ATA Roju Celebrations in Charlotte

Charlotte ATA Team has celebrated ATA ROJU 2012, the first ever ATA event in Greater Charlotte Area. The event was held at Charlotte Hindu Center (Main Auditorium) on Saturday, May26th between 7:00PM and 11:00PM. ATA President Dr. Rajender Jinna was the chief guest of this event. Other guests at the event included singers, Vijaya Lakshmi and Vinod Babu, and Atlanta ATA team, Seshagiri Rao, Venkat Veeraneni, and Nanda Chatla.


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The event was attended by about 250 people, inspite of the Memorial Day holiday weekend. The program started with Deepa Prajvalanam" by Dr. Rajender Jinna followed by melodious songs played by famous artists Vijaya Laksmhi and Vinod Babu. The dance performances by local kids were extraordinary. A banquet dinner was served to the guests on this occasion.

Dr. Rajender Jinna, while speaking to the audience, stressed the importance of preserving the Telugu culture on the foreign land. He briefed out some of the social and charity activities that ATA has conducted since its inception. He cordially invited all the Telugu people living in this area to attend the 2012 ATA conference to be held in Atlanta, Goergia. He also greatly appreciated the cooperation provided by local Telugu Associations (TAGCA and CTA), Hindu Center management and the efforts put in by Charlotte ATA team that included Santhosh Pasula (ATA Regional Coordinator), Raghu Kotha (ATA Sovenier Chair), Purushotham Gude, Jaya Thakka, Ramana Kott, Sunitha Anugu, Ashok Chandu, Sravan Kayati, Naga Nalla, Naveen Jalagam, Bharath Yedma, Srinivas Maripadga, Sanjeev Reddy, Ravi Venkata. On this occasion, Charlotte local Telugu families generously donated about 60,000 dollars for the support of upcoming 2012 ATA conference.



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