Easy Kids art projects

To keep a 3-4 year old is not an easy task atall..here are some ideas to make some interesting crafts with them..actually let them get involved and you just monitor..they will be happy and not fuss about boredom much and you will be satisfied that your child amd you had a good time together. Preschool Teachers are best at it. My child brings home some cool crafts and i wonder how her Teacher manages to keep a bunch of naughty kids at work, artfully. They chose a theme and made some good crafts, one day.

For Arctic Fox with Paper Plates:

We need-

A circular white paper plate
A black pom pom
Plain white paper or some coffee filter papers
A black fine marker
A pair of scissors and

Cut the paper plate into half. One part of it is the fox's body . Cut one half of it into two. This is the fox's head.

Paste the two parts as shown in the picture and start chopping the coffee filter papers into smaller pieces. This your child can do well. Paste the pieces onto the fox's body, representing fur. Paste a few on its head and mark a spot for its nose and paste the black pom pom there. Using the black marker, make two eyes on white paper and cut in shape. Paste the eyes in their spots. Cut a tail and four legs from the left over paper plate amd paste as shown in the picture. This is the Arctic fox and a Penguin and Walrus follow...

For Penguin:

We need-

A black hard sheet
An orange or dark yellow sheet
A white paper
White water color paint
A pair of scissors
A pencil and black marker

For Walrus puppet:

We need-

Small size Brown paper bag, big enough to fit a hand inside
1 White pine cleaner
A pair of scissors
Brick colored hard sheet
Black marker
Adhesive tape
A palm length Dark brown wool yarn
White paper

Cut the brick colored paper n the shape of the Walrus' mouth and mark spots on it using the black marker. Cut pieces of the brown wool and paste as whiskers, as shown in the picture. Mark a triangle with marker, for the nose. Take the pipe cleaner. ( make sure to keep an eye on your child when it comes to handling pipe cleaners..thet are fun for crafts but dangerous as they might poke a kid's skin or in the eyes) . Cut the pipe cleaner in two parts and using the tape, attach the two parts as Walrus' tusks. They bend sidewards as shown in the picture. Cut circles for eyes, mark with black as shown. Time to assemble the Walrus ! Take the brown paper bag and paste the mouth and above it, the eyes. Your child or you can slide your palm into the bag and start a puppet show. The same way, you can make other Animal friends or favorite characters and arrange a play or pretend. Isn't it a worthy Mom and Child time or an engaging craft session at School ?!