Your soggy clothes could become smelly ones if they're abandoned or by-chane forgotten too long. After 8-12 hours, mildew can easily start to develop on damp fabric. it won't ruin your clothes, but it could leave a bad odour, like the one in sweaty socks. If that happens, rewash the entire load of clothes as soon as possible using the Hottest water suggested for the fabric. And if a musty smell continues to stay in the machine, run an empty cycle using a washing machine cleaner. They are available in the market.   - Prathyusha. T

  వినాయకుడు అనగానే పిండి వంటలు, పూజా కార్యక్రమాలు అన్నీ పద్ధతిలో చేస్తాం. సరేమరి! ఈ వినాయక చవితి పండగ ఎందుకు చేస్తాం? ఈ పండగ "హీరో" వినాయకుడే కదా! తన వ్యక్తిత్వం నుండి పిల్లలు ఏం గ్రహించాలో ఈ విషయాలు కూడా చెబితే పిల్లలు GANESHA MY FRIEND అంటూ గణేష్ తో ఫ్రెండ్ షిప్ చేస్తారు. గణేష్ వ్యక్తిత్వం మనకు చెప్పేది తన శరీరాకృతిని చూసి ముడుచుకుపోలేదు. తన ప్రతిభతో అన్నీ లోకాలకు అధిపతి అయ్యాడు. మనం ఎలా ఉన్నామని కాదు. మన ప్రతిభ ఏమిటనేది ముఖ్యంగా గ్రహించాలి అని చెబుతారు గణేశా. Tough time లో కూడా smart గా ఆలోచించటం గణేష్ నుండి పిల్లలు గ్రహించాల్సిన మరో విషయం. అన్నీ లోకాలు చుట్టి మొదట ఎవరు వస్తే వారికే గణాధిపత్యం ఇస్తాం అని అంటే... తన ఎలుక వాహనంతో అన్ని లోకాలు చుట్టి మొదట రావటం అసాద్యం అని తెలిసి, తన తల్లిదండ్రుల చుట్టూరా ప్రదక్షిణాలు చేసి గణాధిపత్యాన్ని దక్కించుకున్నాడు. ఎలాంటి పరిస్థితుల్లోనైనా ఓటమిని అంగీకరించకుండా, గెలవాలనుకుంటే విజయం ఎదురస్తుంది అని ఈ సంఘటన మనకి చెబుతుంది. స్నేహానికి సరిసమానులే అవసరం లేదని ఎలుకతో friendship చేసి, ఎలుకతో తనకున్న స్నేహం మనకు నేర్పిస్తుంది.   ఇక గణేష్ ఆకారాన్ని ఒకసారి చూస్తే... పెద్ద చెవులు ఎదుటివారు చెప్పేది శ్రద్దగా వినమని చెబుతాయి. చిన్నికళ్ళు సూక్ష్మదృష్టి అవసరమని చెబుతాయి. ఇలా గణేష్ ఆకారం నుంచి వ్యక్తిత్వం దాకా ఎన్నో పిల్లలు తమ జీవితంలో నేర్చుకుతీరాల్సినా పాఠాలు కనిపిస్తుంటాయి. కేవలం దేవుడిగా పూజించి వదిలేయకుండా, మనం నేర్చుకోవాల్సిన ఇంకా బోలెడన్ని ప్రత్యేకతలు కనిపిస్తాయి వినాయకుడిలో. మరి పిల్లలకు గణేష్ గురించి తప్పకుండా చెబుతారు కదా! వినాయక చవితి శుభాకాంక్షలు   -రమ

  Just because women spend more time in the kitchen, doesnot mean it should feel boring in there. why dont we start planning for the weekend, right from the kitchen. Many of us stick phone number lists, birthday calenders in the kitchen cabinets. This is a kind of new idea, i have. You might like it. Cut a new restaurant picture from the newspaper, or an Article about a new shopping place, a new Grocery store that sells Organic items, a new park, you might try visiting this weekend or some, a beach location you like to visit some day, or your Child's exclusively for MOM-Art work..if you already have a pin board, stick 'em there, else make one with cork board and pin them, or simply tie a small rope to 2 good looking nails, use your Drying clips to hang these paper cuttings or pictures, Everytime you look at it, the very sight is relaxing!!!   Prathyusha Talluri

