YS fans Organized Meeting in Chicago USA

Chicago, June 12th: Maha Neeta Late Rajashekara Reddy fans and yuvaneta Sri YS Jagan Reddy well wishers met at greater city Chicago to congratulate YS Jagan Reddy’s grand victory and to show support to upcoming YSR party plenary meetings. Kondapalli Satyanarayana reddy and Kasireddy Srinivas reddy, with help of local telugu community leaders, has conducted grand YSR party office opening ceremony; and to support YS Jagan Reddy for his dedication to help Farmers and students. Nearly 200 Chicago NRI YSR fans have attended this meeting to support YS Jagan Reddy

Mr. Kondapalli Satyanarayana Reddy introduced Mr. Gone Prakash Rao and Ms. Roja via teleconference to YSR fans. Mr. Gone and Ms Roja both spoke about Mr. YS Jagan Reddy’s dedication to support Farmers. They also spoke about Mahaneta YSR and discussed about YSR Party values.


Mr. Kondapali spoke about YS Jagan Reddy fight for farmers’ cause. Mr Kondapali ridiculed Chandrabau Naidu’s fake sympathy to farmers and he felt Mr. Babu was the reason of current farmer’s peril. Mr. Kondapalli suggested YSR party leaders to make sure YSR party manifesto supports to Farmers and prevent future seed civil wars. Mr. Kondapalli urged YSR party leaders to ban Monsanto in India .

Prominent Telugu community leaders like, ATA founder, Mr. Hanumanth Reddy, ATA president elect Mr. Karunakar Rao Madhavaram, ATA treasures Mr. KSN Reddy, ATA trustees Mr. C. Narender Reddy, ATA PR Chalma Reddy Bandaru, TAGC President elect Mr. Kalyan Anandula, past TAGC president Amar Nettam, and many local telugu organization leaders has attended this meeting.


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