LEFT OUT WRAPPING PAPER We all mostly have pieces of wrapping paper left out, or we store the wrapping paper from someone's gift and cant reuse as they are foldings here and there. Wrap candle jars with the strip of wrapping paper, and give them a new look. Dress up an already wrapped bouquet. It looks so much prettier than the plain paper most stores use. Use as a shelf liner in the bookshelf or closet, or an armoir. Use it to cover ceramic or glassware in a box along with a bubble wrap when giving gifts to others, the old foldings dont matter. Cut the paper into crinkles by folding the paper multiple times and using a crinklecut sciccors and use the pieces to fill jars to decorate or to fill balloons to burst on birthdays or fill boxes for storing glassware. Make a patchwork poster with different wrapping paper designs and an artpiece is ready. Turn it into a bunting for Birthday decorations or a party look.   - Prathyusha More articles from this author..... http://teluguone.com/vanitha/content/home-decoration-ideas-944-25982.html#.UuCgH_u6Zkg http://teluguone.com/vanitha/content/wall-decor-944-26023.html

తొలిసారి నేషనల్ పోలీస్ అకాడమీ డైరెక్టర్ గా అరుణా బహుగుణ జాతీయ పోలీస్ అకాడమీ డైరెక్టర్ గా తొలిసారి ఓ మహిళా నియమితులయ్యారు. సీనియర్ పోలీస్ అధికారిణి అరుణా బహుగుణను అకాడమీ డైరెక్టర్ గా నియమించి ఉత్తర్వులు జారీ చేసింది రాష్ట్ర ప్రభుత్వం. 65 సంవత్సరాల సుధీర్గ చరిత్ర కలిగిన ఈ అకాడమీకి తొలి మహిళా డైరెక్టర్ గా నియమితులైన అరుణా బహుగుణ 1979 బ్యాచ్ కి చెందిన ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్ కేడర్ ఐపిఏస్ అధికారిణి. పోలీస్ అకాడమీకి ఒక మహిళా డైరెక్టర్ కావడం ఇదే మొట్టమొదటి అవడం విశేషం. 2017 ఫిబ్రవరి వరకు ఆమె ఎన్ పిఏ డైరెక్టర్ గా కొనసాగుతారని కేంద్ర హోంశాఖ ఉత్తర్వుల్లో పేర్కొంది. గతంలో ఆమె ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ లో ఉన్నప్పుడు పోలీస్ గృహ నిర్మాణ సంస్థ చైర్మన్ గా, అగ్నిమాపక శాఖ, జైళ్ళ శాఖ, ప్రింటింగ్ మరియు స్టేషనరి డైరెక్టర్ జనరల్ గా పనిచేసారు. విధి నిర్వహణలో ప్రతిభ కనబరిచినందుకుగాను ఆమెకు 1995 లో భారతీయ పోలీస్ పథకం, 2005 లో రాష్ట్రపతి పోలీస్ పతకాలను అందజేసారు. ఒక మహిళగా అరుణా బహుగుణ సాధించినటువంటి విజయాలను దృష్టిలో పెట్టుకొని... సమాజంలో జరుగుతున్న అఘత్యలకు భయపడకుండా ధైర్యంగా ఏదుర్కోవాలి. మనల్ని మనం తక్కువుగా చూసుకోకుండా ధైర్యంగా ముందుకు వెళ్ళాలి. ఒక మహిళగా పుట్టినందుకు గర్వపడలి. మనం ఒక ఎతైన స్థాయికి వెళ్ళడానికి ఎవరు నిన్ను ప్రోత్సహించకపోతే నిన్ను నువ్వు ప్రోత్సహించుకొని ఒక అరుణా బహుగుణల అవ్వాలి .   -వై .లిల్లీ నిర్మల శాంతి

Organise your MakeUp Makeup is interesting! We dont have time always to leisurely apply make up, in such times of hurry, an organised makeup setup is very helpful, it saves lot of our time. Here are some pictures showcasing a few makeup organising tips. We can use the regular glass jars, lay them flat and fill in. Bring home office organisers and fill them. One can also use desk organisers that are actually made to hold pencils and office supplies. We can use 2-3 tier fruit/cupcake holder to organise makeup.   - Prathyusha More articles from this author..... http://www.teluguone.com/vanitha/content/home-decoration-ideas-944- 25982.html#.UtjVifvQtQA http://www.teluguone.com/vanitha/content/wall-decor-944- 26023.html#.UtjVjfvQtQA