  New Look in your Same Everyday Living Room: Have you ever tried changing the look of your same old living room, i try that every 2 weeks, i can't keep seeing the same looks hanging there for long. You dont have to spend much. you just need. 2 sets of pillow covers, curtains if any, you can change the decorative items on the walls and side tables, other display pieces from one room to the other in your house. With 2 simple changes, you can change the theme of your living room, One, Change the pillow covers into a single color, it can be shades of red, maroon..and follow the same color or shade in choosing curtains too. if you dont have curtains, then make sure you dont have too many equal number of other articles of a contrast color or any third color in the room. If you have chosen blue this week, let the pillows, curtains, other decorative pieces be in the same blue color, you can play with the shades of blue, take your freedom here. but restrict your desire and choose 1-2 contrast color decorative pieces, like something in a bright red...or orange... Contemporary Design Trends show that patterns can be mixed and matched, stripes, cheetah prints, zari work, polka dots can be played around with. i have some pictures for an idea!!! let me know if you did something similar, i will be the first person to encourage and say WOW.

  If you are a person who doesnot like throwing things away, then why dont you try this too !! i tried making one really interesting CONVERSATION piece, it can be used to decorate any space. Everytime i had guests, they all asked me where i bought it? Infact, i was so encouraged to make one more. A new kind of Mural...reusing-recycling starts from your own kitchen.   All we need are: One Wooden Chopping board--tired and ready to be thrown away! White Wall Putty--in USA, its called the ALL PURPOSE JOINT COMPOUND, this should be white only, putty's are usually sold in white White Paint Spray- or an ordinary white Paint Color-- you can use any color you want, i chose the one form RUSTOLEUM--Bold colors look great! If you are using Paint Can, then we need a wide brush too A measuring scale, or a Fork. That's it!! How we make a mural is: Take a used-or if you don't mind, even a new wooden chopping board Clean it..i usually cant wait, but because its a vegetable chopping board, if we clean we can avoid food decay and spots after we paint the surface Now, when the board is pretty dry, start applying the putty all over the surface. One side is enough! After you feel you have applied atleast 3 layers of the putty (similar to applying 3 coats of nail polish) ;0 start making any design you like on the wet putty, you can use a fork, or a measuring scale Once you feel you have made a satisfactory design on the surface, let it dry 100%...the colour of the putty is now pure white, when it is wet it was in a cementish shade..   Now your board needs a seal...otherwise everytime you want to hold it, decorate it, the putty starts to peel a seal is very important to save your effort... Carefully, place 2 layers of big plastic shopping covers, or any plastic sheet beneath layers of newspaper, and start spraying any 3 sides first, use enough paint, else the color will be light and thick, unevenly.... if you are painting the board, better you gloves, put it on a colorless shopping bag to dry, to avoid sticky papers. Once the 3 sides are dry, spray the other untouched side.....when its all dry----your ART PIECE is ready to be PROUDLY displayed.   I made one, just in case, you need an Idea!!! try it, you are just playing with a chopping board, not a Knife!

