Tips With a Chalk Piece

It’s hard to imagine a house without a Chalk piece. But we have never thought of the tricks associated with it. A chalk piece can sometimes prove as a handy household hint. This is how…

1 Humidity! A chalk piece has the quality of absorbing the humidity present in the air. Place a few chalks in the tool box, to prevent them from rust. Place a chalk along with your silverware to prevent them from tarnishing. Keep a bundle of chalk pieces in your wardrobe, if your clothes are attracting fungus during the rainy season.

2 Rusty business:  Rub your ironware with a chalk piece, to scrap off the layers of rust from them!

3 Grabs a drop:
  A few drops of tea have spilled over, and you want to clean them without a fuss!  Just roll on a chalk piece over the spill. A chalk piece works as good as a blotting paper.

4 Anti Ant:  A line drawn with a chalk can work against the entry of ants into the house. The calcium carbonate in the chalk piece would act as their repellant.

5 Temporary marker: We have been using chalk piece to mark temporary readings (ex: meter readings, dates on a gas cylinder…). But a color chalk piece can be used to mark the positions too! While you were rearranging the furniture or fixing a photo frame, mark the right positions with a chalk piece to avoid a tilt. People normally use pencil to make such marks which remain forever.

6 Crack remover: The tiny cracks on a wall can be filled in temporarily, by rubbing with a chalk piece. Even the stains on a white wall can be made invisible by covering them with a wet chalk.

- Nirjara.