Placemats room divider

We live in an apartment with a common dining room, living room and i prefer some privacy atleast. I looked for curtains and such, but being a rental apartment, i didnt want to spend efforts drilling holes through the walls everywhere. I wanted to do something with the dining table placemats my daughter didnt let me decorate my table with. Walla...they were hanging from the roof one evening, creating an interesting division between the two spaces, yet, keeping them spacious enough for light and circulation.

Items needed:

4-5 Placemats in colors and textures suitable
Transparent embroidery wire ( transparent Fishing line)
2-3 small ceiling hooks
Hand power drill to fix the ceiling hooks
Needle to loop the wire into placemats

* Mark the spots for the ceiling hooks. Using the power drill, fix the hooks appropriately and strongly.

* With the needle and wire, attach each placemat to the other, creating a long curtain kinda look. I left 2 inches space between each placemat to create some interest. Make strong knots to ensure the wire holds the mats in place.

* Hang them to the hooks and your partition cum decor is standing out tall !! When you are moving out, just remove the hanging and take with you....let the hooks wait for others to decorate.