Making of Chinese Lantern Pendants   Materials : 3/4 inch circle craft punch 1 sheet of Scrapbook paper Silver seed bead (size 6/0) Red glass pearl bead (6 mm) 2 bead caps (1 used 10 mm caps) 20 gauge wire (Approx 6 inches) Thin chain link Glue – Mod Podge, Elmers, PVA glue are all good. A small paintbrush for applying glue Wire cutters Round nose pliers Bent nose pliers A necklace of your choice   Making : Using the circle punch, cut out 12 circles   Fold the circles in half Put glue onto half the back of a folded circle. Attach to the next folded circle. Continue until all the folded circles are attached. It looks a little like a book right now. Glue the first circle to the last. Set the round paper bead aside to dry. Grab your wire, cut about 6 inches off, and make a loop at one end using your round pliers. Cut 3 lengths of chain — each 1 inch long. Open the loop at the end of the wire. Attach the chains to the loop and close the loop with your bent nose pliers. Thread the straight part of the wire through your beads in this order: Red bead, end cap, paper bead, end cap, silver bead. One you have threaded all the beads, use your round pliers to make a loop at the top of the pendant. You’re done! Either slip the pendant directly onto a necklace or attach to a necklace with jump rings. (we used a flocked velvet necklace from a craft store and attached the pendant with jump rings.)

  Any pet with easy access to the garden will bring plenty of the great outdoors in on its coat and paws. Keeping your dogs and cats clean, and taking preventative measures when you know they have got especially dirty, will reduce the amount of dirt they can bring into your house. 1. Keep a clean rag by the door that your pet uses so that you’ll be more likely to remember to wipe off muddy, wet paws and claws before your beloved animal makes unsightly tracks through the whole house. 2. Once a week, take your dog outside and give its fur a good going-over with the type of brush recommended for its coat. Do this well away from the house, so that the tufts won’t tumble back inside. 3. The miracle way to lift pet hair from furniture and other surfaces is to wipe with a damp sponge or cloth. The hair will gather in clumps, and onto your cloth. An excellent alternative is a lightly-dampened rubber glove, rubbed quickly back and forth. It will pick up bundles of hair. Or you could use one of those special rubber brushes with nubs on it that is intended for grooming cats and finer-haired dogs (available at pet shops). 4. Nothing beats your vacuum cleaner for pulling pet hair out of your rugs and carpets. If you have a number of pets or an animal that sheds a great deal, it could be worth considering a vacuum cleaner which has been specially designed to deal with fur. Typically they have greater suction power for sucking up fur and special filters for trapping potential allergens.

  Create a bouquet of fabric flowers that you don't even need to sew. Follow this tutorial to create the fabric flowers with a glue gun and wooden dowels. Spray paint is optional!     Materials: 1. fabric scraps 2. wooden dowels 3. hot glue gun 4. coordinating felt 5. (optional) spray paint 6. (optional) kitchen sponge     Ingredients: Pick out the fabric color scheme you want. This project is perfect for all those fabric scraps you've been stashing away, like a pack rat (see you really do need them.) Purchase round wooden dowels at your local craft store. You can do any size you want but mine were 3/16 in by 12 inches long. They're inexpensive. About $2 for a bag of 16. Cut strips of fabric approximately 2x16 inches (no rules here, do whatever size you'd like. This is the size I used) Then, with your fabric strip, wooden dowel, and glue gun....we'll make a flower. Bunch up the beginning of the flower a bit (this will be the center of the flower). Btw, I'm right-handed and found that it's easiest to hold the flower in my left hand and work the fabric around with my right. If you're a Leftie, do the opposite. Stick a dab of hot glue right in the center there and glue the end of the dowel to the center of the flower.   Don't worry, the tip of the dowel won't show when you're done (unless you want it to! You can push it out more and add something to the top of it for a cool center. Then, run a few inches of glue along the next section of the fabric Like this: And carefully, scrunch bits of the fabric up and press it together at the bottom of the flower. It's like you're "ruffling" the fabric. Just keep doing this, bit by bit. Glue, gather, stick, etc. Until you've gone all the way around. You may try using the back of a pen to help press the glued fabric down to keep from burning your finger. And there you go! You should have a pretty blossom like this: But let's finish off that base.... Cut a small FELT circle (any color you'd like). Doesn't need to be a perfect circle, just eyeball it. Cut a slit in the middle, a la Mrs. Pacman, like this: Then, glue and wrap the little felt circle around the base of the flower to disguise the messy glue and fabric:  Wasn't that E-A-S-Y? And really, pretty cute. Okay, let's try variations...Want to color your stems? Easy again! Grab your favorite spray paint color. Who said stems had to be green? P-sha. You need to find something to make the dowels stand up while you spray them. Use whatever you have in the house. Nothing fancy. I grabbed a sponge from under the kitchen sink, poked tiny holes in it, and stuck the dowels down in each hole.... Okay, take your dowels to a good/ventilated "painting spot". To contain the paint even more, spray them inside of a box. These bankers boxes have come in more handy for craft projects than for moving. And start spraying away. Make sure everything gets and even coat. Let them dry. The tips of the painted dowels will be left unpainted, so use that part of the dowel when you glue it to the center of the flower, so it's hidden: The orange really adds a splash of color: To create the "scalloped" look of the two flowers above, fold your fabric strip in half a couple times: Then cut a wavy pattern or scallops out of the one side: And glue it around the dowel. You can also trim the edges a bit when you're done to sculpt the flower even more. More ideas.... Add a center to your flower by bunching up a small scrap of fabric and glueing it right into the center: Try a bright color at the base of your flower: and finally...  

