Icecream Stick Shelves


Creative crafts are the brain children of many talented crafters and artists, they create anything interesting from anything boring and simple. Using simple icecream sticks to make additional storage shelves to display light-weight items in any room or to make fruit holders for display on dining tables or counter tops is a very creative idea. And because this craft idea doesnot need any wood work skills, any drilling, nails and tools, anyone interested can take up this craft project.

We need:
A pack of atleast 50 icecream sticks
Any industrial strength glue or wood glue
An A1 size white paper
A pencil or pen
Acrylic color or Spray paint of your color choice
A wide painting brush
Strong twine for hanging



Stencil your desired shape on a plain paper and start laying the first layer. Now stick the second layer to the first, either creating a simple second layer or a combed look. Usually a 7-layer piece is strong enough. Using the same glue stick a piece of twine to the middle layer, inorder to hang the shelf to a hook or nail against the wall. Using a painting brush or a spray bottle, color the shelf with your desired color. As this shelf is strongly glued, it wouldnot break, however, since we used light-weight icecream sticks, it can handle light-weight items for display or can hold watches or eye glasses for simple storage. You can make shelves of any practical shape with a stencil as basis. These icecream stick shelves are quick and easy additions to your decor !



- Prathyusha