 Is Sleeping with Makeup on A Scare for your Skin??     Stats say that women sleep with make up on at least twice a week; either are too lazy or tired to remove it before going to bed. Once in a while letting it go is fine, but it should not become a habit. As a known fact make-up makes you look gorgeous, if left overnight it has an adverse opposite effect!  By leaving the make-up overnight, you clog the pores and oil glands of your skin. Due the impact of the make up the pores get stretched besides being blocked. The pore not only aid in sweating, detoxification but also secrete sebum which lubricates, remove dead cells and irritants, and moisturize the skin, as these pores are blocked the sebum collects beneath and result in acne.  Once these pores get stretched under the influence of overnight make-up, it is hard for them to bounce back to their original shape and size. Moreover, we age making it all the more difficult to get back to normal. By skipping the night time face wash, we are also inviting the free radical generation and lead to collagen break down. Collagen is a wonder protein which keeps our skin firm, taut and glowing. All these factors lead to faster aging of the skin!  It’s best to get rid of this habit as soon as possible. To avoid waking up with disastrous skin, you must remove your make-up each night before going to bed. A make-up remover, facial cleanser, cold cream or toner can be used to clean your skin to avoid allergic reactions!   Take Care!! Stay Gorgeous!!   - Sri

MONEY and YOUR CHILD Ask Daddy and he will get you whatever you want!!!! Mom has lots of money in her purse!! Are these supposed to be discussed with children? Never. Children dont have to know that parents have loads of money or its so easy to earn money. Buying whatever they ask for is something not to be done. if both parents work and feel they are not spending enough time with their children, there are all possibilities that they feel guilty and buy whatever their children ask for, which might result in stubborn nature in the young ones. Children these days are watching parents go to ATMs to withdraw money instantly, pay through credit/debit cards easily to buy anything which is forcing an EASY MONEY thought into their minds. They dont want to know how much parents struggle to earn for the family. Parents have to explain to their children that one has to earn a job or a business and work sincerely to earn livelihood and that money is precious. It is a good idea to encourage children to work hard, and if they do something good, appreciating them with small useful gifts encourages them, however, boasting is definitely not good. Children should not get used to praising either. Encourage them to share everything with you, be their friends too. They should be able to tell you where and how they spent their pocket money. Saving money should be practised at home. You may be busy and not buy them something as promised, the child should not make a mess out of it. Patience and waiting should be one of their characteristics, learnt well from parents. Encouraging them to help others is good, however, thinking and planning before helping is a better action learnt. Social service at a young age is an excellent virtue!!   - Prathyusha Talluri More articles from this author..... SHOPPING WITH KIDS ECO-ALTERNATIVES

EASY WALL DECOR Empty Walls are good but not always....if you are living in a space that is already spacious, empty walls look boring and dull. Usually wall decor is expensive, but if you are ready to spend few minutes and your interest, its so easy. Get some dry branches from a small tree, hook them to a beautiful frame and done...you might not be able to hang it but you can rest it against a wall. Take some cup cake paper, stick them to a canvas board, you can also use bright dress buttons in the center of each flower...fill the canvas as you like. Cut a silk, bright saree piece from your old collection if you dont want to use it, or buy a piece from the market, frame it, or stick it to the canvas carefully and done!   - Prathyusha Talluri More articles from this author..... EASY DECOR JARS AND DECOR

EASY DECOR These decoration tips are easy and with things you generally, already have. Poster Display Skip the frame and use a wooden pants hanger to display a poster instead. This technique works well with smaller posters that are just slightly wider than the hanger itself. Wider posters may flap over at the corners. Display Your Finds Incorporate mementos from vacations or special occasions into your decor. The move will integrate your personality and life experiences into the spaces, where they can be admired by guests and family. Whether it's a collection of shells from a beach vacation or a framed wedding invitation or birth announcement, even the simplest of items become display-worthy when they recall a special memory. Kid's Art Kids bring home a plethora of finger paintings, construction paper creations, and carefully colored drawings. Instead of stowing away these masterpieces, put them on display in pretty frames. Plus, with the ongoing influx of artwork, you have a constant resource for changing up the gallery.   - Prathyusha Talluri More articles from this author..... JARS AND DECOR NO EMPTY VASES

How to Make a Mask with Paper Children will love making and wearing this funny accessiories, and parents will too..With this creative activity, kids can make their own handprint masks.

