Salt is not just a taste- It’s a TIP

Our kitchen is always incomplete without a packet of salt. But salt is not just a taste, if you are willing enough, it can provide solution to numerous tiny problems around us..

Those dirty rings- how often we see the water or rust rings on floor and wonder how to clean them. The cylinders and buckets would always leave such marks on the floor. Apply some salt on lemon and rub it over such stains and you can watch the floor sparkling as before.

Best deodorizer- Salt can be best deodorizer if applied. Clean your refrigerators and sinks by adding a bit of salt and you would know it why. A pinch of salt when sprinkled in the shoes would absorb the moisture which often gives rise to a foul smell.

Fight the bite- When you are stung by a bee, dampening the skin and covering it with some salt can relive you from the pain. A mosquito bite can also be relieved by applying some oil mixed with salt on the place.

Spill- When you have lot of pickles on the dining table, it’s always hard to choose them but easy to spill them. But don’t panic if you spill something. Spray some salt quickly over the stain which would absorb the stain and makes it easier to clean the crime scene.

Stained mugs- Everyone would love to serve their guests with best porcelain ware. But coffee/ tea stains in and around the coffee mugs can certainly be embarrassing. Clean those with dish soap along with some salt and you no longer feel shy to serve.

Dental care- Salt is often considered as best support in oral care. Brushing teeth with salt and lemon would remove the plaque easily. Rinsing with salt and baking powder would act as mouth freshener. Gargling with warm salt water can relive us from mouth sores to throat infections.

Salt for skin- We often soak our feet in lukewarm water to make them appear smooth. But it’s not just feet that deserves a pinch of salt, you can add some salt in your bathtub once in a while to let your skin look soft. Massaging your damp skin with salt crystals would also help remove the dead cells and improve the blood circulation.

And well! If you are suffering with dandruff like millions in the world, massaging your scalp before a head bath would help you get rid of those dead flakes.

There is an estimate that there are 14,000 ways to use salt. We have just mentioned a few of them. From removing stains to keeping away the ants... you can find hundreds of ways to use a pinch of salt.