Golden Kitchen Tips

1) While kneading the dough to make rotis or parathas, add lukewarm to hot water instead of cold water. This will make softer chappatis. You can also add some freshly crumbled homemade paneer for extra deliciousness and softness. Adding ripe banana pulp also will give softness to chapathis .So when your husband or kids complain of stiff chapathis in lunch box,try this tip. One more way to keep chapathis soft is add a little bit of Luke warm milk when making the dough and it dose the magic

2)Store coriander leaves , curry leaves or any leafy vegetables  in an airtight containers in the fridge so that they remain fresher for longer. But before that wash the herbs clean and leave them to dry on a cotton cloth. Once they are dry line the container with tissue paper to absorb  excess moisture if at its still there.


3).Soak daal in water for at least four hours before cooking. This enhances the flavour of the dish. Do not throw the soaked water use it to cook the dal. When Dal priceses are soaring high better cook little yet tasty one. Soaking will also help in less fuel usage to cook,coz Dal gets cooked very fast if it is soaked Saving Gas Ha!!

4)Children get exited when they get to eat crispy potato in parties. But moms always wonder why are home made potato fries go soggy unless deep fried? The trick it,If you want to make crispy potato fry, soak the peeled full potatoes in cold water for 30 - 45 minutes and then cut then in your favorite shape and  fry them with your masalas. Crispy fried potatoes are ready!!

5) When we are boiling vegetables we tend to put more water and boil them. So once they are cooked we dont know what to do with that water,and we throw them. This water contains so many nutrients,so do not trow it. If you have any leftover water after boiling vegetables, use that to cook rice. It will offer an added punch of nutrition to the other wise bland rice.