Are Ladies special?

Yes Ladies are special,by all means. They are good at multitasking ,they know how to balance family life  and  work,they are good at every thing they do. But the big question which always remain unanswered is," are they good enough to manage their health??" Hmm..the answer will always come as a yes but the reality is a its a Big No. They attend to every individuals health at home be it In laws ,parents ,husband , children and even the working staff at home. But they tend to be very uncaring of their own health. They neither eat good, sleep well nor maintain physical fitness. They say this is mainly because,they don't get TIME to do so. By the time thees ladies are done with attending others they lose all interest in doing any thing for themselves. By any chance if they fall ill, that's it, the whole house comes to a stand still.Why is it so that women tend to neglect their health and how can we rectify this situation. Lets fact find first

Why they toil so much?


*They feel they are bound to be dedicated to family and their good.
*They feel investing time for themselves is a waste of money and energy
*They don't share work thinking they are doing a favor to family members

What is the result?



* Because they don''t share they end up doing anything and every thing at home

* And because they never allow any one to take up responsibility,if at all they are unwell no one will be neither trained enough nor responsible enough to take up the work at home.

* The day family members are bound to attend to their duties they protest saying,we are not used to doing them

* They will find fault with the lady of the house for not letting them learn anything

* They even say " because of you we are no where"

Ultimately who is the loser ? the women herself. She will become restless, weak, irritating,and left out.

How can she get out of this mess?


* Share work at home

* Let the family members do the works the way they want to

* Don't find fault with works done by family members because if they feel resentful they might not come back to work

* Now that you have time left at your disposal, spend it on your health

* Go for regular health checks,keep up with fitness routines, eat and sleep well

* A healthy body will have a healthy and peaceful mind ,which is essential for a happy family.

So ladies take a break,think,share your work and take care of your health,feel that you are special for your own self.

Happy families ahead!!!