ECO-ALTERNATIVES Every product we use has a lifecycle, and a life span. Not most companies are offering to recycle their products once used. Smart, sustainable design in product manufacturing is not a norm yet, so We have to monitor our own consumption and waste habits to try limiting our support of polluting industries and contribution to ever-growing landfills. The Green Design Institute at Carnegie Mellon University has created a chart, with comparisons between most commonly used products, their recycling rates and suggested alternative options.   MATERIAL  TIME TO DEGRADE/ SIDE EFFECTS ALTERNATIVES Paper 2-4 weeks Use recycled paper and scrap paper and limit  printing Glass Containers 1 million years Recycle or reuse glass bottles and jars Plastic Bottles 450 years Save money by choosing refillable versions than use and throw ones Plastic bags and film upto 1000 years and more Use washable cloth shopping bags Carpets and rugs upto 20,000 years Use carpets carefully,  or use individual carpet tiles with recovery effort (CARE) standards Soaps and cleaners Toxins from cleaners contaminate water supply Recycle plastic cleaner bottles and use biodegradable cleaners Light Bulbs and parts upto 1000 years and more Use CFL/LED for interiors and Solar exterior bulbs Mattresses upto 1000 years and more Buy organic mattresses or recycle old ones Computers upto 1000 years and more Look for recycled content in new electronics and recycle old equipment Cell Phones upto 1000 years and more Only upgrade when needed, trade old phones, give to recycle, or donate to charity   Prathyusha Talluri   More articles from this author..... NO EMPTY VASES COFFEE FILTER COCOON  

Easy Gift Tags Season of Weddings, Engagements, New Year Parties and Celebrations....and Gifts are obvious !!! We spend our precious time thinking of the item to buy, spend enough time selecting the best gift, pack it well, but forget to mention our name on the gift...you may not be wanting to announce to all that you gave it, but the host or the guest deserves to know who it is and you deserve to see your name on that warm-hearty gift for the interest and care you took. After all the preparation, you might forget to buy a gift tag but making a few and keeping them ready, few in the car, your money purse and a few at home would be useful and handy in emergencies. Here are some ideas,,, You dont need much, just a good thick drawing board, pair of scissors, strong glue, sketch pens, acrylic or water colors, silk-colorful threads for tags.   - Prathyusha Talluri More articles from this author..... WEDDING RETURNS YOUR OWN WRAPPING PAPER

Easy Mehendi Designs Class 05 Learn to Simple and Easy Mehendi Designs By Anusha Mehendi Artist.

How to Make Christmas Decoration Items With Color Papers How to make pretty paper Christmas accessories for your home and Christmas tree.how to make amazing christmas decoration.


GREEN BATHROOM Our suggestions to turn your Bathroom into the Cleanest, Greenest room in your home. I am not suggesting you to color the bathroom, here i mean to make it a more eco-friendly and non-toxic environment. Clear the Air: Excess humidity causes mold, which can spur allergies, asthma and other breathing troubles. Since, bathroom is the most humid area in the house, ventilating it is a good idea. Install exhaust vents, as the existing ventilators are very narrow and small. Decorate the area with oxygen-producing plants, they will not only reduce humidity, but also absorb a variety of indoor air pollutants. Plants that don't need direct sunlight are better here. Conserve Water: Controlling the usage of tap water while brushing teeth and taking showers instead of baths can save upto 240 gallons/ 888 liters a month. Installing low-flow shower heads save upto 80% of water consumption. Fixing leaks can save upto 3000 gallons/ 11100 liters a year. Replace or Retrofit your toilet: Replace the flush by installing a controllable flush handle. Put a sealed soda bottle or few pebbles in the tank to instantly reduce water consumption. : Low flow toilets are high-efficiency ones, replace the old models with them. Pick Green products: Use Vinegar to clean the bathroom, instead of the toxic bleach cleaners, Saves you money and harm from toxicity. Using Ceramic tiles is also good as they are not easily damaged due to moisture and they are made in a low-impact process without putting any labourer's life at risk.   - Prathyusha Talluri More articles from this author..... NO EMPTY VASES JARS AND DECOR

PAPER WORK We like reading the newspaper, and feel happy when the junk sells for few rupees atleast....but meanwhile if the papers are stacking up, then i have a better idea to use them and also an art project for you. We need: A plastic/ tin container Few old newspapers Long pencils/ something even long and similar in shape to roll Glue Water/Acrylic/Oil colors of your choice Pair of Scissors To Make: Take the container, and decide the length of paper rolls you need to cover the surface. Start rolling the pencil onto the paper and stick it with glue once rolled, slowly slide the pencil out. Make as many rolls as you need. They will dry out soon, Meanwhile, apply glue to the container's surface and start sticking the rolls, without any gap. Adjust the thickness of the last roll, if there is not enough space or if more space accordingly, to cover the gap. Let it dry. Then the next day, start painting the whole surface with 2-3 coats of color, after each coat dries off. Decorate it as you like.   I completed mine, and here are the pictures. I used a soft plastic oil can, it was easy to cut the top and make it as a basket. Earlier, i used tins to make hair clip/ pencil holders. I used this as a flower vase, my friend used it as a decorate waste paper bin in her office!!!   - Prathyusha Talluri More articles from this author..... JARS AND DECOR POWERLESS BULBS

