and jump ring have been added, the pearl string is complete.