ATA raised $350,000 Donations 12th Convention in Atlanta

American Telugu Association (ATA) celebrated ‘Atlanta ATA day’ on November 5th, 2011 at Sai Murali Restaurant, Alpharetta (Georgia) that was attended by about 500 people. ATA 2012 Conference convener Karunakar Asireddy has extended a warm welcome to the gathering. The event was organized by ATA local coordinators Vikram Reddy Sudini, Prasheel Gukanti, in coordination with the Karunakar Asireddy, and Dr. Jagan Mohan Rao, convention coordinator. The event was dedicated to all the Donors and a dinner was hosted in the honor of those who generously came forward to support the cause of the 12th ATA convention to be held in Atlanta from July 6-8th, 2012. As a mark of gratitude towards the donors, Karunakar Asireddy announced the names of all the donors and thanked them on behalf of ATA. He expressed special thanks to grand sponsors, SP Reddy (eGenious Consulting), Murali Sajja (Paramount consulting), Murali Reddy (Charter Global) who donated $25,000. Dr. Srini Gangasani, Chairperson of 12th ATA Convention Fund Raising Committee said that success of any organization lies on its financial strength and urged the members to come forward and donate generously to make the forthcoming convention at Atlanta a great success. Manohar Kasetti (Co-chair Fundraise Committee) and Seshagiri Rao Mandava (Chair, Corporate committee) took donation pledges from the audience. ATA raised about $350,000 donations so far from Atlanta region alone.



Raghu Kunche (Music Director) and Vijaya Lakshmi (Singer), Telugu cine artists along with the local talent under the guidance of Shiva Turlapati and DJ Ram Durvasula entertained the audience with melodious music and songs. The event ended with the presentation of vote of thanks.

ATA (American Telugu Association) is an establishedcommunity service focused non-profit organization serving Telugu community inNorth America for over 25 years. For more details about ATA and its services toTelugu community and for upcoming community events from ATA, please visit ATAwebsite at 12th ATA convention & youth conferencewill be held in world famous Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GAduring July 6-8th, 2012. Picture



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