  how is the jewel? nice right? then come on why late? let's make it.   Things you'll need.     Combine your salt, flour and water to make dough! TIP: Dissolve the salt in the water first (unless you want cute little salt crystals in your jewels).     Roll out that dough and make these little bead/button things.     Bake your "buttons."     Take them out back and get your spray paint     Let them dry, add string and hit the town in your new fabulous necklace!     Optional: Add pearls.

  Picture frames add personalization to photos, paintings and your children's artwork, especially when you make your own. Homemade picture frames make thoughtful gifts for friends or family members, and make your memories even more meaningful and everlasting. You can design your frame in 2D or 3D with materials from a craft store or you can draw on the frame to make your own special design.   Things You'll Need : 1. Pencil. 2. Picture. 3. 2 large poster boards. 4. Ruler. 5. Hobby knife. 6. White glue. 7. Decorative items. 8. Two-sided tape. Instructions : 1. Place your picture face down in the center of the poster board and trace the outside of the picture with a pencil. Do the same for the second piece of poster board. Leave at least 3 inches around the picture so you have enough room to outline it for the the frame. 2. Measure 2 inches outside the perimeter of the picture outline using a straight ruler and trace those measurements with a pencil on both poster boards. 3. Cut the outer lines on both poster boards using a hobby knife and remove the excess poster board from both. 4. Cut the inner outline on the first poster board and remove the inner piece. You will then have what looks like the outline of a picture frame. 5. Design the picture frame to your liking and allow it to sit and dry for one hour. Decorate your frame with gems or beads; or, if the picture is of someone who enjoys a sport, decorate the frame with their favorite sports team. 6. Turn the picture over and dot each corner with glue to apply the picture to the undesigned second poster board. Align it so the picture fits perfectly in the center of the poster board and let it dry for 30 minutes. 7. Apply the designed frame to the second poster board with glue. Align and secure it so you can view the picture through the front and let it sit to dry for 30 minutes. 8. Attach a piece of two-sided tape to the upper back side of your designed frame to hang it on a wall.

Newspaper is great for making paper beads.   On it’s own, you can make nice black and off-white beads. (I say off-white because the white is never truly bright white in a newspaper.) However, what if you want to have something a little more exciting? If you want to add custom color to your newspaper beads, you can easily color newspaper with water color paints. To make newspaper beads colored with watercolors, start with a sheet of newspaper. I just cut out a random section. If you newspaper has color photos on it, you will want to avoid those sections because they will change the colors of your final beads. For watercolors, I just used inexpensive watercolor paints that I found at my local craft shop. I decided to use purple and yellow for this project. Using a large paintbrush, first wet the paper down with water. Then paint one side of the paper with one color and paint the other side with your other color. The more water you add, the more translucent your paint will be. I added more water to the watercolor paints towards the center of the paper and left the edges of the paper darker. Let your paper dry and then cut into strips for rolling into beads. In the above photo, be sure to cut cut from the top to the bottom so you get both colors in each bead. I use a paper trimmer to do this, buy you can just as easily use scissors. You’ll end up with triangles. Roll your beads using Mod Podge and then let them dry, and you’re done! Be sure to roll carefully. I find that newspaper can be pretty fragile when I am rolling it. If it tears while rolling, just dab on a little extra glue and re-attach the torn part of the strip and finish rolling. I really like how the colors came out with these beads. Once they dry, you may want to seal them again with another layer of Mod Podge or with a water soluble varnish like Polycrylic. Use your beads for your next beading project! I put my beads on an elastic cord and made a bracelet. Enjoy!

