Bangles for Little Girls' Traditional Dressup

The little, hands may never look bare but when dressed with beautiful and colorful bangles, they look cuter than ever ! Another Friday is here and the ladies getting ready for VaraLakshmi Puja are busy the whole day...what about the little ones...dress them up for a relief ! You have to shop for the trendy bangles or make one statement piece on your own to make those cuddlesome hands...the brighter the colors the more beautiful they look.

Contrast colors go well too. Unlike the exact matchings we tend to look for the Ladies' dresses and bangles, we can go sideways in the color scheme when shopping for little ones. If it is a blue and gold lehenga, you can pair them up with hot pink bangles too....who cares whether you bought the exact shade or dress the little girl and people are awestruck !!...Bangles for the little hands come in different textures, mostly in softer versions not to hurt the tender hands.

You can even buy few more Stylish Bangles your Little girl's friends as Return gifts on birthdays or even as Tambulam gifts for any occasion.

- Prathyusha Talluri