మీ పిల్లలనే గిఫ్ట్ గా ఇవ్వాలనుకుంటున్నారా...? ఈ సారీ మీ పాపకి బర్త్ డేకీ అచ్చంగా మీ పాపలా వుండే బొమ్మని గిఫ్ట్ గా ఇస్తే ? తను ఎంతో హ్యాపీగా ఫీల్ అవుతుంది కదా "My twinn" పేరుతో ఇలాంటి బొమ్మలు తయారు చేస్తోంది ఓ అమెరికన్ కంపెని. "My twinn" బొమ్మ అచ్చుగుద్దినట్టు, మన పాపాయిలానే వుంటుంది. దానికి చేయాల్సినదల్లా మన పాప ఫోటో ఇవ్వటమే. ఆ ఫోటోలోని పాప లాంటి బొమ్మని చేసి మనకిస్తారు. అదే రకం డ్రెస్,హెయిర్ స్టైల్, కలర్.. ఇలా ప్రతిది కూడా మీరు పంపిన ఫోటోలాగే ఉంటుంది. ట్విన్ డాల్ కావాలి అని అనుకుంటే ఒక్క డ్రెస్ ఏం సరిపోతుంది.అందుకే మన పాపాయి డ్రెస్సెస్ లని ఫోటో తీసి పంపిస్తే అలాగే డ్రెస్సెస్ తయారు చేసి ఇస్తారు.షుస్ లాంటి యాక్ససరీస్ కూడా వీళ్ళే సప్లై చేస్తారు. ఎప్పటికప్పుడు పాపాయి డ్రెస్ తో పాటు ట్విన్ డాల్ డ్రెస్సెస్ కూడా ఆర్డర్ చేయవచ్చు. మన పాపాయికి బుల్లి రూపంలో కనిపించే బొమ్మ మీద కూడా పెడతారు. ఆర్డర్ చేయాలన్న ఇంకా వివరాలు కావాలంటే www.mytwinn.com లోకి లాగిన్ అవ్వండి. మీ పాప ఫోటో వివరాలు పంపిస్తే 3 వారాల్లో మీ పాపను పోలిన ట్విన్ డాల్ మీకు అందుతుంది.   - రమ

JARS AND DECOR We buy tins and jars often. They keep coming into our kitchens regularly. However, some old designs/ models of glass jars dont come these days. Your Mom might have sent one with a pickle, it reminds you of her love or if the Childhood days' Horlicks/ Boost bottles are still with you, they need not be hidden in the Kitchen cabinets, bring them out and use to decorate. Here are some ideas. Even i have a set of jars lined up for winter decoration. We dont have to buy Fish bowls anymore, if there is a bigger size, strong glass jar, let your fish stay happy. Make an artificial Aquarium or a water Zoo for a School project. We dont need experts to create ideas   - Prathyusha Talluri More articles from this author..... POWERLESS BULBS NO EMPTY VASES

POWERLESS BULBS Save power, and reuse bulbs!!...today, we are using bulbs that are no longer useful to light-up as decorations. People who like decorating their homes with Christmas trees can use these bulbs as ornaments, if not on trees, they always dazzle up your space. We need: Used Bulbs, except the Spiral CFL bulbs, they are difficult to paint. Colorful adhesive tapes Oil colors in tubes Paint brushes One tough Glue Glitter powder, or glitter chips Long Satin ribbon or a decorative thread, enough to make a beautiful simple bow for hanging. Steps to make these ornaments: Take the bulb and clean the surface with a damp cloth, let dry. Now if you have colorful adhesive tapes, start sticking them as per your design. Or start painting the surface with oil paints, dont use paint thinners, the paint should not drip. use oil paints that come in tubes instead. Let the paint dry and now take a satin ribbon, make a bow and stick it to the holder with a hot glue or a strong glue. To only make a shimmery bulb, apply glue all-over the bulb, shower the shimmer onto the bulb, let dry and your shiny bulb is ready.   - Prathyusha Talluri   More articles from this author.....   NO EMPTY VASES WEDDING RETURNS