  Palak Muchhal (born 30 March 1992) is a singer from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. She and her younger brother Palaash Muchhal perform stage shows across India and abroad to raise funds for poor children who need financial assistance for the medical treatment of heart disease. As of May 2013 she has raised funds of 25 million through her charity shows which has helped to save lives of 572 children suffering from heart ailments. Muchhal has made her entry in both Guinness Book of World Records and Limca Book of World Records for great achievements in social work. Her work is also recognised by the Government of India and other public institutions through various awards and honours. Muchhal also gives her voice as Bollywood Playback singer. She was noted for her songs in Ek Tha Tiger (2012) , Aashiqui 2 (2013), Zanjeer (2013) movies.   Her decision to use her voice to help others was triggered when she saw poor children using their clothes to clean train compartments. Around the same time, teachers at Nidhi Vinay Mandir, an Indore based school, approached Muchhal and her parents with a request for a charity show to raise funds for their pupil, Lokesh, who was suffering from a congenital heart defect. His father was poor footwear shop-owner, earning 50 a day and was unable to bear the 80,000 cost of heart surgery. Muchhal and her parents agreed to arrange a show and in March 2000, she used a street vendor's cart as a stage for the event and collected 51,000 towards the cost of surgery. The attendant publicity prompted renowned Bangalore-based cardiologist, Devi Prasad Shetty, to operate on Lokesh free of charge. Muchhal's parents gave advertisement in local newspapers so that idle funds can be used for heart surgery of some needy child like Lokesh. The outcome of this was a list of 33 children in need of heart surgery.   In 2001 Muchhal raised around 1 million rupees for the victims of 2001 Gujarat Earthquake. In July 2003 Muchhal offered financial assistance through her charity funds to parents of 2-year old Pakistani girl who had hole in the heart. Muchhal's charity organisation is named as 'Palak Muchhal Heart Foundation'. By March 2006 this foundation had financially assisted 200 children to undergo heart surgery. By the end of the year 2006 Muchhal had raised 1.2 crore (equivalent to 2.5 crore or US$400,000 in 2013) for this foundation which were used to save lives of 234 children. To ensure that operations of children do not stop due to lack of money, Bhandari Hospital in Indore has allowed an overdraft of up to one million rupees to Palak Muchhal Heart Foundation. In 2006 Muchhal was one of the five heroic stories broadcast by Star Gold channel as part of its "Rang De Basanti Salaam" initiative. By June 2009 Muchhal had staged 1,460 charity shows across the world which had raised 1.71 crore (equivalent to 3.6 crore or US$570,000 in 2013) for Palak Muchhal Heart Foundation. These funds helped to save lives of 338 kids.   Doctors allow Muchhal to be present in the operating theatre. She has her own surgical gown in the hospital and when the operation takes place she chants from the Bhagavad Gita. Muchhal and her parents do not receive any financial benefits from the charity shows but she receives a doll for every child whose life she helps make better through her efforts.

