Sun Shade ideas for Summer


Escaping the Sun is typically impossible during this harsh summer months in to stay cool and safe during this time of the year has become one big concern. Protecting ourselves and our plants, same time, trying to keep the power supply cost low is a tricky thing. Running the ACs and Coolers through the day might make one sitting in the house feel cooler but for the one who is on the other side of the house, it becomes hotter due to radiations and emissions. A green solution to this is installing sun shades outside the windows and doors, or setting up shades on balcony fences is a smart solution. Also keeping this point in mind during constructing a house, not to set up glasses for show on the elevation or for the looks, inorder to eliminate radiation and reduce cooling charges.

Come Summer and we see ACs and Coolers everywhere in the market, similarly the root-woven and green netted fabric sun shades are also sold in the market...the DIYers use Burlap and such other fabrics that are dyed in green color for a cooler can purchase such materials in necessary dimensions and hang them outside the windows, especially in the West, South West corner of the house or a building helps make the structure get cooler by a few couple of points. Aesthetically also they offer good looks to a building, making others get a cool, shaded feeling during the hot summer months. Protecting the plants from sun damage is an added advantage, which makes a big difference as plants in turn help purify the air and create a cooler atmosphere. Water consumption for maintaining the plants can be controlled if these sun shades are set up, and they also offer a friendly setting to share a dialog or two and a laughter for a lighter mood when friends and family are around.


Custom Sun shades can be set up outside windows instead of concrete shades that are typically commn in India..these are a little on the higher end for an investment but give the building a cosmo look and serve the purpose without fail. Roller blinds, Canopies, retractible shades are other options for those who like spending a little more for extra comfort...they can be expanded during summer seasons and rains and retractible during the colder months or when not necessary for convenience sake. Expensive or Easily available or ready to install, these Sun shades are cool for those extending hot summer months !!

- Prathyusha