Rakhi - Symbol Of Responsibility


Rakhi/ Rakshabandhan festival what we celebrate today has no specific relation with the mythological stories or epics from where most of our Hindu festivals are derived from. However, it is very special festival for brothers and sisters,dedicating this particular day to each other and celebrating in the form of Rakshabandhan, with a promise, brother makes to protect sister from all the odds. A small band which is tied by sister gives so much of confidence to her, simultaneously instills, sense of responsibility in brother.

To this extra special bonding between brothers and sisters, our ancistors attached a ritual so that we can celebrate this with out fail , and with lot of enthusiasm to make this day more fulfilled. One such day reminds a man to extend brotherhood to society and take care of sisters not only in the family but in the whole world which is one family (Vasudhaiva Kutumbam).Indeed, this is the only gift a brother can give to sister, a promising relationships.

According to history, Rakshbandhan was initiated by two individuals, who weren't siblings, but was a brotherly love, which was assured to a girl; over a period of time, this was symbolised as a celebration for brothers and sisters to express their love and caring for each other.When, a boy can think beyond the box and understand the very own purpose of this Rakhi, not only as a festival/ ritual but becomes a reliable resource for girls and make sure to stand by them when needed.

Girls, when you find a boy who can take accountability of sisters not only in his family but in the whole society, then go all the way to express your love for them. We salute to all such brothers and wishing them a happy “Rakshabandhan”!! And, I'm sure that, we do have many such brothers around. Long life to those brothers and long live Rakhi!!

- Bhavana