  Use felted wool sweaters to sew a mini felt tote adorned with felt flowers and other embellishments. Reinvent your old or damaged wool sweaters or pick some up from the thrift store for this clever sewing craft. Follow this sewing tutorial from Betz White to make a pretty mini tote for spring.   Materials : Wool Sweater, "felted" by washing in hot water Felt scraps (either from felted wool sweaters or wool craft felt) Assorted buttons Sewing Machine (optional) Craft Glue Needle and thread Instructions: Make Pattern and Cut- Using a piece of 8.5 x 11" office paper, measure a trapezoid following the measurements above. The top width of the bag will be 10", the bottom width will be 7", the height 8.5". The oval for the base should be 1" shorter in length than the width of the bottom of the bag, about 6". I made my base 3.5" wide. Using your paper pattern, cut out 2 trapezoid sides and one oval base. I lucked out and found this sweet pink sweater with a basket weave look. Any sort of texture or pattern would be adorable for this. Cables, fair isle, etc. Note that a fair isle will tend to felt more firmly due to the stranding on the back. A ribbed texture may not appear to felt at all.     Sew Sides and Base- Right sides together, pin then sew side seams. Pin then sew oval base to bottom opening, aligning mid-points of oval to side seams. Resist the urge to zigzag your seam allowances. There is no need (the felted sweater will not ravel) and a zigzag will cause your seams to get all woopy. Trust me, I know woopy.     Hem Top Edge- Fold down 1" around the top opening. Pin, evenly distributing the fabric. Straight stitch 7/8" from the folded edge. The bulk and the flare of the trapezoid will cause the opening to curve out slightly giving it a cute basket-y shape. At this point, you could line the bag, if you are a liner. I'm not so much a liner. I'm a "hurry and get it done-r".     Cut Straps- For double handles, Cut 2 strips measuring approx. 2.5" x 11". Fold raw edges in toward each other. Butt edges together firmly and stitch down the center of the strap using a wide zigzag. Stitch the full length of the strap. (for a single handle, cut a strip measuring 3" x 14". Stitch as described above. This gives the tote more of a basket look.) Attach Handles- Pin handles to the inside hem of the opening, making sure they are spaced equally from the side seams. Stitch along the previous stitch line to secure. Gather some bright sweater scraps together for embellishment.     Add Leaves- I was going to make flowers all around the edge, but decided to start with leaves instead. (Why do I love pink and green?) The tote is pretty small and softly constructed. I didn't think it would hold up to a whole bouquet of flowers around the edge. Cut some simple leaves from scraps and glue into place. Pin until dry. (There will be plenty of hand sewing to come. Go ahead, glue the leaves.)     Make Flower Pieces- For my flower, I pretty much made my standard brooch. Cut scraps into strips. To make loopy petals, cut 2" x 6" strips, fold lengthwise and sew edge (yellow and dark pink above). For straight petals, cut a strip 1" x 4" (orange). Next you'll snip the strips every 1/4" to make petals.     Roll Petal Strips- Roll the strips up and hand stitch the base together catching all layers. Wrap with a second color strip and stitch. For the flower on this tote I cut a daisy shaped base and glued the rolled petals onto it.     Finishing Touches- sAfter making several flowers, I chose the one I liked best for this project. I sewed my flower in place then added a few vintage buttons for an extra dash of color. I like the different textures of the fuzzy felt with the smooth buttons. Besides, it's nice to have something pretty to look at when you're sitting in church all hopped up on Easter candy.  

  Humans are naturally social creatures, craving connections with people, including intimacy and love. Whether you're searching for someone or striving to improve the relationship you're in, it helps to know the hallmarks of a strong relationship. The 10 signs of a healthy relationship include basic principles such as communication and appreciation, as well as tips for handling arguments and conflict.   1. Trust : Trust is an essential element for all relationships. Each partner should have faith in the other. You should not have to wonder if your lover is telling the truth.   2. Respect : According to Teens Health, strong relationships must include mutual respect. Your partner should never put you down, mock you or make degrading remarks about you. When your lover appreciates and loves you for who you are, he will show respect for you.   3. Communication : Communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship. The University of Texas at Austin Counseling and Mental Health Center advises couples to set aside time to regularly check in with each other, so they can deal with any issues before they blow up or become unmanageable.   4. Flexibility : Life is constantly changing, and healthy relationships recognize that fact. Lovers need to be flexible to adapt to changes in each others' work, home and family lives, as well as changes in the dynamics and stages of the relationship.   5. Shared Interests : Sharing interests allows couples to bond and enjoy spending free time together. Many couples share a love of sports, movies, pets, cooking, fashion, travel, reading or art. Having at least one activity you enjoy doing together will bring you closer and offer a way to destress and reconnect during hard times.   6. Alone Time : Just as spending time together strengthens your relationship, having time apart is important as well. Couples need to remember that they had separate lives before falling in love, and maintaining separate interests gives each person breathing room. Both partners should have some regular alone time to enjoy individual interests and recharge.   7. Friends and Family : Healthy relationships include strong connections with friends and family. Although the beginning stages of falling in love can be intense and make you want to see no one but your lover, it's important to maintain your relationships with other people you care about with regular visits, outings and get-togethers. Strong relationships gain power from outside connections, keeping the relationship exciting and dynamic while preventing suffocation.   8. Compromise : Compromise is necessary in any relationship, whether you're at work or with your spouse. Both partners must be willing to make concessions to reach the common good. The best relationships include an equal amount of sacrifice from each partner, so no one feels taken advantage of or ignored.   9. Arguing Fairly : There comes a time in every relationship where arguments arise, and it is important that you both fight fair, expressing your own opinion and also listening to the other person's viewpoint. Techniques such as taking time to cool off, writing feelings in a journal and talking to a relationship therapist are all healthy ways to deal with emotional arguments.   10. Appreciation : It is important for each person to feel appreciated in a relationship. Praise your partner, offer compliments and use creative ways to show you care. Problems can arise when you or your partner feel unappreciated and taken for granted. The point of a relationship is to feel loved, so be sure you both show you care.

  How To Dress To Attract Men   Dress to look modern and stylish and feel self confident. Most people believe that dressing up in red attract more men as compared to other clothing colors. Dress up in shades of red and see if it works for you. Select the color of your dress first along with the fits and fabrics.   Go to a different store for shopping clothes than your regular one. Try on clothes that look different from those that you usually wear. Be daring and take a risk as you may look beautiful in a style different from your normal one.   Dressing yourself does not simply mean of putting something expensive on your body to attract a man. It is more about confidence, attitude and the ability to carry a dress.   You can go in for a new hairstyle to modernize your style. A new hair color can also be wonderful, but be subtle with your color change so that your hair color looks natural and suits your skin tone.   You can also consider buying a new make-up such as a slightly lighter or darker shade of foundation, powder, lipstick or eye shadow. Many departmental stores have samples of cosmetics that you can try before purchasing so; why not give it a try.   Nicely shaped and polished nails attract men. Toenails look lovely painted in a dark shade of red, while for your fingernails, you can prefer a more natural look.   Simplicity attracts more men. You can choose to be simple rather than putting too much color to your face. Avoid too much make-up in case you are allergic to the face powder or other cosmetics else you’ll just be scratching all over your face and have a bad impression on your man.   Get a friend’s advice on how you can dress up well to attract men or anyone. A friend who is real would definitely help you with your personality.   Be yourself. You do not have to show off what men want to see in you. Simply show what you are without hesitating and you are sure to find someone who’ll like your personality. Real relationships have a strong foundation and help build strong future relationships.

  1. One of the key things you need to do is first discover what sets you apart from the rest. Learn to accept the person you are and your unique qualities. The trouble with a lot of people hails when they fail to accept that they are different from the rest of their peers. If you will not accept your unique qualities, how can you expect the rest of the world to do so to?   2. If you want to be different from others the trick is to figure out you are really good at. Once you know what you are good at, what you really like to do and what actually makes you happy, you will see how special you are. One of the ways to different from others is by finding developing a good habit or a practice. Start at the personal or professional level and it should be unique to your personality!   3.Once you are aware of what you like to do differently, gather the courage to do them too. For example, there are tons of people who do not like watching a movie by themselves and most of them consider it to be weird too. However, if you like these forms of entertainment go ahead and be different from the majority of people. Even if you have to stop in the middle of the road to feed a beggar or a homeless child do it without bothering about the gawking onlookers!   4. Oh! People love to gossip, whether you do good or do bad, people always love to gossip. However, to be different from others, Learn not to indulge in gossiping. Some may say that it is a women's domain, but, there are guys too who have formed ‘gupshup circles'. A mindless and wasteful hour spent on gossiping is an act which renders you to be a typical example of the herd mentality. So it is better for you to stay away from it!   5. One of the best ways to be different from others is to always keep your knowledge-seeking thirst ongoing. You should keep yourself tuned to the advances in your fields of interest. Make use of any given opportunity to keep adding your skills. Keep in mind that there is never any limit to the amount you can learn.   6. Developing your own personality is one level of achievement to be different from others. The next which follows is implementing it and flaunting it. You should remember not to assert yourself, but to just be yourself at all times. If you have a style and it happens be different, flaunt nevertheless!

  Red roses : One of the most common flowers to give in a relationship is red roses. These red roses are beautiful and so is their significance. Red roses symbolize love. You can also give your partner pink roses as they signify perfect happiness.   Orchids : These are one of the most expensive flowers you can ever give to your partner in a relationship. The orchid is beautiful and natural and would resemble your lady loves' beauty as well. Giving your partner orchids mean that you love her and adore her beauty as well.   Lillies : These humble flowers signify the mere purity and sweetness of your relationship. If you give your partner a bouquet of lillies, you mean that she is simply sweet in nature.   Red Tulips : To declare your love for the woman you have a crush on, buy her a bouquet of red tulips. These red tulips symbolize 'declaration of love'.   Peony : If a guy gives you a bouquet of peonies, then you may just have a good relationship and luck coming your way. Peonies symbolize a happy life and a 'happy marriage' if you are married.   White Carnations : These beautiful flowers are the best you can give to your lady love on any occasion. The white carnations stand for pure love and innocence. These white carnations will define your true love for her.   Lilac : These fun and pretty flowers are loved by any girl, if you are in a new relationship. These flowers are the best to give to your partner. The lilac represent innocence. It is also the perfect flower for the 'honeymoon' stage of a relationship.   Daisy : When it comes to loyalty, daisies is the right flower to give your partner in the relationship. The daisy stands for loyal love and your commitment to her.   Forget me not : No matter what the name of the flower would mean, this flower is a must give in a relationship. The 'forget me not' means that you believe in true love and you will be faithful to your partner always.   Hibiscus : The red hibiscus resembles delicate beauty. You can express the way you feel about her beauty through these flowers.   Red Camellia : If you want to tell your lady love that she is the flame in your heart. What is stopping you? You can now say it by giving her a bunch of red camellia flowers.   Daffodil : The daffodil is a precious flower that one can give to their partner in the relationship. The 'daffodil' means that she is the only one for you, for the rest of your life.   Honeysuckle : To seal the bond of love, give your lady love a lovely bunch of honeysuckle flowers. She will love it!   Oleander : when the flower is given to your partner it resembles her beauty and grace. Give her a bouquet of these beautiful bright flowers and make her happy.   Chrysanthemum : This flowers speaks a lot when it comes to a relationship. If you are stuck in a dilemma and do not know how to confess your love, do it with these flowers. Chrysanthemum flowers tells you that your Love is reciprocated.

  Old Cds, Broken CDs, Cds which you don’t need now, damaged CDs – What do you do with them ???? Just throw them away in the dust bin ? Nope…. Don’t…. they can still be used…. Make non-usable CDs as your coasters… Here is how to you can make them:- 1. Pick up the CDs which are not visibly damaged. 2. Make sure that you have an even number. 3. Make pairs out of your CDs.         4. With a hot glue gun, make a zig zag glue line on the bottom of one CD and quickly turn that CD over and glue it to the bottom of the CD you paired with it.  5. There you are!  Use it as the coaster!